mini 700

AIT diet: Day 4

Calorie Limit: 700


Mini Cheeseburger (school) - 159


2 TBS hummus - 70

Tortilla Chips - 140

Juice Box - 80



Subway Sandwhich - 290


1 Stick Extra Spearmint Gum - 5

6 Pieces Candy Corn - 44


Calorie Intake: 781

Exercise: 81

Net calorie intake: 700


“Young Love”

((She gives off this hilariously adorable fusion of Hinata, Sakura, AND Sasuke. I love it.))

Although he’s not quite aware of it, Bolt’s actually got someone who has their eyes on him most of the time that is both nitpicky and curious of his rambunctious behavior and crazy prank ideas.

While it’s more than likely another stem of a never-ending rivalry that has existed for generations, it may also be the next seeds of a budding love that will bring about interesting developments between these two old clans that possess the ancient bloodlines of Sharingan and Byakugan.

((Hoho, looks like the Sage’s wisdom comes through again as this will certainly bring things into full circle one day.))

Leaked Wedding Photo

I saw the new set of leaks related to the Last Naruto Movie; some pages from the tie in manga, screen shots of the NaruHina moon kiss and this picture that I assume is part of the credits

I guess this depicts what happens at Naruto and Hinata’s wedding, and There’s a nice story that can be told from this.

Judging how Iruka and Hanabi are the closet to the  happy couple and that their outfits match what the bride and groom are wearing, we can assume that Iruka was the best man and Hanabi was the maid of honor.

We also see Hiashi there meaning he does approve of the union and that he’s as well as the Hyuga clan have become more open on how their bloodline is handled, which could mean that thing may have been better for the branch families.

Also if you look closely you’ll see Hanabi is holding a picture of Neji. You may cry if you need to right now.

Sasuke is not in the picture but I would like to assume he’s taking the picture. If he isn’t then, oh well, I guess Sasuke’s wandering is more important than his best friend’s wedding.

Also you’ll see that some of the guests look like they came together as dates. Shikamaru and Temari look close and Ino and Sai appear to be holding hands. I would like to assume that Lee and Tenten came together as a item (proving that the mini-Lee in chapter 700 is actually a LeeTen child) since they’re next to each other but no one can be too certain at this point but I will still keep hoping for a LeeTen ending.

Then on the far right end of the picture you see Killer B. Seeing him here makes me hope that he was either the minister who preformed the ceremony, or the wedding singer. You have to admit it would be hilarious because he would try to put in a rap freestyle while doing either one of those jobs. Heck, if he was jut a guest, he would freestyle in the form of a toast. Think about what he could say.

At the reception

Yo! Sey! Ho!

Alright all you people who are gathered here,

And are trying their best to hold back that tear,

Settle down, and marvel at my girl and homey

As they form the bonds of holy matrimony.

A love so pure that can never be broken,

Conveyed through the vows that have just been spoken,

Their hearts fortified by the burning passion

They can make thier way through any course of action.

Though the road up ahead may look a bit rocky,

It’s nothing for Mr. and Mrs. Uzumaki.

Cause no matter how the future can appear to be rough,

The red string that binds them will always hang tough.

Their love, neverending, it will never cease,

The kind of love stronger than any tailed beast.

It’s a love that can make a sunken heart soar,

The kind of love that will always keep on giving more.

Uplifting, never shifiting, it only seems fitting,

And those who deny this are only kidding

Themselves and should remain to hold their peace,

As the love between these two will forever increase.

Cause I feel thier desire when they look at each other

The feeling that they carry for one another.

So I hope the best for them and alot of luck

When they get get to the honeymoon and begin to f-

“B!!!!” The wedding guest yell out to stop the energetic shinobi from contnuing as the bride and groom’s faces turn crimson.

“Sorry.” B stated. “I sometimes get lost in the rhythmic flow of my lyrics.”

You have to admit that it would be a little funny.

You know, if this whole post is coming just from one picture, Just imagine what will happen when the movie is released.



Here’s what we are most excited about at SDCC this year.

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Look at this ridic swag. Hope you cashed in your 401K because the Exclusives this year are awesome.

Let’s shut up and show the sexy parts: 

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