minhyuns wife

I’m about to go to bed, but could you guys do me a favor?

My beautiful friend Jay hasn’t been on tumblr in a while and while I don’t really know that backstory about why, I know she got some hate a couple of weeks ago over something really stupid. I care about her, but last I heard she was considering deleting her tumblr. I would be devasted if she did this, and even more devastated if this les to her even considering suicide.
So could you guys go here: http://minhyuns-wife.tumblr.com and send her some nice messages? It can be anything, anon or not! Tell her how nice her blog is, find a common interest, or just tell her she’s a nice person, because she is. If every one of my followers does this, she’ll have 126 lovely messages in her inbox the next time she logs back on. I don’t care if you hate kpop, she’s a beautiful person in and out and she doesn’t deserve to be treated badly by anyone. Please, guys, go make her feel loved.