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i like POC harry. Do you have any recs for artist who draw harry as POC?


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I’m probably forgetting a lot of people and could’ve found more if i went in my tags even deeper, but here you go! :)

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hey!! I'm really sorry to bother you but you seem friendly and your blog is amazing and I'm a new blog so I was wondering if you could rec me some hp/drarry blogs because I'm completely lost in this website and just following people at random :(

Of course! And thank you so much <3 Not all of these are Drarry blogs, but they all have beautiful blogs that are primarily HP

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I’m probably forgetting so many people, so my blogroll is here! I mostly follow HP blogs, with a handful of TFC and Supernatural ones thrown in for good measure :)

Here, have a smug Draco with one hot Beauxbatons boy in one arm (Beauregard aka Beau) and one hot Durmstrang boy in the other (Ivan)  

Just an idea that came out in the Drarry Squad Meetup of today.


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Fanart for the fanfic Salt on the Western Wind by Saras Girl.

“That said, the rate at which Draco is ploughing through the pile of tacky romance novels is anything but. He devours them, curling into one corner of the sofa with a book on his knee, or propping one up on Harry’s back as he tries to sleep, and, despite his better judgement, Harry is starting to find it funny when he reads aloud. “


I am finally opening commissions! Prices are as seen above, per character, plus $10 per additional character. I will draw OCs, your favorite ship, real people, etc. 

The rules are as follow:

  • NSFW negotiable
  • No furries
  • I will start working once I get paid half the total amount.

If you are interested, contact me at mcsoto@uc.cl with your request information.


Thanks for reading!