Say it again. 

“Alright, Mr Dingle. One more question. Who is taking you home today?” The nurse asked while reading off the clipboard in her hand.

“My fiance and mum” Aaron informed. He idly fidgeted with his hospital bracelet. He couldn’t wait to get out of here and go home. 

The nurse nodded her head while she jotted down that information. “I’ll just go finish off this paperwork. We should have you out of here in half an hour” She explained. 

“Thank you” Aaron gave her a polite smile as she left the room. 

“Robert, did you get my toiletries from the bathroom?” He checked as he folded his pajama bottoms into his bag. Not getting a response he looked over to Robert. Robert was gawking at him with a beaming smile. “What?” He asked.

Robert was trying to remember every detail of the last few minutes. “You called me your fiance” He said, excitedly.

Aaron stared at Robert then pointed to his ring, "I assumed when I accepted this, calling each other ‘fiance’ would be an unspoken rule.”

Robert let out a quite laugh. “It’s just the first time I’ve heard you refer to me as your fiance” He pointed out.

Aaron smiled shyly and shrugged. He hadn't given it much thought when he said it. The word had just slipped out.  

Robert moved to Aaron’s side. “Say it again” He encouraged. 

Aaron rolled his eyes as he stated, “My fiance the absolute dork.”

Robert couldn’t stop smiling. Gently he pulled Aaron in by his waist and kissed him lovingly. 

Aaron found himself grinning too. Robert’s smile seemed to be contagious. He liked how ‘fiance’ sounded. He wondered how ‘husband’ was going to sound. That thought made his smile grow.