Minho - You don't like each other but you end up together.

*SUPER LONGGGG, it needed to be otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

‘Hate is the first sign of love’.

You folded your arms and tapped your foot on the ground impatiently. You and your university class were sent on a 'team bonding’ experience. The last thing that any of you wanted. You stood in a line beside some of your friends and everyone else crowded around the guide in a horseshoe formation. You were about to be put into partners for the '1 day 1 night’ expedition thing. You would both find your way around the forests/park to your specific campsite location for the night, then rise bright and early the next morning to find your way back again. It was perfectly safe - you were more worried about who you were going to be paired with.“Pair number 6. "Minho and ____. Step to your left.” You exchanged surprised glares. The two of you hadn’t spoke since you and him- and he- and you- yeah. He’d ignored you since that, ignored you or constantly cause an argument or call you names. He was just a nasty person in general. And back to the present.

You hadn’t said anything to each other for the first hour. You kept quiet and followed him seeing as he had the map. You kept your gaze to either your feet or you phone.
“I hate this.” He grumbled.
“Ah, Minho. Charming as ever.” You sighed tiredly . He stopped in his tracks and turned around to face you, pushing his face into yours.
“I don’t need your stupid little comments. No one does. So just keep quiet and we can get this over and done with.” He spat. You didn’t flinch even though he was trying his very best to seem intimidating. You were used to it.
“Oh yes, let me obey your every order.”
“Shut up? You think you’re intelligent. You think you’re so great when you’re not. You’re not cute, or funny, or-”
“You didn’t seem to think that way the last time we spent any time with each other.” You hit back. He wanted to get personal? You’d make it personal. His hands curled into themselves and his shoulder heaved.
“That was a mistake. A stupid mistake! Clearly. I mean look at you. Now hurry up for gods sake. He yelled from the top of his lungs. Your eyes widened. He’d never snapped like that at you before. You didn’t apologise, you just hung your head and followed him as he began to pick up pace.

Why were you upset about what he said? You hate this man. At least, you thought you did. Was it because he called you a mistake? Was it because he acted like you weren’t good enough? What was it, you just couldn’t put your finger on it. 

Minho was staring straight forward. Why was he also upset? Maybe it was because you brought that up. Maybe it was because he knew how much you despised him - even if he didn’t feel the same way. He was so engrossed in his daydream that he didn’t realise he had gone off track and where was the map? Oh god, he must of dropped it. You slammed into him, not looking where you were going.
“Are we here?” You asked quietly.
“Not exactly.” He explained. You raised an eyebrow.
“Why? Wait. Where’s the map..?” He zipped up his raincoat to the very top and adjusted his shoulder bag. He looked around, looked back at you. Made a face and shrugged. You were at wits end. You threw your equipment down and shoved him in the chest.
One thing you were in charge of and you can’t even manage that. You tell me when you’ve found it and we’ll get moving.” You brushed him aside and went and sat away. On a log. Before burying your face in your hands.
“Jerk.” You muttered.

You stayed sat there for a good few hours. It was dark, and you knew Minho was only over there but you refused to stoop that low. You felt a tap on your shoulder.
“What?” You growled. Minho scratched the back of his head.
“The tents are set up. It’s late, come on. Stop being so stubborn.” He tugged at your arm. You shrugged him off and wondered over. He’d set both of them up perfectly. Why? You had no idea. You presumed he would leave you out there for the rest of the night to be honest. You were thankful nonetheless.
“O-oh. Thanks. Goodnight..” You mumbled and crawled into one of the tents and zipped it up before also crawling into the already prepared Sleeping bags.

You didn’t hate him. Crap.

You couldn’t sleep. You kept hearing the sounds of the night and scuttering of creepy animals. You sat up straight and rummaged around in the dark for your wind up torch and switched it on. You stayed like that for about 10 minutes before you heard something pulling at the zip of the tent. You scuttled backwards.
“It’s just me.” Minho yawned. You cocked an eyebrow but didn’t ask anything until after he had climbed in completely.
“Why are you here?” You asked in a whisper. Quite startled
“I saw your torch come on. You’re scared aren’t you? Don’t feel embarrassed  I am too.” He sighed, staring directly at you.
“Just a little.”  And the room fell silent once again. You both tried to look anywhere but each other and you remained curled up to yourself. Meanwhile. Minho was lying on his side, facing away from you. Then you felt something jab into you from outside of the tent. You shrieked in terror and pretty much jumped to the other side of the tent. Minho grabbed you arm and pulled you back. Forcing you to lie down and he spun over; his body covering yours and his arms holding on tight. You covered your mouth with your hands, squeezing your eyes shut. You knew, you knew you shouldn’t be enjoying this. But you were. 
“Why are you crying?” He murmured  you took a shaky deep breath. There was no way out of this.
“I don’t hate you.” You replied shakily, sniffling in between your words.
“I know. I don’t hate you either; in fact. I think I. Well. I think I might. Ah. No. Wait. I think I might love you..” He managed to get out. You should have been surprised but you weren’t. It felt right.
“I know. I think I might-” You jumped  as soon as you saw a shadow run past. He pulled you tighter, into his chest. His arm draping over your waist as if he was willing to protect you no matter what. His other hand hung around your head, running his fingers through your hair whilst looking down at your sleepy expression.
“I know. You don’t have to say it if you’re not ready. I know you feel the same way.” He pressed his lips against your forehead. Then your cheek and finally after hesitating. Your lips.
“I’m sorry for everything. That night. It-It wasn’t a mistake. Actually. It may have been the best night of my life.” He confessed mid blush. You smiled up to him and went back to nestling your head into his body.
“I do love you Minho-ah.” You breathed out as you fell asleep.
“I love you too.” He replied, shutting his eyes.