Unbleached Kim Mingyu appreciation post

A small round up of pictures and GIFs to appreciate this handsome boy and his beautiful skin

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Bonus: Unbleached pre-debut Mingyu;

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the signs' dance teacher and the song they learn
  • aries:hoshi ; very nice
  • taurus:dino ; mansae
  • gemini:minghao ; adore u
  • cancer:jun ; very nice
  • leo:minghao ; mansae
  • virgo:hoshi ; pretty u
  • libra:dino ; adore u
  • scorpio:jun ; mansae
  • sagittarius:hoshi ; adore u
  • capricorn:minghao ; pretty u
  • aquarius:jun ; very nice
  • pisces:dino ; pretty u
SEVENTEEN Reaction to Kissing YOU and Being Told They Have Bad Breath {Requested}

“Can I request a Seventeen reaction from you kissing them and then playfully telling them they have bad breath ? I don’t know why I just think this would be interesting to see”

Here you go anon :)

S. Coups: “I’ll be disappearing from the face of the planet now because of shame and embarrassment. I hope you’re happy.”

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Jeonghan: “Umm…you know that I was doing you a favor right?? Give me my kiss back! *rubs your lips vigorously with his hand*

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Joshua: “I’ll try and accept that because I am a perfect Gentleman, BUT at the same time just know I’m thinking of a corny comeback in 5 different languages.”

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Jun: “Unfazed and unbothered. I’ll just find someone else who appreciates the sweet tang of my funky breath.”

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Hoshi: “Well well um that’s rude…. how about just handing me a stick of bubblegum next time. Now my feelings are hurt.”

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Wonwoo: “Girl if you don’t  quit playin…*looks around to make sure no one overheard* I didn’t get out of the hospital to be treated like this.

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Woozi: “Are you serious rn? This is your kind of humor? I think we need to have a talk.”

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DK: “I brushed my teeth for 5 minutes and 55 seconds so that is statistically impossible for my breath to smell b—- Oh wait i did forget that I had onions on my burger earlier. My bad.

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Mingyu: “Ohhh realllyyy?! Brb! Do you have floss or toothpaste in your purse or something?? Nevermind I’ll use my shirt.”

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The8: “Right back atcha!” *ooooooo is all you here from the guys in the background*

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Seungkwan: “AHHHHHAHHHHAHHHAHHHAHH!!! There you go! Now you just experienced the stench in 4 octaves. Be blessed.”

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Vernon: “What did you just say?? Me?? I’m sorry! *covers mouth with his hands and backs away*

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Dino: “Oh i see, I’ll pretend like it’s my breath that is stank and crusty when we both know it’s really just you. That’s fine.”

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[FANCAM] 160716 Dino and Mingyu @ Mapo Fansign
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mingyu as your neighbor
  • the two of you became best friends to fast after you moved in
  • sending you cute dog videos at 4 am and hearing him giggle at them through the wall
  • getting to see his puffy, half-dead face every morning on the way to uni but he’s??still??attractive?? even with dried drool on the corner of his mouth ??? what kind of witchcraft
  • having to be the mediator whenever him and his friend minghao start arguing over stupid stuff at the lunch table and having to stop yourself from slamming your head onto the table
  • invites you on random adventures around the town to escape hell aka studying for finals even if it’s to the grocery store he makes it so fun  
  • “y/n take a picture of me” “mingyu you’re in front of the frozen food section” “listen the lighting is amazing just do it”
  • him purposely putting your groceries on the highest shelf so you’ll have to calm him over to help you and tease you about your height
  • you don’t even question how he gets into your apartment anymore like he’ll just be chilling on your couch with a bowl of cereal in his lap watching cartoons and you’re like did you eat all the captain crunch you nerd
  • smuggled in a dog he found on the street bc the apartment complex has a strict no pet rule but he couldn’t just leave it out in the cold!! :-(
  • so that’s how you became a co-parent to the little pup and help mingyu keep it hidden all the while forcing him to clean up the dog poop off of your carpet as a way to keep you quiet
  • has literally walked into your apartment with only a towel on bc he ran out of shampoo and needed some of yours and you dropped your bowl of spaghetti all over yourself you were so shocked
  • making you go out with him late at night to play Pokemon Go and literally pushes you out of the way to catch the Pikachu he was missing
  • hearing him rap along to Paloalto songs and being his hypeman by making a beat against the wall
  • you hear him sonic dash out of his apartment whenever the ice cream truck rolls down your street and you always shout at him from the window to buy you a fudgesicle
  • sitting on his balcony munching on your ice cream while people watching and talking about life and he just stops and looks at you for a long time before leaning towards you and ofc you’re like is he gonna ki….ss……me..
  • but he just takes a big ass bite of your ice cream with a smirk and you’re still sweating bullets but you punch him in the arm and grumble
  • after a few seconds he tells you with his mouth full of ice cream (gross) that he likes you and then gives you a smooch, mouth covered in chocolate and you’re so in love
Seventeen Reaction - Mutual Masturbation

S.Coups - He would be very confident.When he’d walk in on you masturbating alone in your room his face would immediately break into a smirk. He wouldn’t hesitate to join you on the bed and gently remove your fingers from your womanhood. He’d tease you by lightly running his fingers along the inside of your thighs, and your breath would hitch. He’d want you to beg for it, and when you did he would insert two fingers into you, not letting you even adjust to one. You’d notice the bulge in his pants and you’d slowly pull them down. He’d look at you in surprise as his member sprung free and he’d groan in pleasure as you’d firmly grasp his shaft and start pumping at a steady pace. “We should do this more often,” he’d say when you were both done, breathing heavily. 

Jeonghan - Would be confident but inexperienced. He’d be the one to suggest that you try it together and you’d gladly agree. It would start out with a heavy make out session and then he’d gently pull your panties down. He’d look up at you for consent, and when you’d nod silently he would slowly insert a finger into you. He’d smirk as your legs became like jelly under his touch, and with his other hand he’d pull down his pants, inviting you to touch him and when you did he’d moan loudly. As you pumped his length, he’d become too overwhelmed by your touch to continue to pleasure you. He’d come before you ever reached your high. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear, “ he’d promise, blushing slightly in embarrassment. 

Joshua - Would be anxious because he’d worry that he wouldn’t be able to give you enough pleasure. While cuddling he’d slowly trail his hand into the waistband of your sweatpants. You’d be surprised but wouldn’t complain. When you’d ask what he was doing, he’d say “I want to try something new babe.” When you’d nod, he would take off your pants and your panties and would trail his fingers along the inside of your thigh before inserting a finger into you and would rub your clit gently. When he’d notice how wet you were getting he’d insert another finger. When a smug expression breaks across his face, you’d smirk. “Why don’t you let me return the favour?” you’d say. Before he could react, you’d swiftly unbuckle his belt and pull his pants down. He’d gasp in pleasure and surprise once you’d gently grasp his hardened cock and slowly start to move your hand up and down. He’d try, but fail, to suppress his moans as his fingers would move even faster inside your womanhood, giving you equally as much pleasure as you were giving him.

Jun -  Would have a lot of experience and would enjoy watching you masturbate as he found it hot. When he felt the time was right he’d, without warning, replace your fingers with his, giving you more pleasure than you could ever give yourself. Once he had two fingers inside of you, you’d notice the tent in his pants and would shyly suggest “Co- could I touch you?” He’d look into your eyes and nod “Babygirl, please,” he’d groan. He’d unbuckle his pants for you, eager for your touch. He’d make sure to keep pleasuring you as you slowly pull down his pants, teasing him slightly. He’d groan as you’d teasingly slide a finger up and down his sensitive length. His moans would fill the room once you started to slowly pump his shaft, making sure to match the speed of his fingers.

Hoshi - Would be inexperienced but eager. He wouldn’t be sure how to initiate it, but would hint subtly until one day you asked if you could do it, to save him having to ask you. He’d be flushed with anticipation as you sat on his lap and unbuckle his belt slowly, biting your lip. You’d palm his member through his boxer, causing him to groan loudly. Once he was fully hard, you’d slide your hand down into his pants and slowly grasp his length. His hand would clamp down onto your thighs at first, and his head would tilt back in pure pleasure. Just before he reached his high, his hands would swiftly start to work on the zipper of your jeans. You’d lift yourself off his lap slightly to get them off easily and, as soon as you sat back down, his hands would reach down into your panties. Your hand movements would become sloppy as soon as his fingers would enter you, his gentle but effective movements making your body completely weak.

Wonwoo - Would also be confident in this area. While making out his hands would roam all over your body, he would always be like this so you weren’t surprised when his hands would slip aside your panties. You would break your kiss to moan as he stuck two finger into your hole and curl his finger so that he’d hit your sweet spot. He’d watch as you moaned and would say, “Why’d you do this to me?” which would make you look down at his crouch and spot his growing erection. Without thinking you’d ask, “Do you need any help down there?” It wouldn’t take long for Wonwoo to process your words and he’d nod eagerly. He’d grab your hand and slip it past his waistband not bothering to take of his pants. it wouldn’t be long until both of you were pooling on each others hands.

Woozi - You were the one that suggested to try something new as Woozi would need coaxing into anything sexy with you as he is a real Busan man. However, after a couple days he’d be up for the idea. He’d text you from work saying “I’m ready to try it out.” When he’d get home you’d be waiting for him naked on your bed. He’d immediately strip and climb on top of you. Almost simultaneously you’d both bring your hands to each other lower regions. He’d rub you furiously before sticking his pianist fingers inside you. You would grab his dick and pump it in rhythm to Woozi making a perfect harmony.

DK - Would be up for anything if it meant it would be with you, and when you casually suggested, during a make out session to try mutual masturbation he’d smile brightly but would be anxious because he didn’t want to hurt you. You’d take control by grabbing his length first and pumping it a couple times until he was leaking with pre-cum. He’d grin, showing his teeth as he felt the pleasure, the only thing on his mind was to pleasure you as much as you were pleasuring him. He’d run a hand down your thighs before sliding his fingers through your folds. He’d see your breathing hitch and would know he was doing the right thing. Having some new confidence he stuck his fingers into you slowly letting you adjust, both you knowing what this was leading to next.

Mingyu - Wouldn’t ask for your opinion and while in a heated make out session would slip his hands into the back of your pants and grab your ass, squeezing it lightly. He’d let his hands wander further down until his fingers would prod at your hole. Surprised you’d break away from your opened mouth kiss and look at him. He’d smirk at you and start to move his finger in and out of you. “Two can play this game,” You’d reach your hand forward and palm him through his sweats and feel him get harder by the second. He’d bite your neck to try and stop from moaning. You’d then spit on your hand and then slip it into his briefs, grabbing his cock. This time he couldn’t help but moan, it was music to your ears. 

The8 - Would have found out about mutual masturbation via the boys talking about it in practice. The8 being innocent asked what it was and the boys would tease him about it, however he was very willing to try it out with you. He’d come home the same evening and would ask if you’d ever heard of it and when you said ‘yes’ he’d ask if you want to do. Turned on you would lead him towards the bedroom and push him down. You wouldn’t take long to get your hand on his member and leave him a moaning mess. His hands would be shaky when he brought it to your womanhood and he didn’t play around before sticking, not one but two fingers inside you. 

Seungkwan - Would not really think about doing mutual masturbation with you until he’d heard about it from somewhere. He’d probably be curious and ask you if you were interested in trying it out. He wouldn’t be nervous about it until you said yes, then it would dawn on him. He’d probably be worried about doing it wrong or hurting you so you’d have to encourage and reassure him. You’d start him by kissing him passionately, until you’d got him groaning into your lips. Once you’d slipped your hand down into his boxers. palming him through his boxers until he was a complete moaning mess. You’d have to guide his hand down into your panties to encourage. With a burst of confidence, he’d insert a finger or two into you, smiling smugly at the moans that would come out of you.

Hansol - Would be the most eager to try but also probably the most inexperienced. He’d ask you casually about trying it, trying to hide his eagerness. When you’d agree, he wouldn’t hesitate to climb on top of you and slide a hand down your jeans and straight into your panties. He’d look at you for consent before sliding a finger into you. He’d keep watching your face for your reaction to him and he’d grin when your head would tilt back in pleasure. He wouldn’t be too cocky once you’d return the favour, reducing him to a moaning mess by slowly and steadily sliding into his jeans and grasping his already hardened member. Once you’d start moving your hand up and down his shaft, he’d come way earlier than expected and probably be embarrassed about it later.

Admins Jeongdick, Hoeseok and Quadrat


160724 Very Nice @ SBS Inkigayo

Seventeen reaction to your skirt flying up in public

Your skirt flying up in public when you’re not used to wearing skirts


S.Coups: …I didn’t see anything

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Jeonghan: Um, I- Uh…Did anyone else see that?

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Joshua: *teasing* Woah, its a little windy today, isn’t it?

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Jun: I saw that jagi~

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Hoshi: *dying with laughter* Do you want me to buy you some pants while we’re out?

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Wonwoo: *gets caught staring* Um…so skirts are fun…aren’t they? You should wear them more often (no shame)

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Woozi: Jagi I think you need to be more careful, other’s while look at you in the way that I look at you.

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DK: Why are you doing this to me?

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Mingyu: Skirts look nice on you. Wear them more often jagi!

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The8: Well this is awkward…I just saw your underwear.

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Vernon: Stop being like this, only I’m allowed to make a fool of myself in this relationship.

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Dino: No offense jagi, but maybe you should change if its gonna be this windy the entire day…other guys are looking at you the wrong way

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