For sale here:

BENDY!! From Bendy and the Ink Machine game!!

He’s too cute to be evil!! And he squeaks!

Made with minky fabric, embroidered face, and with a added squeaker!

Measures 5 inches tall.

Great for putting on your desk, pocket or whatever!

Plush made me HappyKittyShop. Reblog don’t repost.



Usually I don’t dare sharing doodles who are not really related to blesstale but I don’t mind me doing it this time? With some step back, I find me kinda stupid to not share them, I should feel free to post anything here. @A@’
So, I’m sharing some this time! 

Horror!Sans @sour-apple-studios
Dusttale!Sans/Murder!Sans @ask-dusttale
Atcham, Lou, Joris (Dofus)
Cherry @cherryful-life

Phem @v@
Hope ya like it!