okay but seriously why has no one talked about baby gladers yet


  • baby Newt and baby Minho being inseparable 
  • baby Teresa being the cool kid that everyone wants to play with
  • baby Thomas being considered a cool kid because he hangs out with baby Teresa
  • baby Gally and baby Frypan asking people from WCKD to let them sleep in the same room
  • baby Newt and baby Minho holding hands all the time so they don’t lose each other 
  • baby Gally drawing on baby Thomas’s face when he’s asleep
  • baby Gally getting told off by Janson for drawing on baby Thomas’s face
  • baby Newt sticking out his tongue at big people from WCKD
  • baby Teresa ordering everyone around and arranging games
  • baby Minho sneaking out of his room at nights to see baby Newt and baby Thomas
  • baby Teresa not talking with baby Tom because baby Tom spends a lot of time with baby Newt and baby Minho
  • baby Aris with his only friend baby Rachel
  • baby Aris being forced to practice telepathy with baby Teresa and baby Thomas and feeling uncomfortable about it
  • baby Thomas reassuring baby Aris that it’s okay by patting his shoulder and smiling
  • baby Gally smiling wide with his two front calf’s teeth fell out
  • teen Gally pulling pranks on everyone
  • teen Frypan slapping his forehead and groaning every time teen Gally tries to pull him into doing something stupid, but still agreeing eventually
  • teen Thomas and teen Teresa’s first kiss
  • teen Newt and teen Thomas blushing every time they accidentally touch
  • teen Alby being the one who always has to talk to big people from WCKD when they all want to collectively ask them for something
  • teen Newt always volunteering to help teen Alby about it
  • teen Minho being jealous when teen Newt spends time with others, but never showing it
  • teen Minho trying to make teen Newt jealous by spending a lot of time with teen Ben
  • teen Thomas kissing teen Newt and teen Minho’s foreheads, hugging them tight and closing the doors of the Box to send them off into the maze
  • teen Thomas shedding a tear when he sees on the screen Newt and Minho acting like strangers that never knew each other 
  • teen Thomas wincing every time someone calls his friends “subjects” 
  • teen Thomas flipping tables and breaking things and yelling for The Maze trial to be stopped when Newt jumps off the wall