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Hope Little Watson is Ok this morning, childhood colds and viruses can be miserable. (for the parents as well as the children :) )

Ta.  She’s definitely fighting something, and making us all very aware of how bad she feels.  It’s been a right ruckus ‘round here since about 7:00.  Every little thing is a BIG THING today.

But Sherlock is doing his best to entertain her, and bringing out the art supplies earlier, seemed to help a little.  He’s such a great dad, and I don’t think he actually understands how great, you know.  To him it’s just ‘encouraging her creative growth’.  But, what parent says or even cares about things like that?!  Not any I’ve ever know.  

He makes me want want to be a better dad, too.  I’m really glad Watson has him in her life.  I’m glad we both do.

People should be allowed to be who they really are, and love who they love.  People are far too concerned with other people’s choices, in general, I find.

I’m glad your children have your support.  So many children don’t get that from their parents, and it makes things very difficult.  John has first hand experience of that.  

I know that where Watson is concerned, John and I simply want her to feel loved, to be happy, and to be adequately prepared for adulthood.  I have no expectations beyond that.  She should be free to blossom into the fullness of who she is, not fit into the mould of what anyone else thinks she should be.

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Morning boys Just catching up on your blog after a very tiring weekend. Seems you are both well, how are mini w and mrs h now? Btw as an aside, the camo trousers? Hard to course but with access to a Tailor who can make a pair that fits in all the right places, camo fabric is easy to come by.

Watson and Mrs. Hudson are both feeling better.  Mrs. Hudson is fully back to her old self, and Watson is getting there.

And of course, that is an excellent plan about the trousers.  I will have to send John to my tailor this week, if we can find the time.  

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Hi Sherlock, John and Little Watson. I am glad you managed to get away for the weekend and hope the weather holds up. Also hope John feels better soon. It was very hot here yesterday. a bit too hot for me. But last night we had a beautiful storm which lasted over an hour. This morning we have light rain which is very refreshing. Has watson been dipping in the rock pools? I can imagine how excited she will be.

Hello.  We are all very well, thank you.  John and I had a long talk yesterday night, and I feel like things are a little brighter this morning.  Therapy days are always difficult, and John had been away from it for awhile, so getting back to it was hard.

We just got back from the beach, actually.  It was a beautiful day, and we are all very tired (in that lovely way you are after a day out in the sun and fresh air).  Watson is simply mad for the seashore.  She’s gathered more shells today, and was able to swim a little.  We held her hands and took her all the way in.  It was cold!  But she didn’t seem to mind.

We did have a chance to explore the rock pools today.  She saw some little crabs which she was absolutely ecstatic about.  I should have taken a video, but I was quite distracted watching her delight over it all.

It was a good idea coming here.  It’s been a good distraction.  I’m tempted to stay a little longer than we had planned.  I may call Ella and try to reschedule my Tuesday session for later in the week.

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So it's Father's Day soon.... will you and take little Watson somewhere to celebrate? This w I'll be first Father's Day together? Oh and as for being worried about her health? Of course you are.. parents do, bus fast as children get sick they bounce back... just ask John how many times he has seen a child in the surgery who according to the parents were unresponsive an hour or so before....

I imagine we might go out to the cottage for Father’s Day.  If Watson is well by then.  That’s nearly two weeks away, yet.  I certainly hope she will be.

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Good evening John, just wondering does little Watson have long hair? How are you both with tending it? Bunches? Plaits? Etc

It’s not long really.  ‘Bout as long as Sherlock’s I’d say.  Sometimes I gather it into to little, curly bunches, but she doesn’t much like that.  She always pulls out the ties.  

Sherlock says it’s because it hurts her scalp.  He’s probably right.  So most days it’s just a wild cloud.