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MONSTA X: The members trying to set you up with Changkyun

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*Capisce is an Italian word that is used in American slang to say “got it” or “understand” if you didn’t know!!


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Monsta X reaction to you being covered in tattoos!

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Shownu- “You have a wha-? … oh, your tattoos! Which one is your favorite?” Shownu says automatically interested. You realize that you favorite tattoo is one you can’t exactly show him in front of Monsta X. “Oh, c’ mon that isn’t fair!” He says, causing the members to erupt in laughter. 

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Wonho- “I always found tattoos sexy.” He says tracing his warm thumb over the colorful line on your arm. “These make you stand out anywhere. I just hope the people know you are mine, and mine only.” 

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Minhyuk- “You mean, you even have some under here?” He questions, pulling up the back of your shirt to expose your back, revealing the colored dragon tattoo you have. “WHAAA, its a dragon!!” Minhyuk overreacts to make it seem like the dragon is real. 

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Kihyun- “Whoaa, there is such a wide variety!” Kihyun exclaims while study every inch of your tattoos. Well, perhaps not every inch, at least not yet. 

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Hyungwon- “Whoa, you weren’t kidding. You really are covered.” He says, putting on his glasses to take a close look at the detail. “I’ve never seen so many up close, they are fascinating.”

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Jooheon- Joohonnie, overreacts about your tattoos, and looks a little too close. He points at one of the tattoos and says, “I’m gonna get this same one on my forehead. Then people will know I’m not joking.”

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I.M.- “Oh, wow. I heard that all tattoo artists keep sketchbooks.” You nod and pull out your old sketchbook that is full of designs and ideas. He gets super excited and starts pointing to several of your doodles that he wants. “If you tattoo this white tiger on my back I will love you forever.” 

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