mini atobe

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‘’Let’s see…I think I’m not forgetting anything…Now the problem is…How do I close the suitcases?!’’ Nitori was in his room, getting ready to leave. Christmas holidays were over!

 ‘’Oh, honey…I’ll miss you so much…!’’ Hana said entering the room. ‘’Anyway, I’m going to give you this…I’ll put it here, next to your socks…Don’t forget you got them there…’’

 ‘’MOM! Not that again!’’

‘’I’ll just leave the pack there…You can do whatever you want with them…’’

‘’…I wonder if all the mothers in the world give condoms to their sons…’’ Nitori’s face was bright red.

 ‘’THEY SHOULD!’’ And with that, Hana left.

Nitori sighed and just then he received a text message.

 ‘’Oh! It’s from Rin-senpai!’’


‘’Ai, bad news…In the end, we won’t be able to see each other…’’

‘’WHAT? How come?’’ The boy answered.

 ‘’My mom said she’s sad because I won’t be around for my birthday…So she said I should stay home one more day and celebrate it before hand…’’

‘’Oooh…I understand…Well, don’t worry and have a great time! I’ll be waiting for you when you arrive then! You’re so lucky, you’ll skip one day of class…’’

 ‘’I’m sorry, mini Atobe’’

 ‘’Don’t call me that!…And it’s ok, really! Gotta go! I really need to close these suitcases…’


Rin placed his mobile phone on his desk.
He didn’t like lying to Nitori, but he wanted to give him a surprise after all so it was necessary.
He was already in their dorm. His suitcases were on the floor.

The red haired boy decided to come back earlier so that he could prepare something nice and special for his now boyfriend.

He had no idea of what he would do…But he had plenty of time ahead to think about it.

‘’Maybe I should buy some candles?…No, that’d be excessive…Some flowers? I don’t know if Ai’d like that…OH! I know!’’
Rin grinned…Suddenly he came out with a perfect plan.


 Everything was ready now. Rin only had to wait for Nitori to arrive.

He was excited.

‘’What kind of face will Nitori make when he sees ‘’all this’’?’’

 He wandered around the room, impatient.

In the end he decided he should just lay on the bed and read something to kill time.


Rin waited and waited…But Nitori never came.

‘’Wait a minute…He should be here by now…What is he doing?’

Of course, Rin didn’t want to call or send him a message because otherwise, Nitori could suspect something.

‘’…Maybe since he knew he would be alone he’s with some friend? But wouldn’t he leave his suitcases here first?…This is so weird…’’

Rin tried to focus on his book again, but…

‘’Or maybe since I told him I wouldn’t be here, he decided to stay home one more day too? But he wouldn’t skip classes…Right?’’

Rin checked his watch again.

‘’…Ai…Where are you?’’

And in the end, he fell asleep.


 Rin opened his eyes. He heard somebody was trying to open the door. He stretched his muscles and looked at the alarm clock.

‘’What? Ai at this hour?…It’s so late!’’

For some reason, that person seemed to have problems to open the door.

Rin got up and opened the door himself.

‘’W-WAAAAAAAH!!!’’ Nitori screamed.


‘’Rin-senpai! You’re here?! You scared me!’

Rin took a good look at the boy. His suitcases and the pet travel crate were on the floor. He had his keys on his hands…

‘’Wait…What happened to your hands!?’’ Rin realized they were wrapped in bandages.

‘’O…Oh! Starky bit me…’’

‘’Starky?! That can’t be…Besides, he bit you two times?’’

‘’Oh…The other hand…T-That was Middie. I guess my hands smelled like food, and…’’

Rin glared at his face.

‘’AND WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR CHIN?’’ There was a little band aid there.

‘’W-Wah! This is…I fell…And I hit my chin…’’

Something was off. Really off. Nitori was lying. He wouldn’t even look at Rin in the eye.

‘’A-Anyway, senpai…Why are you here so soon?…’’

‘’I wanted to surprise you…But you wouldn’t come…Where were you, Ai?’’

‘’To…Surprise me?’’

There was a silence. Rin sighed.

‘’Come in, silly’

Nitori did and then he realized.

There were heart shaped lollipops all over his desk, chair, bed…There were some lollipops even on the floor!

Nitori turned around to face Rin one more time. His mouth was wide open.

‘’You…You did all this…For me?’’

‘’Of course! It didn’t turn out that great though…’’ Rin scratched his head.

‘’Oh, senpai! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!’’ Nitori ran to hug Rin really tight. ‘’OUCH!’’ Nevertheless, he wasn’t thinking and he ended up hurting himself for some reason.

‘’Ok. Are you going to tell me what the fuck is wrong? Tell me the truth already. You look like you’re in pain!’’ Rin cupped Nitori’s face between his hands.

‘’…Fine…But please don’t freak out. I had a little, tiny…Almost insignificant accident.’’

‘’An accident?!’’

‘’Yeah, the cab I was on kinda crashed, and…’’

‘’HOLY FUCK. You had a car accident?!’’

‘’It wasn’t a big deal! Anyway, it crashed against some truck and some crystals flew all over the place…I tried to cover my face with my two hands…That’s why these are only some cuts on my hands and chin…’’

‘’Jesus fucking…!’’

‘’Yeah…But the doctor said I’m perfectly fine…!’’

‘’The doctor…’’

‘’I’ve been in the hospital until now…’’

‘’But wait…You’ve been in the hospital so many hours just because of some cuts?…’’



‘’No, that was because I also hit my ribs…So they were checking if there was something broken, but I’M FINE!’’

Rin’s head was spinning.

‘’…Show me…’’


 Nitori removed his jacket and lift his t-shirt a bit shyly, revealing his stomach and part of his ribs. He was all wrapped up in bandages, but some pretty nasty purple bruises were still visible…

Rin bit his tongue. He looked like he wanted to punch a wall. Instead, he breathed in and held Nitori’s wrists lovingly.

‘’You’ve been in the hospital all alone, Ai?’’

‘’It’s ok…!’’

‘’Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘’Because I didn’t know you were here! I thought you were still at home…I could’ve called you but it was nothing and you couldn’t have make it in time anyway!…Besides…You told me you were celebrating your birthday…I didn’t want you to worry or ruin your day…’’

‘’…That’s just bullshit! And why didn’t you tell me right away when I asked you?’’

‘’Because I’m fine! And I…I know you’re sensitive about this kind of stuff…’’

‘’You’re right. This kind of things scare the fuck out of me.’’

‘’That’s why I…’’

‘’But I want to be there for you when you need me. Even if I’m scared…And I can’t do that if you hide things from me…’’


‘’Please, don’t do that anymore.’’

Nitori closed his eyes, and then nodded.

‘’Ok. I…Understand’’

The next thing he felt were Rin’s warm lips against his. He returned the kiss gladly and hold him tight, until…

‘’Ouch, ouch…’’

‘’Shit…Ai, you need to rest. Get into my bed…’’

‘’…But I need to take the bunnies and the suitcases inside…They’re still…’’

‘’I’ll do that for you’’

Rin started carrying everything.

‘’Wait, why do you still have that other rabbit with you…?’’ He asked.

‘’That’s a long story…’’

Rin closed the door and released the two rabbits inside. Then he realized Nitori was struggling to get into the bed.

‘’Oh, let me…’’ Rin pulled back the covers so that he could get inside.

‘’Thank you…’

‘’Now that I think about it…Do you want to change your clothes first? I can help you…’’

Nitori blushed…


‘’You’ll be uncomfortable sleeping like that…I’ll get you some pajamas…’’

‘’…Ok…But I can do that myself…I only need to…’’

‘’Shut up…’’

Rin found what he was looking for inside of one of the suitcases.

He placed the pajamas on top of the bed and then he focused on the boy.

‘’I’m going to help you undress now. Can you raise your arms…?’’

‘’…Y-Yes…’’ Nitori’s heart was racing but he did so and Rin was able to remove the t-shirt.

When he had the boy shirtless in front of him and was aware of how wounded he really was, Rin started shaking.

He embraced Nitori as carefully as he could.

‘’Damn, Ai…’’

‘’…I’m fine…’’

‘’You’re pretty strong, are you?…You’ve been through all that all alone and I’m the one who’s shaking…’’

Nitori clung to him with all his strength, ignoring the pain.

‘’…I’m fine…’’ He assured, desperate. Nitori couldn’t stand watching Rin all vulnerable or sad like that. And of course, he couldn’t stand being the cause.

‘’…Does it…Hurt?’’

‘’A little. But it’s better now that you’re here…I feel safe in your…Arms’’ Nitori buried his face in Rin’s chest.

‘’You shouldn’t have said that…I’m going to sleep with you and now I won’t let you go…’’

Nitori smiled.

‘’I won’t complain at all…’’


Later that night…They were still awake and cuddling in the bed.

 ‘’I guess we’ll skip classes tomorrow after all.’’ Rin said.

‘’…Hehe. Well, we have a good excuse.’’

‘’I have so many questions though…You still need to explain to me why do we have two rabbits now…’’


‘’Also, how did you carry all the suitcases with your hands like that?’’

‘’The taxi driver helped me a little. He was really kind…Thank god we’re all fine…’’

’I see…One more thing…’’


‘’Why there’s a pack of condoms inside your suitcase…?’’