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Hii~ what would monsta x’s ideal type be in your opinion? Like personality or appearance wise? Thank you for everything you've done on this blog, I really appreciate it and you <3


Personality: I feel like Shownu would need someone who’s very outgoing and talkative but not tooooo much. Shownu doesn’t talk much himself, not that he needs to work on that or anything, but he just says what he needs to say and he’s good to go. So I think someone who can just facilitate conversation with him and not give up on him when he gives his simple answers would be ideal. I think he’d like someone who has a bit of aegyo, just enough to make him smile.

Looks: I think Shownu would like a girl who’s a bit sporty/athletic and can be both cute and sexy. He likes working out himself so I think someone who has a fit physique and wouldn’t mind working out with him. I also feel like he’d prefer his girlfriend to be a more simple girl; I don’t think he’d care much for glitz and glamor. I don’t think he’d mind taller girls but not taller than him, since he’s already pretty tall. 


Personality: I think Wonho would need a girl who has a lot of patience with him but as well loves him unconditionally. Wonho’s personality covers all parts of the spectrum. He can be wild and crazy, or chill and relaxed, so I think a girl who can handle that or has that sort of personality as well will work well with Wonho. I think she would have to dote on him sometimes, but he would return the favor without fail.

Looks: I think Wonho would like someone who’s both sexy and cute since he himself can achieve both those polar opposites. I think he’d like someone who dresses well but also knows what styles compliments her figure. I do think Wonho would go for someone who’s a little more glamorous, as in she puts more effort into her appearance, rather than a simple looking girl.


Personality: I think Minhyuk would love a girl who has just as much energy as he does and is always smiley. I think he’d love someone who just genuinely enjoys life as much as he does and doesn’t take it so seriously. I think he’d love a funny girl because then the two of them would always be laughing together, but as well, he’d really like if she was really mellow, in order to balance him out.

Looks: Minhyuk has actually said he’d like to date a chubby girl, and I genuinely think he would find it cute. I don’t think glamorous looks matter to Minhyuk as much as having a genuine connection through her personality. But I think he’d like a girl with long, wavy hair or a cute bob. He’d like her to have a girly side, aka skirts, dresses, overalls, etc.


Personality: Ironically I think Kihyun would fare well with a girl who also has a motherly side. Since Kihyun can be quite motherly himself, I think it would only make sense that he get with a girl who also has the same habits (being cleanly, being able to cook, etc). It’d also be nice for Kihyun to be waited on every once in a while since he waits on his members all the dang time. But likewise, Kihyun would love babying her as well so I think her having a lot of aegyo would make him feel more oppa-like.

Looks: I actually think one of the major factors in Kihyun’s ideal type would be that she’s shorter than him. I think that if she’s shorter than him, not only would he feel tall, but he would find her so cute. I also think a nice smile, and very kind eyes would be important to Kihyun. I don’t think he would have a very distinct style he likes but I personally think he’d like a girly, preppy look as well.


Personality: I think Hyungwon would like a girl who’s more mature, laidback, and sensible would be his ideal type. Hyungwon isn’t a crazy one himself but I can see him preferring a girl who’s a bit more poised than someone who’s bouncing off the walls. I think this more so puts him on an equal playing field with her because he’s pretty laidback himself but I think he needs someone he can confide in to help him make important decisions or just someone he’s able to talk to.

Looks: As for looks, I think he’d really like a girl with that sophisticated fashion style, think Zara. I think he’d like her to have a very sleek, clean, presentable look. I can really see him going for a girl with natural beauty or has a very simple go-to makeup look. Oh my goodness, if she was tall and model-like, the two of them together would look like a power runway couple.


Personality: I think Jooheon would really like a girl who has a very outgoing personality since he himself is pretty outgoing. The only thing being, Jooheon is actually very shy at first despite having such a fierce outer appearance so I think a girl who can ‘wow’ him with her personality the first time around will really leave an impact on him.

Looks: Jooheon mentioned he likes a girl who looks good in jeans, and I personally think he’d like curvier bodies so I think a curvaceous girl who looks good in jeans would actually be his ideal type. I think like someone around Rihanna or Beyonce would be his ideal type, someone who gives off that baddie hip-hop vibe! I think he’d LOVE if she had like a sexy outer appearance but was actually really cutesy when you get to know her, someone who’s charming.


Personality: I actually feel like I.M would fare better with someone who was more mature and sensible than he is. I feel like I.M might be a little inexperienced in life so having someone to kind of show him the ropes but also dote on him would be ideal for him. I think someone who can have fun with him and be silly but can also know when it’s time to be serious would work quite well in his favor.

Looks: I also think I.M would like a cute and sexy girl, but more so cute than sexy. I think if she were too sexy that might be too overwhelming for him and it might make them feel out of each other’s leagues. I do believe he’d like a girl who can have both a simple beauty but other times, look glamorous. And a girl who has aegyo, whether it be hidden or not, would be something he’d love in her.