minho 2013


Just like SHINee…always extra

anyone else noting that, with minho being able to confess that he spent a lot of time trying to be tougher and “pulled together” than he was–for the sake of everyone else, it brings up moments in the past that make more sense now? (even more than they already did)

like the example that “lol minho never cries he’s not emotional,” that was spread like fire through the fandom. but really he actually is quite an emotional (and expressive) person. yes, when compared to some of the other members and how they express with flowing tears, minho didn’t stand out as a crier or one that showed much emotion outside of “competition”.

but the layers that have been peeled back since then is fascinating; from the general hardship of being a teenager on camera, to a stage image given by management, to a competitive nature that brought heartache growing up being exploited for ratings, to the latest piece of the puzzle–trying hide true feelings when he really wasn’t always so strong.

like the debates of old, that minho didn’t “cry” during early wins while other members sobbed. but if you watched fancams you see him standing in the other’s emotion awkwardly but still supportive. like when he was hanging his head with the older four off camera (and taemin walks by doing his own thing haha).

that the juliette win famous for jonghyun’s tears, minho was only caught in the background or fancams cry–not just crying but “ugly cry-face” crying he was so overwhelmed with emotion.

but still at that point, and after, he was still the “no tears no fears man”. which baffled me.

then the lucifer win; the hardship come to the payoff after minho’s leg injury and voicing his disappointment with himself in “letting everyone down” by hurting himself. when shinee is called the winner you can see minho overwhelmed once again by it. you see him trying to blink back tears, keep it together and be tough. but the walk away from that was again, the others and minho being the “tough guy” carrying the others.

that too was forgotten.

during their 2013 fanmeet minho is so overwhelmed by support that he is again holding back tears, turning away. during a concert in 2012 it’s caught on camera as he turns from the crowd to pull himself together and not cry in front of everyone.

handfuls of instances where minho was emotional to the point of real tears, but he was still seen as the unemotional one (unless it was “haha he’s angry”).

it’s not until the big win of “best artist of the year” in 2013 when he is whimpering through the mic during the thank you speech that people were shocked and awed. “minho never cries!” I saw said over again but thought to myself, no he does–just few paid attention because the other members were more emotional than him (excluding taemin).

and that recent confession, he says as he’s crying, just adds that new peeled back layer imo. minho has been seen as a rock for the group by fans, members have spoken of him being the support, but then minho finally gets to tell the world he was trying to be something he wasn’t alway, in a sense “over compensation” for others (not worry family). showing more confidence than he some times had.

as someone observing for several years, I think his confess was actually very powerful.