Love in the Time of Accidental Murder || Kieren & Gale

Happy Birthday to them, Kieren thought. It wasn’t the happiest occasion in the world given that Kieren had managed to fuck up many things for himself in the past few months. The only good spot in his life at the moment was Gale. She was technically his sister-in-law, but she was more than that actually. They were low-key dating and banging on the regular. It pained him to throw his husband out of the bedroom once in a while to hold sexual congress with his sister-in-law, but damn did he need alone time with her once in a while. Kieren sat in Jack’s bedroom waiting for her to pop her head in. He let out a long sigh, wishing she would hurry up. 

The signs aesthetic

Aries: red bull & black adidas hoodies

Taurus: red lace corsets & heels

Gemini: knee high socks & worn trainers

Cancer: freckles & fresh summer air

Leo: diamond jewellery & thick voices

Virgo: wide smiles & sew-on-badges

Libra: dimples & ankle bracelets

Scorpio: winged eyeliner & black boots

Sagittarius: sour candy & nike socks

Capricorn: silver hair & smokey eyes

Aquarius: windy beaches & denim jackets

Pisces: break up mixes & dr martens