minh lee

SHINee after an argument

SHINee x how they would console their s.o after an argument     -Anon


  • The best at giving you space
  • Gives you a couple hours
  • But then he normally says I’m sorry first
  • Unless it was 100% your fault and you both acknowledge that
  • King of make-up cuddles.
  • Back hugs galore
  • Give you a soft smile and lil eskimo kisses


  • Texts you almost right way
  • “I’m sorry”
  • You don’t fight a ton tho
  • Bc this guy does like nothing wrong
  • Except leaving his socks on the floor.
  • Will follow you around until you forgive him for whatever the fight was about
  • Feels so bad tbh
  • Comforting hand holding and waist holding.


  • The least likely to say sorry first
  • Bc he is a stubborn boy
  • But if he knows it’s his fault or if it was taken too far
  • He will make you hot chocolate and cuddle you good.
  • Nuzzles against your neck and just holds you
  • Repeats how sorry is if you wont forgive him
  • Lots of lil ‘I’m sorry’ gifts too


  • Wont stop kissing your forehead
  • Shows up with flowers and chocolates almost right after any fight
  • EVen if you were wrong
  • Just wants you happy
  • Lots and lots of whispers of “ I love you”
  • 100% cries if you don’t accept his apology tho
  • Wont let you go


  • Doesn’t always know if you fought or if you were bantering
  • Basically just holds you or pokes or tickles you until you talk to him
  • “I’msosososososooorrryyy”
  • If you are upset with him he will leave the room and skype you and then tell you he is sorry
  • “Spending time with me is the best way to not be mad at me.’
  • Becomes ridiculously stupid and funny in order to make you laugh.
  • Compliments your laughing, even if you do sound like a dying horse.

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