Installations by Javier Riera

“I think that geometry is the best language to describe the pulse of nature’s depths,” says Riera. “What happens in landscape can be explained with mathematics, physics and geometry…“

Did you know? America is so big that its states are the size of countries

This map puts the sheer size of the United States into perspective. Montana is about the size of Japan. California is roughly as large as Iraq. Arizona is as large as the Philippines. Though, to be honest, I find this map surprising because some countries are much larger than I’d realized. I wouldn’t have guessed, for instance, that Burma is as large as Texas, or that New Zealand is the size of Colorado.

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Map courtesy of: Mainstay 17

Did you know? Much of America is uninhabited. 

This map, by Nik Freeman, pulls out the 4,871,270 census blocks — covering 4.6 million square kilometers — where no one lives. That tends to mean one of three things: the first is that the land is uninhabitable, perhaps because it’s covered by a lake. The second is that laws or other kinds of sanctions prevent settlement, for instance on national parks. The third is that it’s a commercial or industrial zone where people work but no one actually lives. “Human geographers spend so much time thinking about where people are,” Freeman writes. “I thought I might bring some new insight by showing where they are not.”

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Map courtesy of: MapsByNik

Not long ago, Ashley Branoff, a recently re-married new mother, felt like she had lost who she was.  Ashley was a lifelong athlete who ran distance in high school, ran three Chicago marathons, and played collegiate Lacrosse. She’s rediscovered her competitive spirit and motivation through CrossFit. With her family by her side, Ashley rose to make the team that competed in CrossFit regionals, became a popular paleo cooking blogger, and the best version of herself yet. As a high school teacher, coach and mother, Ashley inspires girls to seek more for themselves than “skinny” by showing what it means to be strong - inside and out.

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