MINHO - On Purpose

Hi, new to tumblr. I tried writing a Minho fic, and this isn’t really a TMR blog, more of a personal but since there are so many Minho lovers i thought i could share this! I might even actually take on requests if people are interested or start a side-blog. But I’ll stick with this one for now.


“Come on, hit me,” Minho instructed as he positioned himself and held out his hands clenched and on guard over his torso.

“You sure about this, Minho?” you asked, obviously worried about punching or kicking him too hard. You hesitated but moved your legs to your stance and held your hands on guard.

For the first time since you arrived at The Glade, you were testing out your combat skills again. It had been too long since you were able to do so but you wouldn’t rather do it with anyone else other than Minho. The Keeper of the Runners.. but also the keeper of your heart. You two formed an instant bond after he was asked to take you around on your first day, still shaken from the trip in the box. It’s been almost six months after that day and everyone in The Glade knew that you and Minho belonged to each other.

But if it was one thing you haven’t forgotten, it’s how to fight. You don’t know why, you don’t know how and you certainly didn’t know about who you were before you got to the Glade. But you knew, that you could fight. And you somehow felt lucky that whoever they were who sent you here let you keep that skill.

Now, in an empty spot in the forest, far away enough from the majority of the Gladers with soft grass if any of you should fall, Minho was asking you to hit him.

He started bouncing on the ball of his feet and stretching his head to the sides to loosen his muscles.

“C’mon, I can take a beating,” he chuckled and met your gaze. “Two years in the maze certainly does its job,” he grinned.

Hesitantly, you take a step forward and land a half-hearted punch to his middle. “Did that hurt?” you asked as your face wrinkled in worry.

“Hurt? I didn’t even flinch, honey.” He laughed and then positioned himself again. “Come on, gimme all you got.”

“Alright, you asked for it.” You shrugged off and loosened your muscles.

You brought your right leg up to a turning kick aimed at the side of his shoulder but his hand caught your ankle and held it up in mid-air.

“Minho, come on! At least let me hit you!” You jokingly teased as he let go of your ankle with a mischievous smirk. “Alright alright, I’m sorry, you looked too cute.”

Readying yourself, you kicked and landed it where you had initially aimed then instantly moved forward with a punch to Minho’s chest which resulted in a thud. He didn’t flinch or show a single sign of pain. “Keep going,” he instructed. “Free kisses if you can take me down!” He said with a grin. He knew you loved the way he would kiss you and he was right that this one way to bring out the other side of you. You grinned and shook your head over how much effect he had on you. “Then I’m taking you down, shuck face!”

You did all that you remembered. Some punches and kicks were successful, some were not, which resulted in you almost falling to your feet, an obvious sign that you were pretty rusty. Still, you were set on taking Minho down. After a series of kicks, chops and punches, you saw just what you could do to offset his balance. As he moved back so you could move forward to kick, you quickly grabbed his shoulders and hooked your leg with his and then brought your leg back towards you, still hooked beneath his.

Just as you had hoped, he fell to the ground but in an interesting turn of events, he took you with him with an audible squeal escaping your lips as your hands were still on his shoulder. He landed on the grass with a soft thud with you on top of him. At first, it surprised you how easy it was to bring him down. You didn’t think it would be as simple as that for someone like Minho, who was well built, extremely fit and toned. “Well done, greenie,” he grinned and looked into your eyes for a few seconds which made you blush and chuckle as his hand rested on your back. Damn, why was he so hypnotizing?

“I’m starting to think you fell down on purpose just so you could kiss me,” you chuckled.

“Maybe, maybe not,” he said, doing that eye smile that you always found so adorable.

“So, do I get my-” you didn’t get to finish when you felt Minho spin the two of you around. You stared at him with your eyes in a mix of disbelief and admiration but he only grinned even wider and stared intently into your eyes. Now, you were beneath him and his hand held on to your waist while the other was beside your head, propping himself up. You couldn’t deny that he was taking your breath away.

“You are one sneaky greenie,” you breathed.

“Only with you, darling.” Without warning, Minho’s lips crashed down onto yours with gentleness but with every bit of need. It was sending shivers through your spine. Minho could feel you melting into the deepening kiss as your hands came up to the sides of his face and his arm, begging him not to break away. A small whimper left your lips as your tongues danced with each other and you felt him smirk into the kiss. He broke away to allow you both to catch your breath and rested his forehead against yours as his lips remained in between your slightly open mouths.Your hands found its way to the back of his neck. “Love you,” he whispered and then giggled. “Love you more,” you replied with a smile as you brought yourself up and pulled him down so your lips could touch again.


I hoped all you Minho lovers out there liked it. Heehee.