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Part 5: Kibum The Meme

Idk what to say just enjoy the pictures and his beautiful facial expressions

This one is one of my faves 

Onew: concerned father Taemin: ??? Jonghyun: omg amazing Minho: damn dat ass tho

Fetus Kibum has me living 

The most recent

Do you remember this?

The face we all love 

Ok but what was this 

and this 

A Kibum in his natural habitat:

Nevermind it’s this 

But do you remember when he actually went viral in the non Kpop meme world?

Bless him 

He even got hundreds of coupons from McDonalds afterwards 

That’s who I stan. That’s who I love. Happy Birthday Kibum I love you a lot and please forgive me for sharing this legendary picture of yours:

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Stan 5HINee. Stan talent.

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onew in college
  • major in international business 
  • is he a freshman?? a senior??? who knows 
  • he’s that guy. you know the one. 
  • the one who’s ALWAYS in shorts even in the winter 
  • he just adds a huge puffy coat and still….. wears shorts (key: it’s -5°C out pls cover your legs i am freezing just looking at you / onew: my leg hair keeps me warm and also it wouldn’t be right to deprive the world of my calves) 
  • but will occasionally trade his shorts for sweatpants to keep people on their toes (jongkey2min: omg who are you) 
  • perpetual bedhead 
  • but dude when he has a presentation he can clean up
  • walks into class in his suit, belt matching his shoes (duh) and he just has this commanding presence?? like he KNOWS what he’s talking about and people listen 
  • has lucky underwear that he always wears on these days 
  • they’re lime green and have pineapples with sunglasses all over them (a gag gift from jong who never intended them to actually be worn) 
  • once taemin followed him into class when he had a presentation (onew: for support he said) and sat in the back with a huge grin and gave him a thumbs up and when onew opened his slideshow his font was comic sans and he had to present with a straight face like he wasn’t going to murder tae afterwards the lil shit (taemin: YOU DID FINE IT WAS FINE IF I SWIPE YOU INTO THE DINING HALL WILL YOU STOP CHASING ME) 
  • always has a handle of vodka rolling around in one of his drawers for the hard days you know?? 
  • after a party minho crashed at onew’s place and he was hungover af and there had a mug out on the desk and minho thought it was water until he caught a whiff and his head was back in the trashcan he lived in last night (minho: hyung WHY / onew: *takes a sip* hair of the dog) 
  • you cannot fathom how many alarms he has in order to go to his morning classes 
  • he has SO many and he is the master of snoozing all of them but still manages to get to class on time???
  • had one 8:30 for a mandatory class and every morning he had it he half-asleep calculated how many times he could skip and still pass 
  • procrastinates by stressmaking food (minho: don’t you have a huge test tomorrow / onew: *furiously making guac at 12am* I AM FREAKING OUT / taemin: i have chips) 
  • he could drop out at anytime and just do a mukbang show, he could. it’s totally doable, he mutters to himself while continuing to study hard 
  • nap king
  • v hard to see him on campus bc he just go straight to his dorm 
  • will occasionally wake up from (various) naps to jonghyun pounding at his door so that they could go to work (jong: HYUNG I CALLED YOU THREE TIMES AND YOU KEEP HANGING UP ON ME LET’S GO) 
  • honestly if he didn’t have to pay for ridiculously overpaid textbooks that the profs wrote themselves and then assigned for class!!!! he would not work at the school cafe (jong: but you like the “free” muffins / onew: shhhhh we don’t know what happens to the occasional disappearing muffin) 
  • studies at the library (”this is my home and dungeon”) and during exam times he takes up an entire table with spreadsheets and notes bc once his laptop died on him and deleted his work in progress and he’s a lil traumatized and prints everything out 
  • he carries most of his books in his arms bc his backpack is for snacks, it’s his snackpack ayyyyy (key: *zips open his bag* why is there just granola bars in here / onew: *struggling to hold all of his books* bc clearly my priorities are in order) 
Catch You

Thrice- Come All You Weary

Newt can’t help but worry when you experience a near death fall…

“I’m tellin’ you Y/N,” Gally scoffed. “You’re not gonna be able to make it up to the top of those vines.”

“How much do you wanna bet shuck face?” I glared. Gally was oil and I was water. No way in bloody hell were we gonna be friends.

“If you make it to the top, I have to build you a new bed.”

Ooh’s and ah’s spread like wildfire through the crowd surrounding us, Minho grinning in particular. He was the only one who actually enjoyed when Gally and I bickered, thanking us for giving him a free show.

“But if you lose,” Gally smirked. “We have to play 7 minutes in heaven together.”

“You’re on,” I huffed confidently. Knowing Gally, he’d probably be able to take advantage of me within 3 minutes.  

As I was about to follow him to the vines, Newt grabbed me by my arm and gave me a warning look.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked almost demandingly.

“Making Gally swallow his words?” I chuckled nervously, confused at why he was acting so weird. “I’m not gonna fall Newt. I’m okay.”

“Please don’t. I- I don’t want to see anyone get hurt.” Giving him a warm smile, I patted him on the back and walked to where the boys were.

When we took our starting positions in front of the wall, I noticed out of the corner of my that Thomas and Minho were holding Newt back by his arms, as he had a pained look on his face.

“Ready,” Frypan counted down. “Set. Go!”

Some of the boys were cheering for Gally while others were encouraging me to ignore them. Whatever right?

Just as I was about to reach the top, Gally decided to tear a vine that was coincidentally connected to the one I was climbing. The last thing I remember was a shooting pain in my ankle before I went out like a Christmas light.  

“Y/N!” Someone shouted. “Get her down from there!”

“Get Clint!” another yelled.

“Is she going to be okay?”

“She’ll be fine Newt. Just a broken ankle- all it is really.”

“You promise?”

“Have I ever lied to you?”

“When is she going to-”

“If you don’t calm down, I’m going to have to put you in bedrest for a week.”

Sighing in defeat, he sat down next to me, entwining his fingers through mine.

“Ugh…” I groaned. “What happened?”

“Gally pulled a vine and you dropped. Wouldn’t have made it if you hadn’t caught your ankle on one of ‘em.” Newt grimaced, remembering Y/N’ s distinct scream.

“Newt, are you okay?” I asked wearily, recognizing the angst in his voice.

“You think I’m bloody alright after the stunt Gally pulled? You’re moving into my hut starting next week. You’d think that after the trick he pulled a few weeks ago in the changing rooms he’d-”

“Newt!” I snapped. “What’s going on? Why are you so stressed out? I just fractured my ankle. It could’ve happened to anyone.”

Pausing from his pacing, he breathed out and sat next down next to me.

“The reason I didn’t want you to climb up the wall involved an- accident that happened a while back.”

Staring into his deep brown eyes, I widened at the realization of what he was talking about.

“Oh Newt…” I sighed, tears welling into my eyes.

Taking his hands into mine, I let him cry as well.

“Everyone knows why I have this bloody limp,” he muffled through his tears. “I was in a bad place, I didn’t have anyone, I was lonely- then you came along. My  sun. My lullaby. My light. My Y/N.”

Wiping the tears from his eyes, I held his face in my hands as our lips met in a desperate embrace.

“I thought I lost you…” he sobbed.

“Newt,” I said teary eyed while bringing him into a tight hug. “No matter where you are, what mood you’re in, or how far away we are from each other, I will always be with you. Sorry to spoil it, but you’re not getting rid of me. I’ll always be here to catch you if you fall.”

Grinning with that amazing smile, he climbed into the bed with me and began combing through my hair with his comforting hands.

“I love you…” he said while softly kissing the top of my head.

“I love you too Newt…” I smiled, falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

Cuddle Hotline // Kim Kibum


the prompt: could I have a cuddle hotline key scenario? I was thinking that she’s like a culinary student and only cares about cooking and her friends are like “you need to get out there you’re lonely” so one of her friends orders her a cuddle buddy (key) but when he shows up she just sits him down at the table and makes him try her food and is like “give me an honest opinion so he does and he’s like “this is gross” and she actually really likes his honest opinions on her food so she asks her friend for the app and her friends are excited cause they think she’s enjoying it but actually she’s just using it to help improve her recipes but one day she’s like sad and really just wants someone to cuddle with so she calls key over and he’s like ready to eat but she says she just wants to cuddle today and he gets all cute and nervous because he actually started developing a crush on her -sunflower anon 🌻

words: 4427

category: fluff

author note: this is my first shinee request and it’s for kibum my bias!! i don’t know who you are sunflower anon, but i love you for requesting this. i immediately began thinking of dialogue and stuff bc i wanted to make it perfect.

- destinee

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You set down your perfected pasta in front of your two friends. “Eat this. I added fresh garlic instead of simple garlic salt. See if it makes a difference.”

Your closest friend, Chaeyoung, looked up at you. “Y/n, this is spaghetti. You have literally made ten batches of spaghetti and they all taste the same.”

You rolled your eyes, “They don’t taste the same. Trust me.”

Chaeyoung took a huge bite and pursed her lips, “Hmm. You know, you’re right. I can really taste the fresh garlic as opposed to the garlic salt.”

“Really?” Your eyes brightened as both of your friends rolled their eyes.

“No!” Chaeyoung said. “It tastes exactly the same, Y/n.”

Your other friend, Minho, furrowed his eyebrows as he pushed the plate away. “Honestly, I feel like I’m going to vomit if I see any more spaghetti. Why do you always spend your free time cooking?”

“Better yet, why do you always use up our free time by making us eat your cooking?” Chaeyoung said. “I could be on a date right now.”

“I could be working out, or studying,” Minho said, giving you a pointed look.

Ever since you were a child, you had wanted to be a chef. Whether or not it was helping your parents cook, or attempting to make your own sandwiches, you were always in the kitchen. The passion had come from your grandmother, who used to teach you how to make cookies from scratch. After seeing your first batch of cookies, you realized that you really enjoyed making creations. You enjoyed the look on people’s faces when they ate your concoctions. From that moment you knew you wanted to be a chef. You would be content the rest of your life to make food for other people. Your dream was to open a restaurant with five-star food at low prices so everyone could enjoy how amazing and artistic food could really be.

You were in your third year of culinary school, and your school was offering an amazing chance to your class. Whichever student could make the best menu would be offered the chance to study their fourth year in Paris, all expenses paid for. It was a dream to you, and you were working desperately to perfect a meal that would impress the judges and leave a lasting impression.

You slumped into one of the empty chairs and covered your face with your hands, moaning. “You guys are right. I’m never gonna win this scholarship with spaghetti. Maybe I’ll try sushi.”

Chaeyoung patted your head gingerly. “I think you need to take a break. When’s the last time you just took a rest day instead of cooking?”

“I haven’t,” you said. “I can’t afford to lose a day. Each day I fail is a day closer to the deadline and I have to make something to submit.”

“You need to sleep,” Minho said.

“No,” Chaeyoung denied. “You need a cuddle buddy. Look, there’s this app where you can pay for someone to come and give you cuddles. Studies show that cuddling with another human relaxes the soul.”

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t need a cuddle buddy, I need you guys to help me find the best dish.”

“C'mon, Y/n. You can’t deny that you’re lonely. Here, let’s download the app and look for some ideal partners.”

You ignored the two of them as they browsed through people, shouting out their likes and dislikes. Instead, you cleared the dishes and put them in your dishwasher, preparing to make your next meal.

“Oh! Look at him!” Minho suddenly shouted. “User Key-underscore-freak.

You snorted, “Anyone with the word “freak” in their username is not getting my address.“

“Too late,” Chaeyong said. “I sent him a message.”

“Why?” You darted over to look over your friends’ shoulders. You had to admit, the pictures were nice. It did state that he was only two years older than you, and he seemed to have an obsession with a certain pair of dogs. “How many pictures of his dogs is he going to post?”

Minho clicked out of his pictures and began to read out his likes and dislikes. “Likes: dogs, fashion, and theater. Dislikes: liars, ugg boots, and people who don’t like dogs. He sounds simple enough. His cuddle rate is high, too. Apparently a lot of people like to cuddle with him.”

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t want to cuddle him, no matter how high his rate is. Now, should I use salmon or tuna for my sushi?”

Chaeyoung suddenly squealed, “He wrote back! He’s open today! I’m asking him to come over!”

“Don’t!” you warned, “I have stuff to do today.”

Chaeyoung waved your concern away. “Minho and I will pay for it, okay? Just enjoy being in someone else’s presence for once instead of thinking about your next dish. Can you do that?”

You groaned and turned back to your fish, ignoring her. “Please don’t.”

“Too late. He’s coming in an hour. Minho and I will be leaving so the two of you can have some time to get to know each other.”

You grumbled the whole time you were making your sushi. You weren’t even paying much attention to what you were doing, and so you ended up making a pretty weird dish. Still, you set it out on the table. If someone was coming over to your house, you would ask them to try your dish. Cuddling could wait for another day.

The doorbell to your apartment rang, and you hesitantly made your way to the door. Finally, after a small mental pep talk, you swung the door open.

The man in front of you wasn’t too much taller than yourself, and he was rather nimble-looking, you felt. Nevertheless, his smile was open and warm as he held his hand out for you. “I’m Kim Kibum. You’re Y/n?”

He was wearing black skinny jeans and an oversized t-shirt, covered by a brown bomber jacket. His dark hair seemed styled and his skin felt moisturized and smooth as you accepted his handshake. A large duffle bag hung over his shoulder, and you felt more uncomfortable as you stared at it. “… that’s me.”

Kibum followed your gaze and let out a bark of laughter. “I just carry this around to put my pajamas, laptop, blanket, and pillow. Cuddling necessities, you know?”

You didn’t know. You had never cuddled with anyone in your life. You never really felt like you needed to. “Actually, can we not cuddle?”

Kibum furrowed his eyebrows and pouted his lips. “No cuddling?”

“Yeah. You see, I’m a chef and I really need someone to try my dishes.”

Kibum’s eyes brightened. “You’re a chef? Great, I haven’t eaten all day.”

He walked into your house and discarded his jacket and bag onto your sofa. “What’s on the menu?”

“Sushi,” you replied, running past him to grab the plate of food. You placed it on the table, along with a cup of water. “Tell me what you think about it. I want your honest opinion.”

Time seemed to stand still as Kibum put the sushi in his mouth. The more he chewed, however, the more his face turned into that of disgust. He swallowed thickly before giving you his verdict. “This is gross.”

You felt your spirit deflate. “Really? What’s wrong with it?”

Kibum have you a look of obvious disappointment, “Well, first of all, why did you stick scrambled eggs in your sushi roll? That’s nasty.”

Your nose scrunched. “I was distracted. It didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time.”

Kibum handed the plate back to you. “Who are you making a dish for anyway?”

“I’m trying to win a trip,” you explained as you dumped the bad sushi into the garbage can. “If I make a good enough dish, I’ll be allowed to study my final year of culinary school in Paris, France.”

“I love Paris,” Kibum said. “I’ve been a few times. You’re going to have to step up your game if you want to cook with the chefs of France, though. I hear they’re brutal.”

“I know,” you sighed. “I’ve just been distracted lately. I am a good cook, really.”

Kibum cocked his head to the side, “Looks like you’ll need to prove that, Honey, since your sushi was worse than the food I buy for my dogs.”

You frowned. “That bad, huh?”

Kibum nodded, “Sorry, Babe. Tell you what, why don’t I give you a dish and you make it for me? Do you think you can handle that?”

You rose your eyebrows. “Are you patronizing me, Kibum?”

“If the shoe fits.”

You crossed your arms over your chest. “I didn’t peg you as that type, Kibum.”

He smirked and looked up at you, “What type is that, Y/n?”

Rude,” you answered.

He laughed again, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he threw his head back. “You should get used to it, since we’re friends now. So… how about it?”

“Give me a dish and I’ll make it perfect.” You pursed your lips, “Then you won’t underestimate me.”

Kibum smiled and sat back in his chair, looking up at the ceiling and humming to himself, “You know, my friend took me to this really expensive restaurant in New York last year. Maybe I can remember my favorite dish there. Let’s see… oh yeah! Arctic char, leeks, green olives and smoked potato. If it’s even close to what I had last year, I’ll believe that you’re a cook.”

You narrowed your eyes at him, “You’re on.”

“Wait. You actually have Arctic char in your fridge?” Kibum looked impressed.

“Surprisingly, yes. I bought a ton of different ingredients this week for trial and error. That includes all the fish present at the market,” you said as you turned to your stove.

Kibum stood up as you grabbed a clean saucepan from its hook. “You know how to make it?”

“I’ve been studying culinary arts since I was a child, Kibum. A few smoked potatoes aren’t going to faze me.” A sudden confidence took over your presence, and Kibum found himself smiling at the way you assertively cut and rinsed your ingredients. “In fact, I think you’ve given me the surge of energy I needed to work on my dish. Who knows? This could be the winning one.”

Kibum stood up and leaned on the counter to watch as you seasoned the fish. “You should put your hair up.”

You looked up at him, pouting as you realized your bangs were falling into your face. “You’re right. Let me wash my hands—”

“I’ll do it,” Kibum interrupted you, moving around the counter till he stood behind you. He pulled the hair tie out of your ponytail and fixed your hair into a tight bun on top of your head. “There you go. Now there’ll be no hair in your char.”

You giggled. “Thanks, Kibum. Now go sit while I finish this up.”

“Yes Ma'am.”


You held your clasped hands against your lips in anticipation as you watched Kibum taste the dish in front of him. You were hoping with all your heart that he would like it. For some strange reason, his opinion meant a lot to you, and you were desperate for his honest approval.

Kibum chewed slowly, perhaps to spite you. His eyes were void of emotion, erasing any guess you could have about how he liked the food. Suddenly, his lips quirked into a smile. “It’s okay.”

“How is it okay?” you asked. “Which part of it is okay? What could I change? Would it get me a trip to Paris?”

Kibum blinked. “Well, for starters, it won’t get you to Paris. It’s good though. Very similar to what I had in New York. The potatoes aren’t smoked enough, and the leeks were a but soggy, but the char is excellent. I’d keep it for your protein.”

You broke out into a smile. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Kibum nodded. “So now all you need are side dishes.”

“I also need a dessert,” you clarified.

Suddenly, a beeping came from Kibum’s pocket, causing both of you to jump. “Oh. That’s the two hours you paid for. We didn’t get to cuddle, but I had a lot of fun.”

You grinned. “Me too. Thanks, Kibum.”

“No problem, Babe. See you later.”


Kibum must’ve thought it was you who contacted him, since he assumed you’d do it again. Unfortunately, you had no idea what app Chaeyoung had used, nor how to contact Kibum again.

The thing was, you had been perfecting recipes for vegetable side dishes for the past week, and you were dying to have Kibum taste them. So, with no other choice, you swallowed your pride and asked Chaeyoung for the name of the app.

“You like him!” was her first assumption.

“I do not,” you retorted, “The… cuddling was nice, is all.”

Chaeyoung smirked, “The app is called Cuddle Me. You remember his username, don’t you?”

You rolled your eyes and scoffed at her as you downloaded the app. “Yes. Now leave me alone.”


“Couldn’t stay away, could you?” Kibum smirked as you opened the door to your apartment. “I’ll admit, I thought you wouldn’t invite me over again. I thought you might’ve found someone else to try your mediocre recipes.”

“Mediocre? Yeah, right.” You noticed he had, yet again, brought his duffel bag. However, he obviously didn’t intend on using it since he threw it onto your couch as soon as he entered.

“I’m ready to eat soggy vegetables!” he announced.

“Stop hating on food you haven’t even eaten yet!” you whined, following him into the kitchen.

Kibum laughed gingerly and sat at the counter. “Pass the plate, honey.”

“Okay, today I made mushrooms à la bordelaise, Mediterranean baked sweet potatoes, eggplant skins stuffed with veggie risotto, and caramelized balsamic cipollini onions.”

“Marry me,” Kibum said as he stared at all the dishes you placed in front of him. He licked his lips as he looked at the tantalizing food.

You blushed at his praise. “Don’t get too excited. You haven’t tried them all yet. I need you to tell me if I can use any of these as my side dishes.”

“Get me a fork and I’m yours,” Kibum stated.

While he ate the dishes slowly, with the meticulousness of an actual food critic, you asked him about his interests. “You said you were into fashion?”

“I am,” he said. “I’m a fashion designer, and my company is just starting to get the recognition it deserves.”

“Really? What’s your company?” You were genuinely interested in his life, as he seemed so lively and sure of himself.

Kibum put down his fork and smacked his lips, thinking. “Designs by Key. It’s a newer company, since we got it up and running smoothly just this past year. I’ve tried a lot of different paths, but my newest line is getting a lot of attention. My goal is to make women’s clothes that women actually want to wear.”

“What do you mean?” Your eyebrows turned up in confusion.

Kibum chuckled, “Not that you would know, since your wardrobe seems to consist of simply jeans and t-shirts, but in the high fashion world, lots of women’s clothes are created without the woman’s best interests in mind. You’d like this: in my line, girls get usable pockets in their jeans and skirts. We’re also working on a range of clothes fit to perfection for each different female body shape. I have a lot of female friends and colleagues and they explained to me that clothes don’t always fit properly, especially when the ratio size of breast to waist is really different. So, we’re working to make a line based on nearly customizable clothing for females. My ultimate goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin, through fashion.”

“Wow,” you breathed. “That’s so cool. Call me when your designs go on sale, okay? I’ll buy one of everything.”

Kibum nodded, “Only if you call me when you open your restaurant so I can sample the entire menu. These side dishes are pretty great. I would choose the mushrooms and the eggplants, personally.”

You clapped your hands together, “That’s perfect! I’ll make stuffed eggplant skins for the appetizer, char and mushrooms for the entree, and then a dessert! Then that ticket to Paris is as good as mine.”

“You’ll invite me over to try out the dessert, right?”

“Of course,” you said with a playful roll of your eyes. “You know Kibum, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you like hanging out with me.”

Kibum laughed, but you caught the pink tint that crept onto his cheeks. “Honey, I think you’re mistaking yourself with your cooking.”

“Why do you keep calling me honey and babe?”

“Instinct, I guess. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.”

“No,” you denied softly, “It’s fine.”


“Okay, so I have green tea custard, dark chocolate mousse with almonds, strawberry cheesecake, and hazelnut pie with spiced ice cream.”

Kibum hummed as he stared at all the dishes. “You’re too good to me, Y/n.”

You sat beside him, nibbling on an untoasted strawberry poptart and checking the made-up menu you had created in your phone notes. You would enter your menu tomorrow, a day before the scholarship deadline. Everything was perfect, and all you had to do was get Kibum to choose a dessert.

Kibum put a spoonful of the mousse into his mouth and clapped slowly. “This is everything. A bit bitter, so maybe add some brown sugar or something to sweeten it, but other than that it’s everything.”

He finished the mousse peacefully, enjoying the dessert freely as he scrolled through his phone. “Do you wanna see my dogs?”

“I already saw them on the app,” you answered, “but I guess I can see them again.”

Kibum scoffed, “You guess? Good grief, Y/n, at least try to act excited as I show you my pride and joys.”

“Sorry,” you giggled, leaning closer to him so you could see his phone screen.

“This one is Comme Des and this one is Garçons,” he explained. He then explained to you their favorite foods to eat, places to sleep, and clothes to wear.

“You dress your dogs? Isn’t that considered abuse?”

Kibum looked offended. “Abuse? They love being dressed up, trust me. Oh! Idea!” He suddenly perked up, turning to face you, “You should make your own gourmet dog food line!”

You deadpanned. “No. That’s an insult to my passion.”

Kibum pouted. “My babies would love it.”

“Just eat your cheesecake.”

Kibum chuckled and obeyed, complimenting your skills as he continued to stuff his face.

In the end, Kibum stayed by the mousse, and wished you luck that you would get that scholarship. “We could even meet up in Paris. You, a renowned chef and me, a famous fashion designer. Together we can conquer the world.”

You shook your head, “I don’t want to be renowned. That’s not my goal. I want to make great food for people who can’t afford it. I won’t get very renowned for that.”

Kibum furrowed his eyebrows, “Sorry? Do you think people like paying and arm and a leg for their meals? Y/n, if you succeed in a restaurant like that, you’ll be the talk of the year in the culinary world. It’s a huge financial risk, considering you have nothing to start with, but you can easily make it up with the amount of customers you’ll get. Open sponsors spots as well, and have them pay to support your restaurant as long as you name a dish after them or something. Designs by Key can be your first proud sponsor of many as long as you name the chocolate mousse after me. You could go far with this one, babe.”

You picked at the hem of your shirt, a shy smile appearing on your face. Not even your closest friends gave you the confidence Kibum did in just a few visits. You felt close to him, and you were sure he felt close to you as well. There was a natural attraction there, as if the two of you knew each other in another life or something.

Shaking your head out of those thoughts, you reached forward and wrapped your arms around Kibum’s neck. He let out a noise of surprise, but eased into your hold rather quickly. “Funnily enough, you’d think touch wouldn’t fluster me with this little side job. Your touch is different, I guess.”

You felt your face warm at his soft-spoken words. Surely he didn’t mean it in the way you thought. He was just talking about the emotional aspect of two friends hugging. That’s what you told yourself, since you couldn’t think about anything more than that with the deadline so close.

Kibum was the first to pull away, but he planted his hands on your shoulders before he left. “Go get ‘em, babe. Show them your talent.”

He tapped your nose, and grinned when a giggle spilled out of your mouth. “Keep that smile, okay? You’ll do great.”

You nodded, feeling more sure of yourself. “Thanks, Kibum.”

“I’ve got you. Oh, and when you win, invite me over so we can eat the winning meal together,” he said with a confident wink.


You stared at the phone in your hands, contemplating whether or not to ask Kibum over.

The thing was, you had come in second place. Although that was great, and would look fantastic on your resume, it wouldn’t get you a ticket to Paris. You were disappointed in yourself, and you kept going over the menu, wondering how you could’ve made it better. You were sure Kibum would be disappointed with you too. He had been so sure that you would win, and when you told him the truth, he might think you didn’t try hard enough. You had. You had given that food your all and had been so sure that you would get the scholarship.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan.

In the end, you really wanted some kind of comfort. Kibum was the only one you wanted it from, which wasn’t too surprising considering how close the two of you had gotten ins ice a short amount of time. Before you could second guess yourself, you sent him message, asking him to come over. After that, you muted your phone, unable to see his reply, which would more than likely imply that you won and he couldn’t to wait to congratulate you in person.

You groaned and shoved your face into your couch cushions. You weren’t ready to see his face.


Kibum could tell something was wrong as soon as you opened the door. Your makeup was smudged at the corners and your hair was messier than usual.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

“I didn’t win, Kibum,” you said. “I did everything you said and did my best, but it wasn’t enough. I’m sorry.”

Kibum let out a breathy laugh, “Why are you apologizing? There are so many things more important than winning a scholarship.”

“Like what?” you frowned.

“Like, for instance, your skills grew as you practiced, and you stepped out of your comfort zone. Also, the most important thing is that you met me.” Kibum walked passed you, and with the usual toss of his bag he turned around, “So what do you say we cook together today? Something simple and tasty.”

You stared at Kibum’s raised eyebrows, unable to answer. You didn’t want to cook right now. In fact, all you really wanted was another one of Kibum’s hugs. “Actually… can we cuddle?”

Kibum’s ears turned red very quickly, but he covered up his flustered expression by licking his lips and turning his head towards his duffel bag. “No cooking? You just want to cuddle?”

You nodded, “You’re a good hugger so you have to be a good cuddler, right? I really need that right now.”

Kibum’s expression softened. “You got it, then. Let me change into some comfortable clothes.”

He returned quickly, dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt. He opened his duffel bag and pulled out a large duvet. “I’m ready to cuddle!”

He sat down on the couch, his eyes on you as he patted his lap. “C'mere, babe.”

You accepted his invitation and curled up into his lap. He wrapped the blanket around the two of you and pushed your hair off of your face with his nimble fingers. “How’s this?”

“It’s perfect,” you mumbled, nuzzling your face into his chest. He smelt like honey and some kind of musk, and it made your heart stir with feelings that you had previously pushed down. “Kibum?”


You looked up at him, your cheek against his collarbone. He rubbed your hips gently as he waited for you to speak. “I think I like you.”

After your confession, you quickly ducked your head down, afraid to see his reaction. His fingers froze on your skin and soon you couldn’t feel the warmth of them on your skin.

You ruined it, Y/n, you told yourself. You should’ve just kept it in.

Then Kibum’s fingers were under your chin as he lifted your face towards his. “Really?” he questioned, his breath fanning your face as he leaned in closer.

You searched his eyes for any teasing, but there was only affection in his glassy brown eyes. “Yeah. I like you, Kibum. You make me feel confident. You make me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to, but you also give me a sense of warmth and comfort I’ve never received before.”

Kibum chuckled, “Honey, I’ve liked you since you made me eat that disgusting sushi.”

He was still in the midst of laughing when his lips reached yours. You cupped his face with your hand to bring him closer to you. Your own lips turned into a smile as you finally felt how soft his were. Kibum pulled away, “We have to stop smiling or we can’t kiss properly.”

You shrugged, biting your lip to try and stop the giddiness from showing on your face. “Sorry.”

Kibum pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, “Don’t be. There will be plenty of times to kiss in the near future.”

He wriggled his eyebrows seductively, causing you to erupt into more giggles as you slapped his chest gently. “You’re stupid.”

“Well you’re dating stupid,” Kibum pointed out.


~the end~

Suddenly I See You: Chapter 9

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

A/N: Finally!! After weeks of writing in small spurts and trying to adjust to working the damn graveyard shift I successfully finished chapter 9. Now, I’m still pretty much exhausted, so my editing maybe shit, so I apologize in advance. I hope you all enjoy this chapter since there’s literally only one left. I want to thank @nicolettesachef​ for the wonderful song she informed me of by Ivan B - Our Time Together. Sidenote: this has a moment of a change of POV to Zico and Minho. You’ve been warned.

Genre: Mino x Reader, Zico x Reader

Words: 11442

Disclaimer: As usual, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

I don’t know if you felt that or not. But it felt like two people kissing after hours of thinking about it. It felt like two people talking after nights of silence. It felt like two people touching after weeks of being numb. It felt like two people facing each other after months of looking away. It felt like two people in love after years of being alone. And it felt like two people meeting each other, after an entire lifetime of not meeting each other.

The Corner of You and Me - Iain S. Thomas

There was a brief moment where your lips parted from Zico. Where his hands still cradled your face and the universe paused its breath and let you hold that moment of wonder in his eyes before it inhaled, and everything changed. In a matter of microseconds you went from feeling like a star resurrected to a comet crashing.

Your eyes watching helplessly as his eyes skimmed your face with a pleading to stay rooted where you stood. A promise to keep you grounded through the pain you knew that was taking shape behind you.

But the aching sound of your name still rang like a cry of sorrow in your ears. A broken record that kept repeating until your bones grew hollow at its skipping beat. Zico’s eyes implored you not to move away: if only it were possible. You wondered if this was how you’d always remember this night. The broken sound of Minho and the misery of losing you in Zico’s eyes as you stepped away.

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imagine #14

character - Newt

words - 2056

warnings - kinda sad and angsty

description - Despite having made it to Paradise, you keep having nightmares about your trials. [based on this theory]

a/n - requested by the lovely @coconcovers​ ; i strayed so far from your request omg i’m so sorry but i hope this makes up for it <3

Originally posted by neverland93

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Surprise At A Concert (Minho)

Originally posted by colorsofshiningstars

Type: Fluff

Request: Hi can I get some Idol gf x Minho long fluffy scenario???? the story dosent matter!! Pretty please!! Thank you!!!

Hi!! I love your blog !! Thanks for all the writing you do !!! I was wondering is i could have a scenario were Minho proposes to his Idol girlfriend at her concert something really cute and fluffy!!! Thank you!!

G/N: group’s name

You always did your best, each show, practice, interview you worked hard to prove you were good at your job as an idol. You wanted to be the best role model as well. You wanted to be someone all the little girls and boys could look up too. You did all of this along with maintaining a relationship with fellow SM artist Choi Minho, your very long termed boyfriend. You felt lucky to call him yours, knowing him since your debut made life so interesting. All the little romantic moments that grew to this point were perfect. You loved him and he loved you.


You were sat down on a stool by your group mates. You guys had been on tour for nearly 3 months and this was your last concert of tour and you guys always did Seoul for some reason last but decided to enjoy the fact you didn’t have to go far to get home afterwards. Often times your concerts were a normal spot to spot SM artists and often times your boyfriend Minho was the most reported one as fans always told about how supportive he was.You were told to look at the screen. Soon Minho’s face came on screen as the crowd was yelling and happy about it all. 

“Hello Y/N” he spoke offering a smile, his charming smile that always made you feel better. “I know this is the first time I have missed a G/N concert here and I feel bad” he continued as you frowned softly. He was working on something for Shinee from what he had told you. It was a surprise on both ends according to him. “We’ve been dating for mmm…7 years now. Happy anniversary” you smiled and he hadn’t mentioned it all day in texts or when he called, the crowd once more cheered which was like background noise as you were extremely focused on Minho’s video. “One of my favorite memories with you was when the one before we started dating, I was filming Hello Baby and you came over after filming and met Yoogeun and you said that you thought he looked just like me. And I told you that this is what our child would look like. You laughed but I could tell I had made you really uncomfortable” he joked as you remembered that. He was so bright red after those words slipped out of his mouth.

Minho was super good at embarrassing himself around you over the years. You loved it about him.”We graduated high school together and you agreed to go on a date with me. We had to be very hidden with it and ended going to the finest restaurant we could find. Now we always go as a come back meal, I’ll promise to take you soon" he hummed as he looked around. His face became serious as he sighed “we’ve had our ups and downs like every other couple and I hated how we left on a rather bad note this tour. I made it sound like our relationship was going nowhere by accident and it opened my eyes to a lot after that” he told you didn’t know you were crying until your group mate wiped your eyes as she stood beside you. “We didn’t get to make up for it in person but don’t worry guys we’re fine now” he told the crowd. “Once more happy anniversary and I am hoping we can see each other later to celebrate but I think what happens next will make up for everything already” he explained as you looked very confused. You looked around you seeing that your group members weren’t beside you anymore. You didn’t know they were blocking your view so you couldn’t look behind you and even the crowd had grown heavily quiet.

The screen soon changed to you sitting there as a figure was behind you that wasn’t one of your group mates. You spun around in the seat as it was Minho, he wasn’t standing either he was down on one knee wearing a microphone. You were processing everything that was happening in front of you as the crowd was hysterical at the scene and you were sure almost everyone including your group mates had there phones out recording it. 

“I wanted to make this special” he spoke as he opened the box revealing a diamond ring “7 years is a long time to be dating and we’re still super young but I want to do this. I had a really fancy speech planned but I can’t remember it now since it’s really happening” he said as you laughed “so I will make this very simple, will you marry me Y/L/N Y/N? Be my wife pleade” he asked as you nodded not being able to say anything to him at the moment. He stood up quickly as he walked closer and you guys shared a deep kiss on stage. Your makeup was running but you didn’t mind, you just got freaking engaged in front of a full stadium of fans. Once he pulled back he slid the ring onto your finger and he turned to the crowd and bowed. “Thank you for letting me do this here” he says as the screamed at him happily. He wiped your eyes before resting his forehead against yours lightly. He pulled the mic away from his mouth so he could speak quietly to you and only you. “I love you baby. I want to make that extremely clear” he told you “I know you do” you whispered back. “Good welcome back?” he then asked with a smirk as you shoved him. “What if I said no?” you asked him as his face went serious “I think I would have leaped off of stage” he says as he smiles laregly “good thing you didn’t say no” he told you as he brought you close to him.

[ Imagine #25 ] I’m her boyfriend ~ Newt AU (Part I)

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x reader

Word count: 1350 words

A/N: A new piece of writing after a rather long time:) I really hope you like this, (i really like it), and that i can post more regularly from now on again^^ Also, send requests! I need ideas!!

A/N 2.0: Loosely based on this post.

A/N 3.0: I tried to write in second person (this is how it’s called, right?)for the first time ever, so feedback is appreciated! Tell me what you think is better, first or second person:)

Part II / Part III



You sat in Teresa’s living room, feeling quite uneasy. You had no idea how the hell your friends had managed to bring up the topic of boyfriends and relationships. Again.

Well, if you thought about it, they basically talked about nothing else, and this had exactly one purpose: to tease you for not having a boyfriend.

The topic came up for the first time a few months ago, and you made the big mistake of telling your oh-so-great friends you’ve never had a boyfriend before. They had been shocked, to say the least.

You had felt beyond embarrassed, and even though everyone told you that this wasn’t your fault and that every boy could be lucky to have you, you had felt like crap, and still did.

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110317 JAT 2017 Yoyogi

all accounts below by: fodfran

Key’s shoelaces came undone during MTTM so Onew kneeled down to tie them for him.

During YN Onew: will you eat with me? Later in the ment Taemin said that he wants to have a meal with Onew

Key originally didn’t like/dislike do me right but fell for the live. Said it’s his personality to be honest
Taemin: yes, your personality 😏

Taemin revealed that Minho gets oil all over his face when he eats chicken so Minho quickly covered Taemin’s mouth to shut him up

Minho: we’re at yoyogi so is anyone here named Yoyogi?
*no one*
Minho: Yoyogi-chan ogenki desu ka?!!! (Famous movie line)

Q&A Onew: yoyogi is closing for remodeling and will be used for the Olympics. Who here will compete in them?
1 Jshawol: swimming

Onew got the lyrics wrong during DTB but key panicked because he though he was at fault. He was relieved when Onew claimed the fault lol. Taemin made Onew feel better about his mistake by praising his baby blue adlib and did so again in the next ment

Onew cutely dropped his dream girl mic 5 sec before the end of the song and then went on to give us all goosebumps with his baby blue solo

all translations below by fantaemsie

Key: For me when Minho eats things like curry or something with a strong color to it I can tell right away when looking at his face.. If he eats curry it all turns yellow in here
Taemin:When Minho eats chicken his lips become oily..
Key: You and I maybe we should just eat..
cr: majingi525

(after Onew’s let’s eat together tomorrow line in your number)
Taemin: I wanna eat together with Onew too
Key:You just ate together yesterday!
Taemin: However lately, not that much… ㅠㅠ
cr: majingi525

all translations below by mredwardsanders

Minho:This place is Yoyogi so Yoyogi-san
Jinki: Your question is hilarious!
But there was no one named Yoyogi-san
Minho: Yoyogi-saaaaaan! Are you doing weellllllll!
Jinki:Please contact us~
Jinki:Please (contact) SMJAPAN
cr: 268242356

And!!! During the last MC!!!! When Taemin was talking, Jjong!!! was sending winks to Onew one after another the whole time!!! Onew too was going like “You got me~~”
cr: r_kkk88kkk

When Minho and Key forced their lightsticks on Taemin and tried to make him put them away, generous Onew took the lightsticks for him. Taem-chan said as he glared at Minkey:
Taemin: Just you wait and see (prepare yourself) at the dressing room!!!
Minkey: wwwwww (lol)
cr: aionee_51

During the MC, Onew told jjong that jjong had something in his eyes. Jjong got it out of his eyes &wiped his finger on Onew’s jacket. Onew accepted it without changing a single expression.
cr: halu_taem

During the beginning of YN, on the stairs, Taemin closed in on Onew’s face just slightly, and used his fingers to push up Onew’s glasses
cr: wkyonn

all translations below by SWEETGRAVITY

Jinki:Winter is ending soon right?
Key: But it’s still cold.
Jinki:Then everyone please take care in the cold.

Onew’s last line in YN
Why don’t we eat [together] tomorrow?

Who’s Your Daddy?

Series AU


/ Part 1 / / Part 2 / Part 3 /

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested:  Please PLEASE! Do more who’s your Daddy!!!!! It’s interesting AF!,  “Who’s Your Daddy?” Was so good!!! I can’t wait for a part four. If you are writing one of course. Have a good day!,  When’s the next part to who’s your daddy? No pressure tho, take your time,  Are you going to make another who your daddy? Its really good and I wanted to know if you make another one. Thanks😘😘

Tagged: @yougottalovefandoms  @phan—anime , @ thatblondeemogirl

Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby?

“Why the hell are we even discussing this? She has to go!” 

“Last time I checked, Gally, your name was on that shucking list as well. So if you do turn out to be the father, I don’t think casting your own child away will be good on your conscience, wouldn’t you agree?” 

The room had been discussing this since the crack of dawn. Some voting that Y/n be fed to the grievers, while others want her to stay. The suspense of knowing is quite entertaining to some. Back and forth, back and forth, some changing their votes while others still remain resistant of letting her stay. 

“So we’re just gonna let some random chick barge in here, in the way of our food and supplies, just to find out who fucked her and got her pregnant? Do either of you even recognize her shucking face at all?!” 

Thomas rolls his eyes, standing up from his spot on the ground. “Come on, Gally, you’re not even being fair anymore. Of course we’re not going to recognize her face, we don’t even recognize our own! Can you please, for one minute, stop thinking like a meathead and think like a human!”

It was silent after that, Gally glaring down at Thomas, but not saying another word. Sitting back in his spot, his rubs his face in frustration. “I’m scared, alright? I’m just…” 

Frypan pats him on the shoulder, Alby nodding along to his fear. “I can imagine so, but so is Y/n. She’s probably more terrified than all of us combined. I understand some of you want her gone, but that’s not our decision-”

“Then whose is it, huh? We’re going to hand over our lives to these shanks who names just happen to be on a piece of paper, and a pregnant girl?”

“You got any better ideas that doesn’t involve the death of this poor girl, and an innocent child? Because, if so, I am all ears.” Alby crosses his arms, only for the boy to close his mouth and look at the floor. “Thought so. I think we’ve all come to an agreement on this finally. Y/n stays.” 

Looks of relief flashed over both Newt and Minho’s faces, as well as most of the gladers who wanted to stay. Thomas letting out an exhale he didn’t know he was holding, and Gally already getting ready to leave in a huff. Frypan was hot on his trail, as long with the builders, while everyone else started filing out. Once everyone had left, and there was no one left but most of the keepers, Alby sighs. 

“I didn’t want to say this in front of them, because I knew it would only spark up more discussion. But…there’s only so long we can last without food and supplies. You all are aware of that, correct?” Nodding that they understood, he continues. “Which mean…you all only have a certain amount of time to figure this out before…before we have no more options.”

“Wait…you don’t mean…” Newt starts, studying his face to find any hint of a joke, but found none. “Are you kidding me? Just because we go hungry for a few weeks, a child has to die? What kind of shucked up logic is that?!”

“Newt, we don’t have a choice. Slowly everyone will start to go hostile, and we can’t afford to have our order and way of life just crash into total chaos. I’m sorry. But, if you all don’t find out the truth soon…I’m afraid Y/n will have to go. So…try not to get too attached.” He orders, while heading for the exit.

“You say that like you don’t believe we’ll figure this out in time.” Minho points out, Alby only continuing to walk without responding to his comment. That only meant that his accusation was correct. Sighing heavily, Minho sits down on one of the benches, running his fingers through his hair. “Well…that’s reassuring.” 

“This whole thing is a mess. I mean, none of this makes any sense. Why us? Why now?” Thomas asks, getting no response in particular. Looking at the Brit, he raises his eyebrow at his sudden quietness. “Newt? You alright?”

With a dry laugh, he shrugs, turning his attention to the two. “This is complete and utter bullshit.”

“What are you talking about, shank?”

“I want to know which one of us was bloody dumb enough to do this. To break the rules, and just…” Shaking his head at the situation, Newt turns back around and starts limping for the exit. “You guys should get ready for the run. I’m going to get Y/n.” 

Minho and Thomas exchange looks for the second-in-command’s words, and the already tired expression on his face. Suddenly, they glared at each other, asking the same question Newt did. 

“Sounds like something you’d do, Tommy-boy.” 

“Oh, fuck off.” 

Y/n didn’t sleep a wink last night, how could she? Her world was crashing down on top of her like a million bricks, as if the ceiling had collapsed onto her. That, and also the contact moving of the baby kept her up. Her mind continued to drift over to the life that grew inside of her, small smiles forming on her face due to the thoughts of what her baby is…boy or a girl? Y/n hoped for a girl, so she wouldn’t feel alone and awkward with all the boys that surrounded her. Was she the only girl? She didn’t know. And that was the final thing that kept her up at night. 

The sound of the door opening startled her a little bit, but her racing heart calmed down once she heard the familiar foreign voice from yesterday. 

“Love, are you awake?” He whispered cautiously, peeking his head through the curtain the med-jacks had set up for her, just for privacy. She smiled softly at the boy, him returning the smile once he saw that you indeed were wide awake. His eyes also caught the short movements coming from her stomach, widening slightly in curiosity. “How are you feeling?”   

She takes a deep breath, patting her stomach gently. “Could be better, I guess.”

“How better?”

“I guess I would like to sit up now.” Within a second, Newt limped to her side as quick as he could. Going behind her, he helped Y/n lift from the bed slowly, allowing her feet to swing over and touch the ground once again. Holding onto his hand for support, she was finally able to stand again, giving her aching back a chance of rest. “Thank you.” 

“No problem.” He smiles softly, realizing that he was still holding her hand. Since Y/n didn’t make an effort to pull away, he decided to stay that way. Her hand felt…warming in his. As if it oddly belonged. Shaking his head at the thought, he gestured to the outside. “Are you ready?”

Taking a look out the door, Y/n gulped. She didn’t see a lot from where she stood…but she knew they were all outside. All of them. Taking a deep breath, she feels Newt squeeze her hand reassuringly. 

“Don’t worry. I promise you that you are safe, love. No one is going to make you feel anything, but comfort and security. They’ll have to go through Alby and myself.” 

Giving her one more smile, Y/n slowly clings to his arm. Taking in one more large breath, she nods. 

“I’m ready.” 

I Never Looked Back - Newt

Your name: submit What is this?

“He’s dead.” Thomas whispered. I looked at him and laughed.

“That’s a good joke, Thomas, but now’s not the time. Seriously, where’s Newt?” I asked him, hands on my hips. He looked at me solemnly and I scoffed. I looked at the other boys. “Guys, seriously. He’s joking.” They didn’t look so convinced. I looked back at Thomas. “Thomas, tell them you’re joking.” I instructed. He took a deep, shaky breath. “Thomas.”

“I’m sorry.” He murmured. I glared at him and looked at the others. 

“Okay, I don’t know what’s going on here, but that isn’t funny.” I shook my head.


“No.” I cut him off. “I am going to look for Newt.” I turned around and began to walk away when Minho grabbed my arm. 

“Newt is dead.” He told me, bluntly. I looked at him, betrayal splattered across my face.

“Really? Minho? You’re in on this? I can’t believe you! Let go of me!” I tried to shake out of his grasp when he grabbed my other arm and looked me dead in the eye. “Minho, let-”

“Newt. Is. Dead.” He told me. I kept trying to escape, tears beginning to build up in my eyes. “Newt is dead. Y/N, Newt is dead. Newt is-”

“He’s not dead!” I screamed, feeling my heart shatter. Tears began to fall down my face. “He’s… he’s not… he… he can’t be.”

“Newt is dead. He’s gone.”

“He-he said-”

“He’s gone.” Minho repeated one last time. I began to shake, trying to stop my sobbing as I put my hand on my heart, as though I was going to claw it out of my chest. I started to sob. My knees began to buckle under me while Minho held me up and hugged me.

“No…” I sobbed. “No…”

“I’m sorry.”

“He’s… he’s…” I pulled away and looked at Thomas. “He’s dead?” I whispered, he nodded.

“I’m so sorry.” Thomas apologised, getting on his knees. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

“Wh-what happened? What…” I tried to find the words, but I couldn’t.

“He- I- He…” He took a deep breath. “He asked me to kill him.” I straightened my posture. “And I…”

“Say it.” I asked of him, “Say it, Thomas.”

“I killed him.”

His words echoed in my ears over and over again. Thomas had killed him.

“I loved him.”

“I know.”

“I loved him, and I was scared of rejection and trusting him and do you know how stupid that is?” I asked, starting to laugh. “I… I didn’t even get to tell him!” I sobbed. “And you… my own brother… knowing this, you… you killed him?” I asked. Thomas looked at me, sorrow and guilt filled his eyes. “Oh my god.” I stepped away from him. He stood up and stepped toward me, I stepped back, extending my arm, “Stay away from me.”


“No.” I began to walk away.

“Y/N, wait!” Minho called,

“No!” I screamed as my walk turned into a sprint as I run as fast I could away from them.

I never looked back.

{Fanacc}170903 SHINee World 2017 ~FIVE~ Special Edition in Tokyo Dome: Day 2

Minho with his hearts and winks at the camera

TM: are u ready? Fans: yes TM: are you really ready? *fumbles on his words* Fans: burst out laughing TM : *super shy face*

SHINee hugged the young boys who danced with them during Lucifer! So adorable ~~

During the thank you speech where shinee will introduce the dancers. They introduced the young dancers (3 boys & a girl).TM carried the boy!

Minho during Your Number *dial phone* Mh: are u working tmr? Don’t go let’s stay together *fans screamsssss*

Members scream and makes fun of Minho and he ran to hide and almost ran backstage cos he was too embarrassed!!! They made him do it again!!

Minho : Hi, I am Minho And he went on to promote his new movie (based on an anime)

Key was speaking and Mh interrupted and Key told him that a member is talking so he should focus!

Minho went on to blabber a lot abt the opening and moving stage and lucifer to annoy Key!! This is so funny!!!

The members are teasing Jonghyun by imitating how he said thank you (with actions!)

Key started asking abt sesame street plushies. They didnt know what UFO catcher was until the fans explained! MH imitated the UFO catcher [ cr: @minhoclove ] 

This concert had such a lighthearted feel to it. Shinee kept being their silly selves joking around with each other

So at one point they mentioned the crane games where you had to play to win one of the sesame shinee plushies n Minho started imitating it

I was so close when shinee came across in the cart  they truly are more beautiful in person I had such great seats today

Oh I almost forgot when they mentioned the plushies the cameras focused on some of fans  holding ot5

Something I noticed was that whenever Jinki’s parts came on Kibum with mouth them and this happened both days too

Taemin’s sprout also made an appearance today  lol they tried to fix it but just let it be in the end [ cr: @maira100491 ]

Icb minho is d only one not wearing sleeveless shirt at d end.. lol

Tm throw his mic too high during DG and failed to catch it.

The mood today was lighter than yest.. at least for me. SHINee throwing some random jokes agnst each other.. they keep copying each other’s- Gestures and way of speaking… they even made fun of minho’s last line during YN..

Tm’s face looks like he’s on d verge of crying during winter  wonderland

they  are doing to the moving stage during ‘tell me your name’ which had us all flailing hard ;) [ cr: enzeru_no_innen ]

Taemin’s hair still keeps standing up today, and he said 'my hair is really strong recently’

Jonghyun says he’s preparing a lot of things so please look forward to it

When it was Taemin’s turn to talk T: I’m Taemin J: I think we all know that T: Well self introduction is very important

Key said he really wants the Sesame Street dolls but u gotta go to game centers to get them. Then the rest started asking how to get them

Then Taemin suddenly asked the fans 'Do you guys actually sleep with me (Oscar)?’

Key to Taemin: Excuse me, the dolls are older than you! I grew up learning English with them. Taemin: Oh! They are oni-san then!

The fans said UFO catcher! Then Minho transformed himself into a human UFO catcher [ cr: @ipipie ]

Key scolded Minho for not paying attention to him when he was explaining the LED screen so Minho started mocking Key by imitating him

After Minho messed up the YN phone line he hid his head between his legs and screamed about how embarrassed he was

T: I’m Taemin J: We know 

T: Intro because some ppl might not J: There’s no one

 M: I’m Minho  J: We know   K: …I’m Key    J: We know

This was during a middle ment after SHINee had already done their intros earlier but Taemin felt the need to introduce himself again

When mini SHINee was introed each mini ran and hugged their original version member. Taemin picked his mini up. Everyone group hugged Onew’s

Minho air kissed the audience so Taemin told him he was being creepy. Minho then fake punched Taemin in the stomach lol

Key said he used Sesame Street to learn English [ cr: @fodfran ]

The lightsticks are making hearts on the 1st floor

Everyone has sleeveless shirts except Minho!



Minho and Taemin are whispering into their mics LOL


Jjong was always mouthing Onew’s parts. My heart


minho tried to shoot the signed balls over the net in the back of the stadium but they hit the net and bounced off instead

minkey making silly faces during your number

minho is really really embarrassed after the end of your number… he’s cringing on the stage

minho srsly just ran off the stage he’s like IM OUT BYE LOL

the light stick color changes are helping the whole dome stay in sync w/ encore chant. thank you light stick controllers

minkey are making fun of a pose jjong made when he said “thank you~” cutely

[ cr: keyoemi


yunho held up his light stick and wave so hard before he leave with changmin. ^^

SHINee asking every level shawols ! TVXQ wave lightstick happily [ cr: @huanglaona ] 

minho is being such a fuckin dork today i can’t

taemin was so impressed with himself that he was able to talk so fast and correctly hfjagjglhkdhh

jongho had their arms around each other as they walked off stage just now ;;

key said that he used sesame street to learn english when he was a kid? [ cr: @dhszl ]

—-Minho on the phone: Hello? Got work tomorrow? Cant go (didnt hear this well) Lets be tgt tmr

tm, jh, kb are wearing muscle tee versions of the five shirt it looks so nice :((( minho just has the normal shirt lol

tm jh and kb ran to the main stage but minho stayed at the extension to jump and wave :((



thank you so much for everything, SHINee ㅠㅠ  [ cr: @blancbutter ] 

56. haze

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Title: haze

Pairing: Choi Minho/Reader

Summary: The best way to make your morning beautiful is food, sunlight and the love of your life.

Request: Minho takes care of his clumsy girlfriend.

The best way to learn you love somebody; it’s when you see the beauty in them even in the simplest of times. The morning had been as usual; the birds singing their melodies outside her window as the little strikes of sunshine made their appearance through the curtains; however, her hands reach for the other side of the bed, and a part of her expected to see her boyfriend by her side, his feet a little bit out of the bed as he has an arm sprawled over his face. Instead, she just feels the coldness of the other side of the bed, and surely, it was pleasing to feel her tired limbs getting that refreshment from the bed, but she was worried. Had Minho come home last night?

A yawn leaves her lips as she sits up on the bed, running her hands through her hair as she makes her way out of the bedroom. Last night, she had gone to sleep wearing one of Minho’s shirts, instantly missing him when he sent her a text indicating that he was going to arrive late, if not at midnight because of practice. The material was a lot softer and it seemed to linger with his usual cologne, hence why she adored to steal some of his clothing from time to time.

However, she stops walking towards the kitchen when she hears a soft snore.

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mino; this time round

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“Will you just let me take care of this mess?”

Streetracer! Mino

scenario of 1.8k words, angst/fluff

The sound of tableware clinked through the empty apartment as she packed away dinner that should have been gone since hours ago. The only thing that her eyes were occupied with was the clock that hung almost dauntingly across the room.

It had been five hours and Minho should be here by now.

Thunder rumbled in the distance and she caught the rain spattering against the windows outside. She was past being angry at this point but rather, worried sick because it was way past midnight and there was no sign of him still. Countless places that he knew of crossed her mind, mentally ticking them off as she found a reasonable excuse as to why he wouldn’t be there at this time of night. One place in particular stuck to her yet she dismissed the thought as quick as it came. You wouldn’t dare, Song Minho. It’s raining for god’s sake.

There was a bitter possibility that Minho had broken the promise he made. An empty promise that slipped his tongue to not scare the living hell out of her, the way he would when he raced street after street. Her heart sank knowing that he could be out there right now in god knows in what condition. A huge fight exploded between the two of them the last time it happened when Minho barely arrived home and she had to do a double take. Minho was unrecognizable and if it weren’t for how badly he’d been hurt, she would have slapped the smug smile off his face when he rasped out “But I won, babe. I won.”

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“(B)romance” You/Xiumin

happy birthday to my love minnie queen-chan for beta-ing this fic for me (thanks also to the sister wives who mentioned f-ckboy minseok and gave me the idea in the first place)

vague college/summer au

the guy who always comes in during your shift is kind of an asshole. But also really, really hot. 

rating: nc-17 don’t say i didn’t warn you, save yourself

“Don’t ruin your pretty little figure with all that booze.”

Minseok works his jaw like it’s a miracle of God he hasn’t leapt over the counter to duct tape your mouth shut. He’s cute® when he’s angry.

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Male K-Pop Idols Who Have Beautiful Handwriting: SHINee’s Choi Minho ❤

Everyone has their own distinct style when it comes to penmanship. K-pop idols are no exception and are known to have diverse handwriting styles within their respective groups. Check out some male idols who have been noted for their beautiful handwriting!

SHINee’s Choi Minho  💕

SHINee 5th anniversary special party - photocard message MINHO

(pic cr: MrMinho, via  almightykeybeom)

cr for article :Soompi

This article gives me little look back on Minho’s handwriting which I always adore………. Minho always has a very good handwriting, since debut we see his neat, clean, font like handwriting, some says A person’s handwriting is as unique as their personality  ….here are some examples of Minho’s handwriting 

1) Minho’s letter to his dad with Eng trans TTTTTTT  (cr: thatcoolcatmeow )

2) 140525 SHINee SPECIAL MESSAGE - Minho “6th Anniversary!!

3) Minho’s letter to his fan in show “ Last 48 hours” (op: @911209mh)

4) [TRANS] 160702 #SHINee - 8th Anniversary - Minho’s handwritten letter  

(cr. oddeye080525)  

5) The letter he wrote to the noona from  “ SHINee Yunhanam” in 2008

6) Minho’s “Thanksgiving message’ in behalf of ‘Medical Top Team’

Minho has a beautiful handwriting , beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful tender-heart & beautiful nature too ….hw can one person have all these beautiful features ??….for me he is inside out a beautiful human being :)

stay with me

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Title: stay with me
Pairing: Choi Minho/Reader
Genre: Idol!AU
Summary: In the worst moment of her life, he goes to see her one last time.

Another smile is thrown at the groups of flashes that she supposes lead to a person, but it surely looks like a fantasy as she wore that dress that flowed on her body perfectly, some designer loving the way they were earning money as she tells everyone she’s okay. One step closer and she continues posing, griping the arm of the person that was leading her on the red carpet to keep herself in check. She never liked the way the cameras were at all angles, how she was going to end up in the news’ front page and she didn’t feel like reading the articles from the next day. They would comment how she looked a little bit left out, how she didn’t smile as cutely anymore, they would say this and that about her and gossiping about what happened to her. One of her hand lifts up the edge of her dress to continue walking, the long material making it a little bit difficult to continue with her walk at the red carpet and when she sees only a few meters more to walk, she feels relieved. Some people were asking her questions but her ears were completely deaf, only giving plain answers before she entered through those gates that she liked to call ‘the entrance to heaven’. Once she was inside that place, she only had to listen to the music and wait for those awards that she may or may not receive.

Some said they wanted a life like hers, but she isn’t sure she wants it anymore.

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