SKYE-SPAM!!! This time it’s the Fairy Pools, a beautiful waterfall-filled cascading river on the other side of the Cuillin Ridge. Matt had a swim planned here, and was accompanied by Vicci and Amy, my daughter, while I minded the dog and sketched. Watched by a throng of people who thought they were mad ;-) , Amy described it as feeling like thousands of tiny crabs were all pinching her skin, it was so cold! 

I dipped my feet in. I am sensible. (boo)


1,2,3 - views from Trotternish to the Hebrides.

4 - tranquility beyond belief - the view from the cottage sitting room on Waternish peninsula, looking over towards Dunvegan and MacLeod’s Tables.

5,6,7 - Torrin, looking to the Cuillin Hills on Minginish

8,9,10 - the stroll from the headland down to the teeny harbour at Elgol, on Minginish, with a view to the Cuillin, waiting for a boat-trip to see seals and walk to the Coruisk basin.