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I think implied in “why aren’t there more girls in comics?” is “why do we never hear about the girls who ARE in comics?” I can name a couple because my partner’s a huge comic nerd, but otherwise I’d have no idea.

Off the top of my head (to be fair a couple of these ladies I think probably do mostly storyboards or write things other than comics as well as comics, I’m just spitting out the names that pop in my head):

Babs Tarr (Artist)
Ming Doyle (Artist)
Laura Martin (Colorist)
Becky Cloonan (Artist)
Jackie Lewis (Artist)
Irene Strychalski (Artist)
Calista Brill (Editor)
Heidi Arnhold (Artist)
Joanna Estep (Artist)
Cas Canete (Artist)
Allison Strejlau (Artist)
June Bridgeman (Artist)
Gail Simone (Writer)
Kelly Sue DeConnick (Writer/Editor)
Kate Leth (Writer/Artist)
Ari Yarwood (Editor)
Marguerite Sauvage (Artist)
Whitney Leopard (Editor)
Meghan Hetrick (Artist)
Claire Hummel (Artist)
Veronica Fish (Artist)
Annie Wu (Artist)
Fiona Staples (Artist)
Rainbow Rowell (Writer)
Elsa Chang (Artist)
Noelle Stevenson (Artist/Writer)
Sarah Stone (Artist/Writer)
Rebekah Isaacs (Artist)
Madeleine Flores (Artist)
Alice X. Zhang (Artist)
Colleen Coover (Artist)
Emmy Cicierega (Artist)
Emily Carroll (Artist)
Karen Berger (Editor)
Kathryn Immonen (Artist)
Kate Beaton (Artist/Writer)
E.K. Weaver (Artist/Writer)
Yuko Ota (Artist)
Lucy Knisley (Artist/Writer)
Jen Wang (Artist)
Kyla Vanderklugt (Artist)
Hwei (Artist)
Jordan F. Bochon (Writer)
Emi Lenox (Artist)
Joelle Jones (Artist)
Amanda Connor (Artist)
Amy Chu (Writer)
Stephanie Hans (Artist)
Alison Bechdel  (Artist/Writer)
Marguerite Bennett (Writer)
Alex DeCampi (Writer)
G Willow Wilson (writer)
Jordie Bellaire (colorist)
Tula Lotay (Artist) 

Anyway, I am obviously forgetting a TON of talented names, but you can seriously google this and get pages and pages of lists like this, only much better.
And please feel free to reblog and add names to the list! These creators deserve to be known!

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Yeah alright you know about them but we, the consumers, don’t. The problem is the fact that they aren’t actively marketed.

I just posted a long list of female creators for people to check out, which, while sure, isn’t the big publishers doing the promoting, it IS some promotion and an attempt to get names seen and out there, which is exactly what needs to happen.
Publishers. Need. To See. Reactions. They need to see people talking about the women that ARE creating comics, spreading those names around, generating buzz. You see a lot of guy names promoted with titles because that’s who are the bloggers talk about, not in terms of their gender, but in terms of the WORK.
Talk about the female creators, but talk about WHY you like their work outside of their gender. Talk about how haunting Emily Carrolls work is. Discuss Ming Doyle’s amazing inking. Talk about how amazing Babs Tarr has made everyone look in Batgirl. TALK ABOUT THIS STUFF.

Continuing in the vein of Strange Adventures and The Unexpected, Vertigo is reviving another old DC title, Mystery In Space, for an anthology by some of the top talents in comics and SFF prose!

I’m very excited to see Nnedi Okorafor among the writers!  Her novel Who Fears Death won the World Fantasy Award last year, and she is an avid comics fan.  I’ve been hoping to see some comics work from her since reading Who Fears Death.

Other ladies contributing will be writer Ann Nocenti and artist Ming Doyle (who would also be a great team for a new Vertigo series, imjustsayin)


Sigourney Weaver as Bruce Wayne, by Ming Doyle
Rachel Weisz as Two-Face, by Joe Quinones
Joan Chen as Ra’s Al Ghul, by Erica Henderson
Charlize Theron as Aquaman, by Jordan Gibson
Gerard Way as Raven, by Lauren Moran



So at HeroesCon this year I started taking around an empty sketchbook to some of my favorite artists and asked them to draw Sherlock Holmes. It could be any canon they’d like, even their own interpretations, and I think so far all of the artists are having a lot of fun with it. I’m SUPER lucky to have already gotten such amazing contributions from Eric Canete, Cassandra Poulson, Mad Rupert, Ming Doyle, Jackie Lewis, Scott C., and Becky Cloonan.


For Valentine’s day, please enjoy “The Truth,” a Star Trek minicomic by Ming Doyle and myself.

It was created for To Boldly Zine, a Trek zine edited by our friend Dafna. It makes its debut this weekend at the L.A. Zine Fest. In addition to this story, there are contributions by Jason Ho, Joshua Williamson, Rachel Dukes, Ian Brill, and a bunch of other super-talented folks. If there are any left over after the event, I’ll be sure to give you a link to it!


These are what Stories look like…STORYKILLER!

So, we’ve got so many great illustrations at this point for STORYKILLER I figured I should gather them all up into one awesome Tumblr post for sharing.

Above we have work by: Noelle Stevenson, Stephanie Hans, Ross Campbell, Meredith McClarenm, Stephanie Hans, Brett Weldele, Caanan Grall, Rebekah Isaacs, and Stephanie Hans. Limited Edition prints available (those that aren’t already sold out!)

Still to come is art by: Dustin Nguyen, Kris Anka, Declan Shalvey & Jordie Bellaire, more from Ross Campbell, Renae De Liz & Ray Dillon, Ming Doyle, Cassandra James, Ben Caldwell, Matthew Southworth, Jake Wyatt, and Thomas Boatwright.