America #3

Publisher: Marvel Comics
(W) Gabby Rivera (A) Joe Quinones, Ming Doyle (CA) Joe Quinones, Tradd Moore, Ramon Villalobos

•  The fate of Lisa Halloran lies in the hands of America Chavez super fans! And they don’t take kindly to rejection…
•  America will have to punch her way in to save her girlfriend, but when a jump goes wrong, she ends up stuck in the past! Can that era’s Storm and the X-Men help her find her way, or are they too busy protecting a world that hates and fears them?
•  But all that’s just the glitter on top. Who is the shadowy figure watching America’s every move?

In Shops: May 10, 2017

anonymous asked:

Hello, I have some slightly stupid questions that I'm a bit embarrassed to ask about but here goes nothin. I'm a bit new to the comic scene and as an LGBT member I wanted maybe participate this June but I'm not sure where to start? Is there a master list for characters sexuality? Or even good series list? Also I've heard there's like a ton of different universes for certain comics, does that affect sexuality? Is it alr

Heya, they’re not stupid questions and please always feel free to ask us for help…also the comic scene is pretty hard to navigate

Here’s our masterlist and our tags page (i think the tags page has more characters) with the characters sexuality.

Different universes do affect sexuality mainly straight main ‘verse characters are written as lgbt+ in other verses (we have them on our tags page as marvel (other earth) dc (other earth)).


bolded italicised author name means they’re lgbt+

current ongoing comics


  • America by Gabrielle Rivera (3 issues) *latina lesbian main character


  • Batwoman Rebirth by Marguerite Bennett & James Tynion IV  (2 issues) *jewish lesbian main character
  • Detective Comics Rebirth by James Tynion IV  (22 issues) *batwoman has a significant role + bi rep + trans woman rep
  • DC Bombshells by Marguerite Bennett (95 issues) *no-one is straight


  • Freelance by Andrew Wheeler & Jim Zub (2 issues) *gay main character + poc boyfriend
  • Jughead by Chip Zdarsky (14 issues) *ace main character
  • Lumberjanes by Grace Ellis & Noelle Stevenson *lesbian couple + trans woman rep
  • Motor Crush by Brenden Fletcher *black lesbian main character
  • The Wicked and The Divine by Kieron Gillen (28 issues) *no-one is straight + trans woman rep + poc rep

For more, checkout out ouron-going section

past comics


  • Midnighter (2015) by Steve Orlando *gay main character
  • Midnighter and Apollo by Steve Orlando *gay couple
  • Batwoman by J.H. Williams III
  • Batwoman: Elegy by J.H. Williams III and Greg Rucka (det comics #854-860)
  • Catwoman by Ed Brubaker (vol. 3 - 2002-08) *selina’s protege holly (2nd catwoman) is an openly lesbian character w/ significant role.
  • Catwoman by Genevieve Valentine (the new 52 ) *bi main character + american japanese girlfriend (3rd catwoman) (#35-46)
  • Constantine: The Hellblazer by James Tynion IV & Ming Doyle (13 issues) *bi main character + black boyfriend
  • Secret Six by Gail Simone (all volumes) *latina lesbian and her pansexual girlfriend, with other lgbt characters including a genderfluid black person in the last volume
  • Shade, The Changing Man by Peter Milligan and Chris Bachalo (1990-96) *tackles loads of trans issues and generally gender and sexuality issues


  • X-Factor Vol. 3 by Peter David (2006-09) *latino bisexual character with his non identifying male partner (rictor and shatterstar)
  • World of Wakanda by Roxane Gay and Yona Harvey *black lesbian couple
  • Young Avengers Vol. 1 by Allan Heinberg and Vol. 2 by Kieron Gillen *gay couple in both volumes plus a latina lesbian and a black bi boy introduced in vol. 2 (they all have significant roles)

Indie Comics

  • Kevin Keller by Dan Parent *gay main character

For more check out our tags page (top right corner has ‘search’ function and we have all the comics we reblog on there under ‘comic book’)