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I have this headcanon that Ravenclaws would totally have loft beds instead of four posters where it's like they have their bed on the top bunk and the bottom bunk is replaced by a personal library/reading nook, or desk, or mini art studio, or like a musical instrument closet, or something along those lines.


Lady Marmalade - Center Stage Performing Arts Studio

2nd Place Mini Line
2nd Place Mini Jazz
The Dance Awards Las Vegas 2017

Dancers: Bryten Belka, Brightyn Brems, Kate Deshler, Makeila Lawrence, Ceilidh McSeveney, Kennedy Miller, Zoe Ridge, Ava Spencer, Mya Tuaileva, Gianna Wittwer

@thedancertreehouse @kiarrawaidelich


Modestly Unique Studio 1,000 Followers Giveaway

After only 6 months of business I’m proud to announce that Modestly Unique Studio’s has gained over 1,000 followers. The support as been overwhelming and I’m happy to see my little rainbow pipe dream turn into a reality. We’ve amassed over 50 different pride flags to showcase and are always looking to add more. In addition I’ve made steps to expand into other products that information will be available for in time. As our cute and colorful shop continues to grow I’d like to give back to the community for its business and interest. 

To enter the Gift away reblog this post or follow the Modestly Unique Studio Blog between now and Friday, September 8th. The winner will receive any flag or custom design of their choosing for free. If this post reaches over 1,000 notes, I’ll be happy to give away a second flag.

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My favourite mini and junior duet/trios of 2017!
HAHA YES AFTER ALL THIS TROUBLE I CAN UPLOAD IT uh have this "nice" flipnote in another celebration of 460+ followers! Characters: swirl-me palette-angexci g...

ah yes one way to celebrate 460+ followers is to make a flipnote XD

enjoy le vid~


goth- @nekophy

palette- @angexci


more smol animations will come soon too!cuz I has free time now X3


“Smoke and Mirrors” - Center Stage Performing Arts Studio mini contemporary small group, 3rd overall, Jump Provo, April 2017
★ Choreography by ?
☆ Dancers ☆ Bryten Belka, Brightyn Brems, Kate Deshler, Makeila Lawrence, Ceilidh McSeveney, Kennedy Miller, Zoe Ridge, Ava Spencer, Gianna Wittwer
Smoke & Mirrors ~ Ivy & Gold


“In Disguise” - Brightyn Brems, Center Stage Performing Arts Studio, mini contemporary solo, 1st overall, Nuvo Salt Lake City, May 2017
★ Choreography by MJ
Main Title Theme from The Leftovers ~ Max Richter


PROVIDENCE : Fish market for the port

I found this fish market (Micro Art Studio) very interesting to place on the port of Providence. I had a lot of fun painting all the elements. This fish market will take a big place, so I think to split in two parts. The merchant comes from Ratnik Miniatures.