Teen Wolf

I’m sitting here watching teen wolf again and I can’t help but think how far Lydia has come as a character. When the show first started she was a rich stuck up girl who only cared about being popular and dating the hottest guy in school. Now she’s a bad ass banshie woman who takes charge and protects people and her friends. I love how much her character has evolved.


Mini Martin | Liam Dunbar Imagine (ft. Lydia Martin & Stiles Stilinski)

request ; (prompt)  reader looks and acts similar to lydia, she’s a freshman and very sassy, sort of liam x reader. 

word count ; 997

warnings ; like one (?) swear word.

a/n ; i made the reader lydia’s younger sister, hope that’s alright. and the girl i used up there in the gif is karen gillan, she was/is on the show doctor who, i believe (i’m not an avid watcher of the show, my mom is the one who likes it.) also, you might recognize her from a lot of lily evans/potter edits, she’s a popular face claim for lily (which i agree with wholeheartedly tbh.) 

Liam had to blink at least three times in order to fully process what he was seeing, which was a full-fledged Lydia Martin close, standing next to the strawberry blonde herself. That clone was you, Lydia’s younger and purely human sister. You had lived with your dad up until recently, when you decided that you missed your sister and mom too much to stay away from Beacon Hills any longer. Lydia felt a bit calmer about your move here now that Kate and her berserkers and all that deadpool business were completely out of the way. 

The fifteen year old boy had to admit, you were quite possibly the prettiest girl he had ever seen in his entire life. He was at a complete loss for words, and could barely explain to Stiles why he was so nervous all of a sudden. 

“What?” Stiles asked, exasperated with the younger boy’s inability to form a coherent sentence in your presence. “Why do you look like you’ve just seen a unicorn for the first time?” Liam rolled his eyes, grabbing Stiles’ shoulders and spinning him around so he could face you and Lydia.

“Who’s that?” Liam asked curiously, pointing to you and your sister. Stiles sighed, turning back around. 

“Seriously, Liam? That’s Lydia, you know, one of your best friends?” Stiles patted Liam on the shoulder, about to walk away. “You poor, confused wolf-boy.” 

Liam pulled Stiles back, making him face you again. “Not Lydia, the girl behind her! Who’s she?” 

“Once again, that is Lyd- mini Lydia? Since when did Lyds have a mini me?” Stiles studied the both of you with a certain fasciation. “The resemblance is uncanny. She looks just like Lydia did in Freshman year, save for a few differences, of course -” 

“Do you spend a lot of time studying Lydia’s appearance?” Liam wondered out loud, leaving Stiles to slap the back of his head. 

“No, of course not,” Stiles scoffed. “I’m just saying. Anyway, why are you so curious? Lydia will probably introduce her to us later, can’t you wait?” 

“Nope, not at all. Look at her. She’s, like, the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my entire life. Teach me how to talk to girls?” Liam, as much as he didn’t want to admit it, somewhat looked up to Stiles. Stiles, however, wasn’t much of a smooth talker when it came to girls like Lydia Martin, especially back when he was Liam’s age. Back then, he couldn’t get Lydia to so much as look at him for more than five seconds at a time. How was he supposed to teach this kid how to talk to her?” 

“You are definitely asking the wrong person,” Lydia said from behind them both, smirking slightly. “He’s terrible with pick up lines. Ask an expert, sweetheart. I could direct you to my ex boyfriend, but -” 

“He’s a huge asshole who lives in London,” Stiles finished, glancing at Lydia, who nodded and shrugged in agreement. With a bright smile, she pulled you out from behind her, and presented you to the boys. Liam fell silent again, mouth gaping wordlessly at you. You smiled at him, and he flushed bright pink. 

“This is my little sister, Y/N. She’s your age, Liam, so you two should get along fantastically,” Lydia said, hands placed on your shoulders. Liam nodded hurriedly, cheeks still pink. 

“Unless he keeps gaping at me like that without saying anything,” you added, speaking up for the first time that day. Stiles let out a choked laugh, warming up to you immediately. 

“I like this kid, she’s got a good attitude,” Stiles grinned, patting your head like you were some sort of kitten. You looked up at your older sister, eyebrows raised. She sighed, shaking her head. 

“I-I wasn’t…I mean, you know, I wasn’t staring,” Liam sputtered, blushing more and more with each passing minute. You laughed. 

“Alright sure, whatever you say,” you shrugged. “I, on the other hand, was staring at you before. You’re pretty cute. Take me on a tour of the school?” You didn’t bother waiting for a reply, simply grabbed a flustered Liam’s hand and pulled him off down the hallway. 

“O-okay, sure,” Stiles and Lydia heard him reply, a small smile making its way onto his face as you kept a tight grip on his somewhat sweaty hand. 

Lydia grinned at your retreating figures, watching fondly as Liam slowly gained his confidence back, though he was still stuttering and stumbling on his words. Let’s face it, you were gorgeous, and it was enough to make any hormonal teenage werewolf lose their edge for a little while. Lydia had a small part to play in showing you how to intimidate boys, of course. 

Stiles looked over at Lydia, who turned back to him with a triumphant gleam in her green eyes. “You taught her everything she knows, didn’t you?” Stiles asked, walking back to class with Lydia, who nodded. 

“I did a good job, didn’t I?” She said proudly just as Liam quickly helped you load all of your schoolbooks into your locker. He held some of the heavier books, letting you take ones off the pile when you needed them. “They are so cute, I am the number one, best match maker in all of California. I deserve a ribbon,” Lydia gushed, sending you a wink from across the hall you. You copied the gesture, but returned back to Liam almost instantly. 

“She’s probably going to break his heart,” Stiles pointed out. 

“Nah, they’ll be good together,” Lydia said as the two of you walked into class, Liam holding the door for you like a true gentleman. “But, I’ll kick him in the face with one of my high heeled boots if he breaks her heart.” 

“Actually, I think she’s gonna be the one to kick him in the face with her high heels. She looks pretty tough.” 

Lydia tossed her hair over her shoulder. “Well, obviously. She’s a Martin.” 

Let Us Finish: A Mini-Series #4

“Lydia Martin you’re going to be the death of me, I swear’’.
Stiles opened his front door that rainy night to find the strawberry blonde peeking up at him through eyelashes that had raindrops clinging to them. She smiled coyly, her eyebrows raised in question.
“Are you going to invite me in?’’

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furbyhater  asked:

Sheriff Stilinski feeling Lydia and Stiles' baby kick for the first time for the drabble thing (or anything involving their little family)! please and thank youuu xxx

It’s only been 20 years.

Sometimes it feels so much longer than that. Sometimes it feels like Stiles’ mom died before he was even born; after all, she was gone from his life before he got the chance to truly have her in it. She didn’t get to live with him. Claudia Stilinski got the first few years of Stiles’ friendship with Scott. She got to watch him potty train and go to school and teethe. She watched him meet Lydia Martin for the first time; felt him tug on her sleeve and say that the little girl was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen.

And then, for Claudia, Stiles had just… stopped.

She wasn’t there for the werewolves, and middle school acne, and high school, and all the mistakes, and all the most triumphant moments of Stiles’ life. She wasn’t there for his graduation from high school or college, or the day he proposed to Lydia, or the day that they’d gotten married.

Sometimes, it’s stifling. How gone she is.

But they’ve developed traditions without her. And one of those traditions is getting together and having Stiles’ mom’s favorite foods on the anniversary of her death. They do it on her birthday, too, and ever since Stiles and Lydia got married, she’s been making the pineapple upside-down cake. Stiles does most of the cooking in their household, so the sense of pride that his wife feels every time she accomplishes a meal is enough to make him agree to her making any dessert she wants in honor of his mom.

Lydia kisses him on the cheek as she leans over him to light a candle, her other hand resting on his shoulder. He wants to lean into her, into her love and comfort, but then she’s already moving on to the next candle, rubbing his dad briefly on the back as she does.

She takes care of them on days like these. Watches over them. He doesn’t know what he and his dad used to do before they started dating ten years ago, because every year, it’s supposed to get easier, but sometimes Stiles feels like they’re falling apart even more.

Occasionally, he will feel that there’s nothing new left on the planet. Nothing good or pure and perfect left in the world.

But then the pineapple upside down cake is on the floor.

“Stiles,” Lydia says lowly. “Stiles, he’s kicking.”

They don’t know if it’s a boy, but they both have a feeling. Lydia points out that her feelings are usually right, so Stiles has been combing through baby books, trying to come up with boy names that would honor either his mom or Allison.

But right now, Stiles is scrambling out of his chair, feeling like he has far too many limbs and corners. Lydia grabs his hand and presses it against her stomach, and at first he feels nothing, but then she gives a startled gasp and there is a baby inside of his wife, kicking at his hand and making him jump out of his skin.

“Dad,” he says as Lydia brushes a tear from the corner of his eye. “Dad, you gotta feel this.”

And then his dad, who is hovering in the corner away from the two of them, is right there, tentatively holding out a hand. Lydia smiles at him, her dimples deep in her cheeks as she waits for the baby to kick again.

“Come on,” she murmurs, rubbing Stiles’ hand against her belly. “Kick for grandpa, Mini Martin.” They all wait a moment. “There, dad!”

Stiles snatches his hand away from Lydia’s belly and grabs his father’s, placing it there. There are tears in his eyes, too, and he’s staring at Lydia like she’s given him the greatest gift in the world.

“Hi, baby,” he says to her stomach. “I’m grandpa.”

“And I’m mommy,” says Lydia. “And this is daddy. And we’re your family.”

Later Stiles, will tell her that pregnancy has made her soppier. Later, she’ll blame it on him, turning her into an absolute goop of emotion. Later, they’ll both remind each other of how grateful they are to be the people that turned each other into mommy and daddy.