mings garden


Ming Dynasty era stone carvings next to the entrance door of a private home garden in Shanghai.  The garden, which was developed during the Ming Dynasty, was one of many family gardens through the walled city of Shanghai.  In the late Qinq Dynasty, a Cantonese family purchased the property, which they have owned and maintained ever since. These exquisite stone carvings are amongst finest examples of classical Ming era carving in Shanghai.


favorite ship meme: Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai <Meteor Garden 2001> (7/10)

“Why must we give up? If I could give up, I would’ve done so the first time I broke up with you. I don’t want to think about it. We will always be together.”   ~ A Si

“I have no time to think it over. Whatever the consequences, or whether or not I’ll regret it, all I want to do is run towards him.”   ~ Shan Cai

Snow on the Old Summer Palace ruins, Beijing, China

Old Summer Palace, known in Chinese as Yuan Ming Yuan (the Gardens of Perfect Brightness), and originally called the Imperial Gardens, was a complex of palaces and gardens. It is located 5 miles northwest of the walls of the Imperial City and was built in the 18th and early 19th century as the place where the emperors of the Qing Dynasty resided and handled government affairs (the Forbidden City was used for formal ceremonies). The Old Summer Palace was known for its extensive collection of garden and building architectures and other works of art.

In 1860 during the Second Opium War, two British envoys, a journalist for The Times and their small escort of British and Indian troopers met with the Royal Prince to negotiate. They were imprisoned and tortured, resulting in twenty deaths.The British High Commissioner to China, Lord Elgin, retaliated by ordering the destruction of the palace, which was then carried out by British and French troops.

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THRICE TIMES A SEQUEL TO FLABBERGASTIES. I need it. You can't... You can't TEASE like that and then NOT FOLLOW THROUGH.

This is going to be a never-ending fic, guys. 

Part One, Two, Three

Beca didn’t know what to do. Because it was silly - really, beyond ridiculous - and she hated herself for the fact that this utterly nonsensical joke between the two of them had sparked something very odd within her. 

Something she can’t say she wasn’t expecting, nor could she say she hadn’t felt before…but, at the very least, something she wasn’t entirely prepared to want to deal with. 

Leave it up to Chloe Beale to make her stomach flip into itself because of ridiculous euphemisms said with winks and adorably innocent childhood stories. 

Leave it up to Chloe Beale to give her this on sliver of a gateway into something dangerous, and let Beca fall head first into something she realized she was tumbling down for years now. 

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Title: Razzle Red
Author: holysmoaksoliver
Word Count: Part 1 of 2- 3120 words (Part 2) (full fic on ao3)
Pairing: Olicity
Summary: For the Arrow Movie AU Challenge- week 1- Romantic Comedy.  Based on 13 Going on 30.  Oliver wakes up one morning and he’s not the kid he was when he went to bed the night before.  In fact, more has changed than just his age.  Can he fix what he doesn’t remember breaking?  (Shout-out to my girl aubvi who makes a cameo appearance as Oliver’s assistant. ;) )

Part 1

It still felt like a dream.  Even if he knew that it wasn’t, it still felt like it was.  Last night Oliver Queen had gone to bed as a 13 year old.  He had bombed his birthday party as Tommy and all of their friends teased him about his friendship with scholarship student Felicity before walking out.  The last thing he remembered was Felicity giving him wishing dust for his birthday and locking himself in the closet and refusing to come out.

And then this morning he woke up and he was… old.

There were a lot of things that Oliver could reconcile himself with.  But skipping more than half his life and waking up as a 30 year old, that was beyond his reasoning.  Because there had been a woman in his shower this morning, and he had muscles in places that he didn’t even know existed.  He was in a city that wasn’t Starling and there was a car waiting for him outside the apartment complex he’d stumbled out of.

So, maybe it was a dream.  Or maybe he’d bumped his head and retroactively forgotten the last decade and a half.  But one way or another he was going to get to the bottom of whatever was going on.

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