minhyuk kissing scene

At The Swing Set-Rocky

Prompt:  Hello~ ^^ May I request a Rocky scenario where you’re spending a lazy day together and you suddenly kiss him and get shy, like usually he’s the one who kisses you (/w\) Have a nice day~

A/N: IT’S ALMOST 3 AM AND I AM STREAMING I’M SLIGHTLY TIRED BUT GOTTA KEEP IT UP FOR THE BOYS >< Anyway, this took a while due to lack of time and a bunch of scrapped ideas until it finally came out to this. Hope you enjoy the imagine! ^_^

It was a rare occurrence for her and Minhyuk to be out and about together, hand in hand with no worries. Most of the time, a date for them would be inside Fantagio’s practice room late in the night or in her apartment, where they would spend time chatting and watching the latest dramas that they had missed out on together.

But today, Y/N wanted something different. With it being Minhyuk’s first day off in a while, she knew that the one thing that he wouldn’t want was to be cooped up inside with nothing to do. So she suggested that they go out for a little walk, not to go out to a restaurant or to the bustling streets where he would surely get recognized (causing unwanted trouble for the both of them). Just a walk around her neighborhood and perhaps a little trip to the playground to go on the swings for just a bit.

Minhyuk was ecstatic about the idea, agreeing to it immediately and grabbing her hand to take them out the door of her apartment to begin their stroll.

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