“It was like getting a new family. The cast of ER is very close and everyone has treated me so well. I thought working in Hollywood was going to be cut-throat, and the producers would be like characters from Dallas who would sit behind big desks, smoking cigars and bullying people. But everyone was easy-going and made me feel at home.”  - Alex Kingston

Hello friends!  Are you attending SDCC? Are you planning to attend the Agents of SHIELD Panel?  Well, if you’re in the area and you happen to stumble up to the microphone during question time, I’ve got a couple helpful questions for you.  These have been composed from ideas brought up discussions and meta, that I think fans would like to see answered. See a question you like?  Use it!  If you send me a heads up that it was you, I will mail you two potato.  I’m serious.  I will go out, buy potatoes, and mail them to you.  Or I’ll promo you or just do something nice for you in general.  There’s no pressure here, I just think these questions could lead to some interesting discussion.

For Brett: "When did you find out that Ward has spent his entire life up until Coulson’s team in abusive situations? How does that effect the way you play him?“

For Chloe: "We’ve seen two romantic relationships involving Skye in which her male counterpart has tried to fit her into a certain category or trope. Do you think Skye is aware of it happening?  Do you think she resents and/or rebels against it?”

For Brett: “What do you think Ward needs right now? If help was offered to him, would he be in a position to recognize and/or take it?”

For Clark: “At the end of season 1, we saw Raina speaking with Skye’s alien father.  Do you think Coulson will hold a dad-off when he discovers that Skye has another father, in order to prove that he is the truest dad of all?”

For Chloe: “How does Skye ultimately feel about the concept of love and romance?  Does she believe in it, or does she just see it as a matter of taking what you can?”

For Ming: “We’ve seen Melinda pick up the Beserker staff twice, now.   Did you alter the way you play her character after the first time she piced up the staff?  What about after the second?  Are you concerned for Melinda May?”

For Brett: “Can you confirm that Grant loved Buddy, and thus was ultimately incapable of killing him? What important parallels should we draw between Ward sparing Buddy and Ward releasing FitzSimmons from the Bus in the pod?”

For Lil: Is Simmons used to being the ‘favorite’ in most situations?  Did it bother her when in the pseudo-family structure of the Bus, Coulson devoted almost all of his attention to Skye?  How did Simmons overcome this?  Why do you think it’s important that she did?

For Iain: Hypothetical: Fitz wakes up from his coma, but something about him is noticeably different.  What would you want it to be?

**Very Silly Question for Brett: Can you please address Simmons and Fitz as tiny smalls next season, or recite a line where you switch out “Fitzsimmons” for “tiny smalls?”

I hope you find these questions helpful and interesting!  They are meant to prompt discussion, not be accusations.  Even though some of them cover serious subject matter, they’re not meant to make anyone uncomfortable. Shoot me an ask if you use one of these questions!  Enjoy the convention!

AX: Do you think May has romantic feelings towards Coulson? That’s not a spoiler question as to whether she’ll act on them, just as to whether you believe she has them.

Ming-Na Wen: I think love is so many-layered in being human, and her loyalty and her feelings for Coulson as a friend – I can’t help but think that there is some form of love there. Whatever that is, it’s certainly there. (x)



It has came to my attention I have not shared this video of mine here yet. I’m sorry folks. ½ Prince needs all the love it can get D:

I realize that I could probably do a better job of this video now, seeing how plenty of new chapters have been released for me to work with, but I am still happy with everything worked out.

Originally this video was just going to be about Gui and Prince, but at the time there wasn’t enough things to work with to make it just them, so I figured I’d give Wicked some love too~