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Can you do a scenario on what kind of dads they would be pretty please?!

you got it anon! 


  • “hi hungry, i’m dad” “pls dad i’m so hungry” “……………….. hi so hungry, i’m dad” 
  • drives around a minivan 
  • dad jeans swag 
  • those ahjusshi jokes he makes?? oh buddy they’ve upgraded
  • literally every sentence out of his mouth is a pun 
  • groans only fuel him 
  • makes him more powerful, the daddest dad
  • for the first 3 years of his kids life he always was holding them in some way, their feet have never touched the ground 
  • always packs their lunch for school 
  • stress bought all the baby stuff very early on in the pregnancy 


  • cried when he held his kid for the first time (*sobbing* i love you so so so much and your cheeks were so chubby and there’s no baby more beautiful than you ever)
  • cried harder when he saw their little feet 
  • lots of kisses
  • falls asleep a lot with them in his arms bc he doesn’t want to let them go 
  • hundo p took off work to be with his child 24/7
  • vows to never return to work bc this little ball of sunshine is his LIFE 
  • found out that his kid really really likes the monkey magic song so the other apartments can hear kim jonghyun just passionately belting out MONKEY MONKEY MAGIC MONKEY MAGIC MONKEY MONKEY MAGIC MONKEY MAGIC MONKEY MONKEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY at all times
  • can braid really well 
  • super supportive but also super embarrassing (“honey??? do you want to go bra shopping??? is it time for that yet???”) 


  • one of those people who says his kid’s age in months (minho: ”he’s two!!! just say two years old!!!”)
  • floods everyone’s newsfeed with pics of his kid (”seriously kibum pls stop posting their poops”) 
  • THE pta dad
  • once had a smackdown with another parent for talking shit about his kid 
  • you bet your ass he found out who it was and protected his baby. martha is banned from the pta FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!
  • what a fucking legend 
  • bought so many pairs of baby socks and hats 
  • his child is so well-dressed they were scouted as a baby model 


  • when he hears he’s going to be a dad, babyproofs the house completely
  • threw out all his knives, forks, and chopsticks 
  • he only owns spoons now 
  • is just so amazed he just made another human 
  • his fridge is always stocked with cartons on cartons of milk
  • motto: “okay but don’t tell mom” 
  • really good at doing the airplane thing with his legs 
  • keeps a really meticulous scrapbook and makes lots of home videos 
  • turns the living room upside to make forts and castles 
  • always down to play dress up and pretend, gets super into it 


  • “you can’t name your child taemin pt. 2” 
  • made a three inch thick baby binder with all the information he would ever need to know from newborn to early adulthood (”i just want to be READY”) 
  • honestly was nervous at first but he’s researched literally everything he knows what to do in all situations 
  • plays piano for his kid while they sleep 
  • baby food tastes gross 

“Why you always try and give minho talents he aint got?”

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I’ll show you what his talents are, hun.


Just because someone isn’t given the most singing parts doesn’t mean he can’t sing. Want some proof? Watch this so that you can be educated.

  • Minho singing Kyuhyun’s song. Btw, he is also a host here just so you know.
  • SHINee - Something That I Love Cover (with Minho’s high note)
  • Selene 6.23 MINHO focus
  • (Sleepless Night/無法離開) MINHO ver.


SHINee’s main rapper is Choi Minho. He is also the person in your tags. Here are some instances where he slayed.

  • dynamite 민호 minho ver. (he’s also doing some body rolls for the dance talent fyi)
  • Minho raps Beautiful
  • Breaking News in Tokyo Dome (Skip to 2:36)
  • [MR Removed] 150618 SHINee - Odd Eye


He’s very good in memorizing dance steps and is an expert in body rolls.

  • SHINee Comeback Showcase _ 상사병
  • Married To The Music (He just recovered from a foot injury but you can’t even notice it in his performane)
  • Picasso
  • SHINee World in Mexico



Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choi_Min-ho_(singer)#Lyric_writing




(Music Core presenters with dates)


Choi Minho is a very talented individual. He still has talents that he’s not showing us and he always want to improve himself to be better. He didn’t work his butt off since 2006 just for people to accuse him of having no talent. I don’t know how you ended up with that conclusion but I have something to tell you. Before you bad mouth someone, make sure of your facts because those insults might just backfire on you.

If Choi Minho is “talentless”, you don’t really know what talent means.

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M O T A E S E N M I - s t r o n g   s i n c e   b i r t h 

Since predebut you have only shown the world just how strong Song Minho is, that you are a force of undeniable and limitless talent. May you get even stronger, more fearless and rise to even greater heights as you turn 24, Song Minho! #HAPPYMINODAY #FEARLESSMINOIS24


Replay ~ Taemin focus ~  SHINee World V in Vancouver 170321

Watch on menofkpop.tumblr.com

Minkey version


(fancam) 161118 kbs music bank special in gyeongju — minho focus ‘tell me what to do′