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Los Santos is a big city. It’s a big black smudge on the map with dark alleys teeming with unforgiving creatures, a breeding ground for thieves and murders alike. Everyone’s trying to get to the top, clawing and fighting their way up the criminal web, defending their territories viciously. Los Santos is a big city, but it’s controlled by only a select few. These seven people that wear the crowns weren’t always sitting pretty at the top of the food chain. They were all common criminals, nameless faces trying to survive in a place where your life is only worth as much cash you bring and chaos you cause. Not everyone had impressive backstories, but they all made the Fakes who they are today. 

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CFPromoter’s Castle Ficathon 2017


This is my first time hosting the Castle Ficathon. I’m just doing my small part to help keep Castle Fanfiction alive and going. For those familiar with my Castle Halloween Bash, this Ficathon will be pretty similar to that.

This “contest” isn’t a competition against others, merely a fun way for the Castle fandom and its talented fanfiction writers to generation some awesome stories over the summer.

Participating stories should be posted on Stories will be included in the “favorites” list on the CastleFicPromoter FFN account. Links will also be tweeted through our twitter account and blogged/reblogged on tumblr.

Rules: Since we’re start later than usual all you need to do is break 30,000 words to achieve the Ficathon. To achieve the Mini-Ficathon you’ll need to break 15,000 words. To achieve the Maxi-Ficathon, aim for the standard Ficathon word count of 50,000 words.

Submissions will be accepted starting Monday, June 12, 2017 and ending at midnight on Friday, September 1, 2017 (extended to September 30, 2017). You can start writing/posting on June 12th. Before then, plot and plan away. Anyone can join, experience and new fanfiction writers alike. The main point is to have fun!

Stories are to be posted on your own FFN account, but should have “Castle Ficathon 2017” somewhere in the summary, so that readers can know that the story is a participant. Also, if you post a link to the story on Twitter, make sure you tag @CFPromoter in your post, so that I can easily retweet it. We’ll be using the hashtag “CastleFicathon2017” on Twitter when we tweet. Also on tumblr, please use the tag “CastleFicathon2017” for ease of reblogging.

Need help coming up with story ideas? Feel free to check out the prompt list on our tumblr page, or the many prompts to be found on the Castle Fanfic Prompts tumblr.

Every participant will receive an individualized digital badge of participation at the end of the challenge. Participants will receive an additional badge for the word count level achieved at the end of Ficathon. Those who break 50k will also receive a personalized wallpaper based off the Castle Ficathon 2017 key art.

Don’t stress if you have trouble with updating regularly, the main point is to have fun, so… no pressure.

Questions? Concerns? Contact us!

Message us on tumblr, PM us on FFN, or tweet us.

Have fun everyone, and happy writing!

- Travis (aka Lord of Kavaka​)

disney-princess-sized  asked:

Hey lovely! I absolutely love ur Jaylos fics. Every. Single. One. I had a prompt & was wondering if you'd want tackle it? I was thinking maybe Carlos could be getting lots of headaches from over studying or something and Jay does some research to see how to help & learns that neck & shoulder rubs can relieve tension & help sometimes? So he offers & Carlos accepts & starts like moaning & stuff because it feels so good & is actually helping& jay is like 'oh, okay, thats new'. Please & thank you?:)

Thank you so much! Enjoy!

Rated: PG-13

Every excuse Jay brought up was turned down and, to be honest, he was pretty damn sick of it. He knew how to use The Google and the horrible, frightening, terribly dull room known as the library. Jay researched plenty of reasons for Carlos to be as irritable and pained as he is.

“It’s from straining your eyes too much, pup. It’s too dim in here.”

“My eyes are fine Jay.”

“C, you’re going to bed too late, you’re tired.”

“I get plenty of sleep!”

“Damn it, Carlos! It’s from having your head craned over stupid nerd books all day!”

What the hell did you just say about my books?

No one ever has ever said Jay isn’t persistent because he is. He may not try in class or with making new friends, but if he wants something, he sure as hell is going to get it.

And Jay wants to help Carlos. Well, really, he wants to prevent the pain in the first place, but Carlos is stubborn too, so Jay settles for fixing the problem instead.

Which is why, with the shiny new smart phone Ben gave him, Jay used The Google again and found plenty of videos teaching him how to help his ornery roommate.

“What’re you doing?” Carlos grumbles and swats at him. He’s bent over a chemistry textbook and furiously scribbling his own notes under the lamp on his desk. He looks tired and cranky, which has become the norm since they all decided to stay in Auradon and Carlos got put in advanced classes like the smart-ass over-achieving mini-genius that he is.

“Helping.” Jay moves his hands back to Carlos neck, moving his thumb in circles on each side of his spine, just like the lady in the video.

“Well…stop i-it.” There’s not a single bit of fight in Carlos’ tone. He relaxes immediately, almost unwillingly, under Jay’s fingers. His thin shoulders sag and Carlos drops his pencil as if he had forgotten he was holding it.

Making sure to keep a steady pace and tension, Jay snickers. “Still want me to stop?”

“Shut…shut up,” Carlos half-sighs, half-groans. “You… What are you doing?”

“I already told you,” Jay digs his thumbs in a little deeper and grins at Carlos’ gasp, “I’m helping you.”


“Easing the muscles in your neck,” he hums, moving his hands further up, toying at the tense knot just under Carlos’ hairline.

The movement has Carlos whining, soft and involuntary. Jay pauses, fearing he has hurt his stressed friend further, but Carlos squirms. “Keep going,” he mumbles, “please?”

Jay chuckles, moves his fingers again, working up and down Carlos’ neck. He’s so focused on his movements that Jay doesn’t notice the little noises until he touches a particularly sensitive part and Carlos groans.

Nimble fingers freeze and Jay stares at the top of Carlos’ head, too shocked to continue.

“Keep going,” Carlos tilts his head back to look up at Jay. “Why’d you stop?”

Well, Jay thinks, the groan is one reason. You dilated eyes are another. The way your freckles stand out so brilliantly against pink cheeks is number three.

But he doesn’t say any of that. Jay smiles hesitantly, threading his fingers through Carlos hair as his thumbs go back to work on his neck.

Like magic, Carlos’ eyes slip shut and his mouth falls open again. He pants and sighs softly, completely unaware of the noises he makes.

Behind him, Jay bites his lip. The sounds aren’t sexual, but they’re not…un-sexy either. He had expected Carlos to stay quiet through the whole thing, maybe a disgruntled thanks at the end, but not little whimpers.

Or moans.

Or the high-pitched keen when Jay works at a stiff left shoulder.

Or a low groan when his fingers wind up in Carlos’ hair again.

Or the shiver and gasp when Jay scratches his scalp and down his neck.


“Why’d you stop again?” Carlos whines. He turns in his seat to face Jay and oh fuck Carlos’ chair puts him right at crotch-level and basketball shorts don’t hide shit.

But Carlos looks up at Jay, still flushed and eyes blown wide and that’s not much better because Carlos, at level with his crotch, looking up at him with an expression like that is practically porn. “Jay?”


“Could you keep going? For a little bit longer?” Carlos blinks slowly at him, tilts his head just innocently enough for Jay to flush. “Please?”

As if Jay could ever say no.

“Yeah,” he chokes out and wonders how red his own face is. “Of course, pup. As long as you want.”

Carlos gives him a wicked grin, turns back around and slides down in his chair. “Don’t say that. Or I’ll make you do it the whole night.”

Jay grins a little bit. He can only hope so.


7 years and counting.. still as strong as ever.

Happy Anniversary 소녀시대!

how to push through lethargy

at some point in the school year, i usually hit a slump. i don’t feel like working towards my goals, and all i want to do is relax. obviously, the best solution to this issue is to take a break… but most of the time, that’s not a luxury i can afford. here’s how i push past it instead:

- give yourself mini-rewards for achieving your goals. this can be a snack you really like, going to see a movie, or spending a little time in your favorite cafe. 

- make gratitude lists. i’ve found that reminding myself of everything i’m lucky to have in my life really helps me kick the lazy feeling. you can write these down or just think about them, both work equally well for me. 

- journal. write about how you’re feeling, why you might be feeling this way, and potential solutions to your problem. i’ve found that trying to remain as objective as possible is most effective for me, but others may find that being subjective is cathartic for them. try out both strategies and see which you like better. 

- make your health a priority. drink tons of water, limit caffeine, cut out processed foods, and sleep as much as possible. this will eliminate some of your physical lethargy. 

- don’t forget to take time to be proud of your achievements. you’ve done so many amazing things in your life, and you’re only going to do more!

- remind yourself of the outcome of your hard work. 

- find a way to rekindle your ambition. for me, this is researching people who inspire me. studyblr is obviously an amazing tool to find very inspiring, hard-working people. personally, my dance teachers are some of the biggest inspirations in my life. you can also read about people who are successful in your field. that being said, though…

- discipline trumps motivation. motivation is temporary- it’ll get you through the good days, that’s for sure. some days, you’ll feel so excited and happy to study. discipline, though, will get you through the bad days. if you train yourself to work, if even a tiny bit, every day, you’ll be far more successful than the person who rides the highs and lows of their whims.

i hope this was helpful! good luck this school year!