Monsta X’s reaction to dating someone with a lot of duality

Request: Can i get a monsta x reaction to them dating a gothic girl who has a personality similar to jooheon please and thank you :D

A/N: okay so I did some ~analysis~ of Jooheon’s personality and he seems like he always tries to present a “hip-hop/gothic” side to the audience but off stage he’s really cute and baby-like. So, I decided to use this duality to put together the goth and Jooheon’s personality parts of this request…hope you like it!!


Forever the father figure in everyone’s lives, he would want you to show off your best side, and if you had two, that was even better in his eyes.

While you two were out with the boys, he reached his hand under the table to grab ahold of yours. Squeezing your hand sweetly, he looked at you and whispered, “I’m so happy to see you so comfortable with everyone. I would hate it if you felt like you couldn’t be yourself around my friends. Love you, Y/N.” (sappy boi)

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Forever the sentimental type, Wonho would want to learn as much about you as he could. He was fascinated by the way you could go from such a hard exterior to soft person in just a few seconds. 

“Y/N, why do you wear such dark colors?” Wonho asked you. “I’m not really sure, maybe I just like them,” you replied giving him a cute little smile. He walked over to you to embrace you and asked you another question, “How does my Y/N always hide her cuteness so well?”

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Minhyuk would love the contrast between the two of you. Your darker side accentuates his softer one, he always liked to point out.

“Come stand next to me, Y/N,” Minhyuk told you. You came over to see him standing in front of a mirror so you asked him what he was doing. “We are going to take couple pictures!! Your gothic style and my pastel aesthetic for today will compliment each other. I can caption the picture ‘Opposites Attract’,” he said excitedly. 

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Kihyun would always try to make you be cute in public. He would go out of his way just to show everyone your cuter side that you usually reserved just for him.

Kihyun was telling the boys a slightly embarrassing story about you, and, just before he got to the punch line, he bargained with you, “Okay, Y/N, here’s your chance to save yourself from embarrassment. Just do one aegyo for me, and I won’t tell them the punchline.” You relented, “bwing bwing~.” “Ah, there’s my cute, Y/N!” Kihyun exclaimed happily. 

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Hyungwon, the local meme, accidentally shows monbebes every side of himself constantly. He loves both sides of you, and respects how you are always yourself around him. 

“So, what’s the look today, Y/N?” Hyungwon asked you as you came out of your closet, dressed for the day. “Uhhh, the same as usual?” you questioned him, raising your eyebrows a bit. “Well, that’s good because you are just as breathtaking as ever,” he replied after admiring you in your all-black outfit and finally coming over to kiss you. 

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Jooheon would always wonder how he ended up with the perfect match. You seemed to understand him on every level, and he appreciated you for that so much. 

While watching a scary movie, you had cuddled up to Jooheon, hiding your head in his shoulder at the scariest part. Soon enough there was another jump scare, but this time it was Jooheon hiding his head in the crook of your neck. He noticed what he was doing and began to laugh. “We really are one in the same, aren’t we Y/N?” he said admiring you. (imagine you are Kihyun)

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Changkyun would always be encouraging you to be yourself, no matter which side you wanted to show. 

During an interview, Changkyun was asked about his ideal type. After dating you for a couple of years, he answered without pause. “Someone who isn’t afraid of being themselves. If they show a gothic side to the world, and a softer side only to me, I’ll love them all the same,” he said hinting at his relationship with you with his detailed description.

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A/N: okay this was my first reaction, so I hope you liked it. lol it was a bit rough, but honestly easier than entire scenarios…pls request more things!!