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根據蘋果十少《榮耀職業聯盟運動會》改編 【STAFF】久任、C、錢、圖特哈蒙、咩小寧 【CAST】 (興欣戰隊)阿傑、圖特哈蒙、紫堂宿、久任、山新、藤新、土豆沙、葉曉微熙、咩小寧、良牙、歐夜思 (霸圖戰隊)寶木中陽、向以辰、皇貞季、鳳三 (藍雨戰隊)天生郭病號、葉清【輪回】阿春、蘇大大、小茂、錦鯉、上官琪楓(虛空...

[TKA Fan Radio Drama] Glory Professional Alliance Sports Meet (with translated transcript)

One of those fan radio drama from a couple of years back. It’s pretty fun~

Many of the voices actors that took part in this ended up officially in the animation for characters such as Ye Xiu, Huang Shaotian, Steam Bun, Han Wenqing. This fan radio drama is actually one of the reasons why they ended up in their respective roles. I really love the voice acting here!

Someone put up the transcript so I took liberties to loosely translate it here. Many thanks to Amsdia & Merlin for doing a quick proofread!

I was halfway into the translation when I realised that people who finished the book probably don’t need this translation. -o- People who are following the English translation of the novel probably aren’t familiar with half of the characters here. There’s also bunch of spoilers… Oh well…. You’ve been warned.


Glory Professional Alliance Sports Meet

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Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 14 Chapter 7

On the Aman River, the five large ships of the Xiao Family sailed in one line, with an addition of a large ship belonging to the Royal Uncle of Tong Kingdom - Qing Zhang.

Although his ship cannot be compared with the grand ship of the Xiao Family, but Qing Zhang’s ship has two high stories, wide decks and a layer about 15 to 16 meters in depth. It can be regarded as very large and luxurious.

Accompanied for a few days, Qing Zhang was politely invited by Feng Ming to board Feng Ming’s ship to chat. Although he has military powers and holding such high status in Tong Kingdom, Qing Zhang was cooperative with Feng Ming’s personalized protection guidelines and ordered his subordinates to remove their weapons before boarding and gladly allowed the Xiao bodyguards to search them. He even allowed Luo Yun to search his body, “I have absolutely no intention of harming Duke Ming.”

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SEVENTEEN sees a spider
  • S.coups: jeonghan, can you bring me the bug spray? hurry! *his eyes don't move an inch from the 1 millimeter creature*
  • Jeonghan: *brings the air freshener*
  • Joshua: *posts a picture of it on svt's official twitter and captions it as 'HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT, I FOUND SPIDER MAN XD'*
  • Jun: *steps on it* smooth darling, smooth and *sees himself in the mirror* handsome
  • Wonwoo: *tugs himself in between the two closest members*
  • Hoshi: hELLO MY NAME IS a-hOSH! your name is hONG?? SPIDER HONG??? `ㅅ´
  • Woozi: *walks off to get his guitar and a frying pan. maybe even a pair of chopsticks to make it really painful for the bug*
  • DK: *yells* (17 project, just imagine it)
  • Mingyu: *sneezes on it*
  • The8: dongsaeng-ah, what do you call this in korean? *he asked as he picked up the spider and showed seungkwan as it jumped on his face*
  • Seungkwan: EECHCH WHAT ARE YOU ZOING?? NOT MY BEAUTIFUL FACEU!!! MING, HOW COULD Y- ah look at that, it's called a keomi :))
  • Vernon: ay mate. check out my mixtape??
  • Dino: OH. MY. GOD. OH MY GOD. *starts dancing outta nowhere -away from the spider*