best friends to lovers | peter parker x reader

hi hello I’m the most lazy person you’ll meet so headcanons it is cause then I can be funny at the same time okay okay!!

word count: 652

warning: language! (caps voice)


there will be multiple parts if I’m not a lazy bitch

- okay get ready for a rom com on tumblr
- so basically
- you and peter have been best friends since pre school
- because y'all were adorable dorks who had an obsession w superheroes
- you met when you were pretending to be a spy
- cause like ya know you were one of those kids who would watch spy shows at a young age
- okay
- you had your back up against the wall and looked back
- only to be greeted by the one and only peter parker
- he had a mini hammer
- he was thor
- idk man you were basically maria hill
- yeah so it was u two against this other villain u assumed was made up
- this was all at recess btw but it was raining so boom inside recess whoop whoop
- and yeah you stayed friends through elementary and eventually when middle school came around you guys had a hella lot of sleepovers
- star wars & harry potter marathons
- so like the summer between 8th and 9th grade
- so basically transitioning into high school
- and you guys were having a sleepover
- obviously
- you guys had no friends
- and you basically kinda sorta fell asleep all of a sudden on peter
- so peters like
- omg how the hell did y/n fall asleep during this
- wait
- no it’s fine this isn’t weird
- we’ve touched multiple times
- aw she’s so cute
- wait what
- no
- excuse you mind I do not allow this
- so peters kinda just frozen
- and staring at you
- and is in huge denial cause I mean he’s lost
- literally just got out of middle school
- then a big boom happens in the movie and it shook the room and little
- cause that’s how loud the volume was
- anyway you jolt up
- and hit heads
- fUCK
- “hey dude”
- “did I fall asleep on you”
- “yes”
- “uh”
- “uh”
- yep yeah okay
- idk peter just couldn’t get you out of his thoughts
- you could’ve sworn he started to act more strange once high school started
- mmmmm kay
- so now you’re sophomores
- love that
- anyway news flash peter is highkey crushing on liz
- you don’t blame him
- hell shes so perfect YOU might have a crush on liz
- you made a friend last year btw
- aka ned (shocker)
- holy trinity (lmao harrison leave)
- now you had to deal w his constant talk about her
- it wasn’t as bad when he crushed on black widow cause you knew he had no chance
- but frick liz actually is in his reach
- anyway one day ned noticed your annoyance when he kept talking about liz
- so he just casually texts you at like 3 am
- “bro do you like peter”
- “no wth”
- “are u sure”
- “why do you want to know”
- “cause I’m your friend”
- “why are you awake”
- “I can ask you the same thing”
- you were thinking about peter
- “fine”
- “fine what”
- “you know what”
- “:)”
- so now ned knows
- which believe it or not is actually a relief
- also you finally started to talk to michelle after like a million years
- considering peter is suddenly v v distant
- which is fine
- so now you spend your time w michelle
- and peter spends his time w ned
- you all four sit together at lunch
- but
- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- who knows
- also
- there’s this new web slinger super hero ??
- who u lowkey have an obsession with
- like yes obviously you’ve had obsessions w iron man
- so uh
- that’s a plus
- michelle always teases you for crushing on someone you know nothing about
- no one else knows u like spiderman
- kinda feel like you’re betraying peter but then again you never dated
- damn
- @ lunch:
- “y/n what if he’s like 30”
- “I doubt someone can pull off spandex at 30 like that”
- “what are u guys talking about” ned chimes in
- “spiderman”
- “y/n’s crush” michelle smirks
- “he’s cool can you blame me”
- suddenly peters flushed
- ????
- ned jumps a little and gives him a look
- ???
- “It’s not spandex” peter mumbles
- ??


Child Again (Thor x Reader)

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Rapid knocking on your door woke you from your peaceful slumber. You groaned, rolling out of bed and onto your feet. A quick glance at the clock told you it was way too early to be functioning properly. You opened the door grumpily, glaring at the bright light streaming in from the corridor and at the person that woke you up.

“Hey (YN)! Sorry to bother you, but we fucked up. Badly.” Something small and warm was shoved into your arms, squirming slightly in your grip. What the heck?! You opened your mouth to ask Tony exactly that, when he interrupted you. “Look, no time for explanation. He likes you, and gets on our nerves in the lab. Good luck!” After that, Tony hurried down the hallway, disappearing around a corner.

Tiredly you blinked. A small noise from your arms pulled you out of your thoughts. You looked down. A toddler. A fricking toddler. Looked like a boy with longish blond hair. His blue eyes held tears in them as he clutched his little hands into your nightshirt. He looked a lot like Thor. Only now you realized he was only clothed in a way too big shirt. “Lady (YN)”, the little guy said. Everything inside you screamed ‘aww’, whilst a smile formed on your lips. “Hey little guy. What’s your name?”  He pursed his lips.

“Lady (YN). It is I. Don’t you recognise me?” You giggled. Oh gosh, the way he talked was adorable. And oddly familiar. Wait, Thor? “Wait, what? Thor?”

“I cannot believe you did not recognise me!” Little Thor fumed, throwing his hands u and nearly falling out of your hands in the process. You were still stunned as Thor started screaming at you, angry tears rolling down his tears. So… that was Thor? A mini version of him? He seemed to have all of his memories, and he could talk like an adult. But apparently, he had the temper and the body of a toddler. And when were toddlers extremely irritated? When they were sleepy.

“C'mon Thor, let’s get you to bed”, you hummed soothingly, hoping he would calm down a little. Your hope was in vain. He seemed to grow even angrier, punching your shoulder and chest. It didn’t hurt, but was highly irritating. You sat back down, holding Thor against yourself carefully. He was fully crying now. You laid down on you back, moving Thor so his head was on your chest, hoping your heartbeat would calm him down enough to fall asleep.

He was still crying. Sighing, you started humming a song. You didn’t want to sing, not wanting to wake up any of the other people living - and sleeping - in this part of the tower. Even though they probably were awake by Thors crying now. You were too tired to think straight.

You kept humming, even as Thor fell silent. Soon, your breathing was in sync with his, both of you sleeping soundly.

Tony cheered. He found the solution! You didn’t need to look after babyfied Thor anymore! He ran out of the elevator, running straight towards your room. Tony threw open the door, about to exclaim his discovery. He stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes took in the scene in front of him. Thor was sleeping on top of you. Normal Thor, not toddler Thor. As disappointed as he was that Thor turned back on his own, he couldn’t help smiling. Quickly he snapped a picture. For blackmail purposes.

Because I wanted to write more rare ships and this post inspired me. More ThunderIron!

Tony had never met someone who talked more than him until thirty-minutes ago when a blond, beauty of a man had sat across from him at the bar and proceeded to talk Tony’s ear off. At first Tony had been too stunned by the man’s appearance and the fact that man had approached him to speak.

Tony was used to gorgeous women coming up to him to flirt, but not men. Men were such a rarity that even if the blond body builder model had been less built, wore glasses, and had pimples, Tony would have been shocked and intrigued. He would have caught his voice sooner, but he would have been intrigued.

It had taken a full minute for Tony to hear what the blond man was saying, that he was hear on a blind date and that he was very pleased by Tony’s appearance and that he’d heard about Tony’s interest in science.

The blond wasn’t wrong about Tony’s interest in science, although he’d gotten the field wrong—Tony was not interested in astrophysics at all.

The more the blond talked, the more Tony realized that the man was describing one of Tony’s acquaintances: Jane Foster.

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“Why are you tiny guys pointing your funny weapons at me?” Thor didn’t understand anything. His arrival should have been greatly celebrated. He had expected a parade, thousand of mini Thors taking the streets. People demanding to use that flashing machine to take a memory of him. And instead, this mean dressed in the funny clothes were surrounding him, ordering he put Mjolnir down. The days when Midgardians threatened him were long gone, or so he thought.  But if a fight was what they were looking for, they had found the right person. 


Gif source:  Clint  |  Steve&Thor

Imagine you’re dating Clint and he gets jealous of your relationship with Steve and Thor and how much you hang out with them.

——— Request for anon ———

“Can we do something besides drink or work out for once?” you groan, smile on your lips as you watch the super soldier and the god look up innocently at you.

“Do you have a particular activity in mind?” Thor asks.

“I don’t know,” you cross your arms as you think for a moment, “Bowling? Mini golf?”

Steve chuckles at the thought of Thor playing mini golf, “Wasn’t there that movie you wanted to see coming out tonight? The Star Wars one?”

“Oooh! Great idea, Steve!” you grin.

“I thought it was just going to be the two of us,” you turn to see Clint standing in the doorway, lips pursed in a mildly annoyed manner as he looks at the other Avengers, “We have a date, remember?”

You let out a small chuckle, “Don’t worry, Clint. I’d have to get these two caught up on the other movies in the series, first, anyway. It is just going to be the two of us tonight.”

the signs as things my chemistry teacher did/said
  • aries: spelled a word wrong and blamed it on his 3rd grade teacher dying
  • taurus: not only put up with a kid calling him dad, but also said things like "im proud of u son" to him
  • gemini: sat down at an empty desk and told us to say he wasnt there if the principal came in
  • cancer: made a sex joke on the first day of class
  • leo: set the objective of the class as "understand covalent bonds maybe"
  • virgo: ranted enthusiastically about his dog for 20 minutes
  • libra: when i asked him about the papers all over the floor he said it was his filing cabinet
  • scorpio: explained static electricity as "doing a mini Thor"
  • sagittarius: "you just can't help yourself. just like my wife"
  • capricorn: gave us a worksheet and all of the answers were 1200
  • aquarius: "on a scale from 1 to 10, nah"
  • pisces: went off on a tangent about buttermilk