applied for housing next year. all is good.

also, started up my white nuzlocke. Not using the actual character name on the trainer though (decided on コマキ [komaki], running as touko) since リリ (or even リリィ) is kind of boring. :V But I’m fond of my naming scheme. Basically, take two words in Japanese and/or English and combine ‘em to make a name. My female Tsutaaja is named ハッパシュ [happashu], which comes from 葉っぱ [happa, leaf] and 捕手 [hoshu, (baseball) catcher], coming to mean something like “leaf catcher”. Then my male minezumi is チップリス, from the english word “chip” (as in the disney character) and シマリス [shimarisu, chipmunk]. :3 I like this naming scheme a lot.