friendly reminder that I’m comfortable with MINOR godmodding if:

  1. it’s genuinely in the interests of advancing plot (e.g. ‘Pass the screwdriver?’ and you can assume my muse passes the screwdriver over, or even just that your muse ended up with the screwdriver one way or another, without having to stop the reply altogether for my interjection)
  2. it’s NOT my muse’s dialogue, inner or outer
  3. it’s REASONABLE for my muse (e.g. if they’ve already made it quite clear the screwdriver is a sentimentally precious family heirloom or something, then the screwdriver might not reasonably change hands)
  4. the reply isn’t solely about my muse’s actions, thoughts or feelings, but rather is about your muse, with reference to mine
  5. you are willing to accept criticism & critique and change the reply if I can’t reasonably see my muse doing that

roleplaying, for me, is about exploring characters and worlds through story. Interaction with both the muse and the world, then, is vital, and I do not mind sacrificing a small thing from one to significantly advance the other. It’s always a good idea to talk to me if you’re uncertain and it will be easier once we know each other better, but I just wanted to put this out there so you lot know what I’m comfortable with. There’s a lot of ‘no godmodding whatsoever!!’ going around in this community and obviously, with big things, it’s a no-go – but I’m still more interested in the story.

What's Your Story?
  • What's Your Story?
  • Tyler Joseph

This is a line and this line is mine
You will kindly find my feet and my spine are perfectly aligned
you will also find that on either side there is a plus and minus sign
Right now I’m on this line, minus this now I’m online

This is a line and this line is mine
You will kindly find my feet and my spine are on the plus side
Now I’d like to assign and also define what one may find on this side of the line
I will not pretend that there are no consequences of saying something offensive online
No matter what my ignorant friend says
Because words are all I have and I know it’s sad
We hide behind the mask of the latest social networking fad
So there’s respect in my status whether through Mark Zuckerberg or Tom
And I’ll treat you the same in person and yeah I’ll accept your friend request, Mom

This is a line and this line is mine
You will kindly find my feet and my spine, are on the minus sign
Now, I’d like to assign and also define what one might find on this side of the line
Now I might seem unassuming, but if you only knew what I was doing
Brewing, spewing spitting venom when I’m at that screen I ruin reputations
I will splatter, typing faster I get madder, all the insults I will gather
You’re so lucky it’s only Saturday
You have one day. Oh yes, Sunday, for my words to die away
And on that one day I must say, you’re gonna wish you had a different name
But then it’s Monday, and at school, I’ll remind them all of what I said
Then it’s Tuesday. Then it’s Wednesday. Then we’ll all find out, you’re dead.

This is a line and this line is mine
And now that I’ve assigned what one might find on either side,
you will kindly find that my feet and my spine are on the plus sign
And I’m not moving
Where are you?

“Burn” from Hamilton Lyrics

I saved every letter you wrote me
From the moment I read them
I knew you were mine
You said you were mine
I thought you were mine

Do you know what Angelica said
When we saw your first letter arrive?
She said

“Be careful with that one, love
He will do what it takes to survive.”

You and your words flooded my senses
Your sentences left me defenseless
You built me palaces out of paragraphs
You built cathedrals

I’m re-reading the letters you wrote me
I’m searching and scanning for answers
In every line
For some kind of sign
And when you were mine
The world seemed to


You published the letters she wrote you
You told the whole world how you brought
This girl into our bed
In clearing your name, you have ruined our lives
Do you know what Angelica said
When she read what you’d done?
She said
“You have married an Icarus
He has flown too close to the sun.”

You and your words, obsessed with your legacy…
Your sentences border on senseless
And you are paranoid in every paragraph
How they perceive you

You, you, you…

I’m erasing myself from the narrative
Let future historians wonder how Eliza
Reacted when you broke her heart

You have torn it all apart
I am watching it

Watching it burn
The world has no right to my heart
The world has no place in our bed
They don’t get to know what I said
I’m burning the memories
Burning the letters that might have redeemed you
You forfeit all rights to my heart
You forfeit the place in our bed
You sleep in your office instead
With only the memories
Of when you were mine
I hope that you burn

Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda


Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 1,825

Warnings: angst, like seriously it’s pretty angsty man

Request: Requested by anonymous: Can I request a John laurens one where he cheated on the reader and the reader does burn in front of his face.

A/N: So this is a bit different from the request, because she didn’t really do burn in front of his face but I’m still pretty proud of this (I have 7 requests to do after this, but I’m going to sleep and do the requests after school tomorrow!)

I saved every letter you wrote me

You closed the box, encasing the letters your boyfriend had sent you. You always adored the letters, loving the sentiment of it.

You looked back at Peggy, who gave you an encouraging smile. You returned it, setting the box carefully in one of your drawers.

From the moment I read them I knew you were mine

You giggled, sitting down next to Eliza as you read the letter together.

“Honestly, it’s rare you find someone in 2016 that still writes letters.” Eliza commented, after she finished talking about how sweet the letter was.

“Hey, Alexander does too!” You laughed.

“Yes, that’s true. But that one is yours.” Eliza pointed out.

“He’s mine.” You whispered.

You said you were mine

“You’re mine.” You whispered in John’s ear, as you wrapped your arms around him.

“I’m yours.”

I thought you were mine

You spent the entire night talking with John over the phone, even though he had a meeting to go to. You worried about him for a while, but he reassured you that he’d be fine.

He said you were worth it.

Do you know what Angelica said when we saw your first letter arrive?

You opened your mailbox, laughing lightly as you saw a letter from your boyfriend John. You had just started dating him, and Angelica was still waiting in your apartment.

She said, “Be careful with that one love, he will do what it takes to survive.”

You ran back inside, ripping open the letter. You showed it to Angelica and she gave you a warning look. “Be careful with that one love.”

“Why? He’s nice, and you’ve met him!” You were confused. John would never do anything to hurt you.

“He will do what it takes to survive.”

You and your words, flooded my senses

You reread the most recent letter from John. A blush rose to your cheeks as you couldn’t hold back a smile.

Your sentences left me defenseless

You felt vulnerable, reading the letters. You held it close to your chest when you finished, a content sigh escaping your lips.

You built me palaces out of paragraphs.

The paragraphs John wrote made your heart flutter. You sent a quick text to Peggy, informing her of the letter. Within minutes, the two of you were reading the letter aloud. Peggy loved reading John’s letters with you.

You built cathedrals

You visited John in his apartment, excitedly knocking on the door. He opened it, surprised to find you standing there. He invited you in, and together you talked for hours, losing track of time.

I’m re-reading the letters you wrote me

Tears blurred your vision as you dug through the small box of letters. You read all of them hundreds of times. You were alone, slowly losing all hope.

I’m searching and scanning for answers in every line

You read through the letters once more, searching for answers. Why he would’ve done this, or when. Tears dripped from your face down onto the letters he wrote you.

For some kind of sign

Eliza had to come over and take the box you held the letters in, because you wouldn’t stop looking at the notes.

And when you were mine

“John!” You squealed, laughing as he lifted you from the ground, spinning you.

“I haven’t seen you in forever!” He put you down, kissing you on the forehead.

“It’s been a week, John.”

“A long one!”

The world seemed to burn

You grabbed a few extra blankets, the fire crackling in the background. You sat next to John, turning on the TV.

“Let’s watch Elf.” John suggested. You nodded, smiling.


You waved out the window, the smile never leaving your face. You spent another day with John, sitting on the couch and just talking. You could always just talk to him. That’s one thing you loved about him.

You published the letters she wrote you

You stared, wide eyed, at the screen. Eliza stood behind you, as she was the one that brought this to your attention. John’s blog, which you loved dearly, now had texts from a random girl whom you never met. They weren’t just a hint that John was cheating, they were like a big flashing sign in front of you, telling you to leave him.

You told the whole world how you brought this girl into our bed

“Y/N, he posted another thing.” Eliza told you, as you wept on your bed. You looked up slowly, reading the post Eliza brought up on her phone.

He was saying out right that it was all his fault, and that he knew what he was doing when he-

You stopped reading, burying your head in your knees.

In clearing your name, you have ruined our lives

You tried to ignore the stares, as you would walk into a room. Everyone who knew you knew of how highly you thought of John. Everyone who knew you had also heard of what happened, and how devastated you had been.

Do you know what Angelica said, when she read what you’d done?

You sat in the empty garage of her apartment building. You waited for her to see the text, when you dropped your phone. Instead of picking it up, you opted to wipe your tearful eyes. A buzz from your phone caused you to pick it up.

‘I unlocked the door. Get inside I have icecream. That bitch is gonna pay.’

She said “You have married an Icarus he has flown too close to the sun.”

“You have married an Icarus.” Angelica told you poetically. “He has flown too close to the sun.” You let out a breathy laugh, listening to Angelica’s comforting words. “He doesn’t know how badly he fucked up. He lost the best damn thing he’s ever gonna get.”

You and your words, obsessed with your legacy…

“He wouldn’t have even posted if it weren’t for people anonymously giving him shit about something that wasn’t even related to that whore-”

“Don’t call her that. She didn’t know what she was doing.” You murmured, wiping your eyes.

Your sentences border on senseless

“He doesn’t make any sense!” Peggy screamed, as she read the posts over and over again.

“Peggy, you’re more obsessed than me.” You laughed, before lowering your head into your hands again.

And you are paranoid in every paragraph

You wouldn’t admit it, but every night you obsessively looked over the posts he wrote. You knew it was stupid to obsess over it, but you couldn’t help it.

He sounded paranoid, and you left it at that as you closed your laptop.

How they perceive you

John was always afraid of not being good enough. It was something you shared with him, but the way he worded the post made it sound like he was trying to be the better person. He was never considered a better person ever again in your eyes.

You, you, you…

This was the third night you found yourself laying in bed thinking of him. You knew it wasn’t healthy, but you couldn’t help it. You missed him, or, you missed the old him. The one that would hold you at night, comforting you when things were too much for you.

I’m erasing myself from the narrative

You never answered calls anymore, or left your apartment. The only person who knew you were still ok was Peggy, who recently moved in with you to make sure you were still eating, and still had a normal sleeping schedule.

You didn’t.

Let future historians wonder how Y/N reacted when you broke her heart

Whenever anyone would bring up the incident, Peggy would quickly change the subject before it could occupy your thoughts for too long.

You have torn it all apart

In the moment you read the post for the first time, you could’ve sworn you felt your heart sink down in your chest, broken.

I am watching it burn

You found the old box that Eliza hid from you. Smiling to yourself, you walked outside, grabbing a lighter on the way.

You stepped into the lot, emptied of people. It was nearly midnight, and you admired the clear sky above you for a moment.

Watching it burn

You flicked the lighter cap, a small flame erupting in your hand.

You slowly brought the flame over the pile of letters. They were engulfed in seconds, brightly shining in the darkness.

The world has no right to my heart

No one ever talked about John anymore. He seemed to have disappeared from your life.

The world has no place in our bed

You weren’t sure how you felt without him.

They don’t get to know what I said

You didn’t speak as much as you used to. You laughed less, and your mind always wandered to that night.

The night you burned his letters.

I’m burning the memories

The flames danced in front of you, sparks flying onto the pavement. After a while, the flame slowly died out, and you were content.

Burning the letters that might have redeemed you

You walked inside, greeted with a pajama-clad Peggy. She gave you a worried expression before turning back to the window, the small flame still flickering around the parts of the pile that were still flammable.

You forfeit all rights to my heart

You never spoke of how you felt, but the people close to you knew.

You forfeit the place in our bed

You remembered the first time you faced him after the incident. He looked so apologetic. Pathetic.

You sleep in your office instead

Alex told you he didn’t let him into their apartment that night. He said John was forced to sleep in his office.

With only the memories

Memories of John still raced through your mind every day.

Of when you were mine

You couldn’t help but think of the time, a few days before the incident, where you found a small box and note in his coat pocket. You weren’t supposed to read it yet, but your curiosity got the best of you.

I hope that you burn

Now, you would regret reading that note. You could still see it, clear as day. You could still see his handwriting neatly scrawled on the paper.


‘Y/N, I never want to lose you. Will you marry me?’

Burn (from Laurens’ viewpoint)

I saved every letter you wrote me

From the moment I read them

I knew you were mine

You said you were mine

I thought you were mine

Do you know how delighted I was

When I saw your first letter arrive?

I thought

“I’ll love this man forevermore”

Your affections brought me to life

You and your words flooded my senses

Your sentences left me defenseless

You built me palaces out of paragraphs

You built cathedrals

From that moment when I first saw your face

I knew I’d be helpless before you

And, God, I was

But I cannot deny

That when you said you’d be mine

The world seemed to



And every day our feelings grew

I’d pay any price, I though

Just to gaze at your face

I’d endure all the shame, I would give you my life

Do you know what my father would say

If he heard what we’d done

He’d say

“You must pray to God to save you

Now gather your belongings and run.”

Yes, I realize I never can be with you

But the weight of these feelings that I possess,

Can’t be abandoned despite how hard I try

I’m sorry I loved you

You, you, you…

I’m erasing myself from the narrative

Please know it’s the only cure for this disease we’ve

Contracted that plagues both our hearts

I’ll give up the part

Of my soul that you burned

But my love, it still burns

I gave you a piece of my heart

I saved you a place in my bed

Now those feelings are gone and they’re dead

I’ll burn all the memories

Burn all the letters that might have condemned you

You’ll forfeit all rights to my heart

You’ll forfeit the place in our bed

Get a wife and love her instead

Just leave me the memories

Of when you were mine

Or else I might burn

Diary (Draco)

Requested- Could you write a Draco imagine where the reader and him and ultimate bffs like Ron and Harry or something and she finds like a diary or something with really cute fluff like SO MUCH FLUFF!!!! Idk ur the writer but like the reader finds something of his that shows his feelings

- - -

You sat in the boy’s dorm just like usual. The other Slytherin boys were all used to it, as you and Draco were best friends in Hogwarts.

“Hey y/l/n, waiting for Malfoy?” A dark haired boy with pretty amber eyes greeted you with a smile, you recognized him as one of the Prefects.

“Yeah,” you smiled back, “where is he?”

“No idea. He’d be back soon I suppose,” said the boy. He left the dorm after a few seconds.

You got annoyed by how slow Draco was, so you started looking around Draco’s place. His belongings were placed neatly around the room as you remembered, but this time there was something else on his bedside table. His notebook? You thought and picked up the leather covered book. You flipped through the notes quickly, then realised that it was a diary. You chuckled at the thought of him writing and started reading.

1st September

Back to school, I guess. At least I’d get to see y/n and make fun of Potter. Father’s got me this diary thing, I’m not sure what he wants me to do. 

You flipped some more pages, and stopped when you saw your name again.

4th October

Today has been one of the best. Y/n and I had so much fun at the Black Lake. I was surprised that she wasn’t pissed when I “accidentally” pushed her into the Lake. She smiled at me in a way that made me unable to look away. Merlin, she is so beautiful. Anyway, I think I’m sick. I got pushed into the Lake by her as well.

Your eyes widened completely as you read through it. You were surprised and stunned in disbelief by the words he wrote. Turning to another page, you eagerly read it once more.

24th January

Ok. I admit. I like her. But how on earth can I tell her? I don’t want to ruin our friendship… I’ll probably

As you heard footsteps coming, you shut the diary close and hid it behind your back. The door was opened in a second.

“Y/n! I went looking for you!” Draco walked in and grinned. You grinned back nervously, hoping that he wouldn’t notice your awkward behaviour. But unfortunately he did. “You’re behaving oddly.”

“I’m not!” You raised your eyebrows, “I’m perfectly normal.”

“What’s that behind your back?” He asked curiously, then he realised what you were holding. “Is that my- Hey give it back!” He threw himself onto you and tried to grab his diary, resulting you falling on to his bed with him on top of you. Draco got his diary back, but you two were now blushing crazily.

“Um- D-Draco…”

“Oh I-I’m sorry.” He got off you quickly and apologized. “Did you read it?”

“Only a little. I’m so sorry.” You looked down to your hands and blushed even more, although it seemed impossible. “You like me?”

“…Yeah, do you?” He asked, looking outside the window. You followed the direction of his gaze and saw the giant squid in the Lake.

You smiled and walked towards the boy, “I do, actually.”

He immediately looked back at your eyes as his whole face brightened up. “Are you serious!” You nodded and grinned, eyes also locking with his. He grinned back and hugged you. You were taken aback by his sudden move, but you hugged him back with your hands around his back. “Can I kiss you?” Without waiting for your answer, which was obviously a yes, he leaned in a planted a kiss on your lips with his hands on your hips. You smiled to the kiss and kissed him back.

“Jeez, we should have done this on 24th of January, when you finally admitted that you like me.”

“Y/n!” He laughed out loud. “Don’t you dare say another word about that stupid diary!”

You stuck your tongue out and laughed, too. “I bet Narcissa would want to know about what happened in May!”

“Don’t- you- dare-”

“You’ll never stop me!”

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Gif’s not mine

You knew that, one day, your brother would find out, you just didn’t expected him to act like this. The situation at the Hotel Dumort was critical, at your point of view. Your older brother, Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklin, had purple smoke on the tips of his fingers, and was direct to Raphael Santiago, the former leader of New York’s local vampire clan, and your boyfriend.

“Magnus, please, calm down.” ~ You desperately ask him. ~ “Let’s talk about this at home!”

No, no.” ~Magnus nods negatively.~ “My conversation is with him, now.”

“What do you want to know? How do I kiss her?” ~Raphael says sarcastically.~

“Raphael stop! You’re just making it get worse!” ~I say to him.~

“Sorry, mi amor.” ~He apologize, looking at me.~ ~Magnus closes his hands and Raphael begins to be suffocated.~

“Magnus! Please, stop!” ~I scream at my brother.~

“I won’t stop until you broke up with the vampire.” ~ He imposes and a red smoke starts to come out of my hands. ~

“You’re dating a Shadowhunter and I’ve never did anything, but support the two of you!” ~Magnus let Raphael go and hold my hand.~

“You have to understand, that you are my little sister, and it doesn’t matter if you’re going to have thousand years, I will always protect you. I can’t see you getting hurt.” ~He hugs me.~

You won’t, don’t worry.” ~Raphael assures.~

Requested: Yes!! By my parabatai, the diva @mrs-daddario

Requests are open!!

"this right here, is mine.”

Got7 Jackson


Summary:Sleepy Jackson nuff said

Gif is not mine

You woke up next to Jackson. Last night you were watching a movie together and before you had to go home it started raining like crazy,so Jackson demanded you to stay. Since you didn’t have anything to sleep with Jackson gave you his shirt. You were drowning on it.

 You looked at your sleeping boyfriend, he looked so calm and handsome. You shifted off the bed to go to the kitchen. The cold floor stung your feet as you walked out of the bedroom. You took a class and filled it with water. Soon you felt Jackson’s hands on your waist and he nuzzled your neck “come back to bed.” He said with a sleepy voice. You turned around and wrapped your hands around his neck. Jackson’s hand fell from your waist to your ass and gave it a squeeze “this…this right here, is mine. Don’t forget that.” He said, grabbed your hand and walked back to the bedroom.

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Not So Vanilla

PAIRING: reader x Tony Stark


WARNINGS: sex, light bondage, oral (m & F receiving) swearing, slight daddy!dom (the tinniest bit) unprotected sex (use condoms duh) 

Request from Anon- I love you’re tony smut please make another one where there friends with benefits but like fifty shades of grey

SO I’ve never read nor have I scene Fifty Shades of Grey so I’m not sure how accurate this is, but I went along the lines of bondage/ Tony being dom. So hopefully this was ok?

Tagging: @capsbuchanan MILA SO MUCH SIN IS HAPPENING OH GOD! 


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You never thought you’d be one to partake in a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with anybody. But you had just gotten out of a long and rather difficult relationship. And if you were honest you missed sex, you missed being intimate with another person without the added stress of maintaining a functioning adult relationship. So when Tony Stark suggested the idea of casual sex you almost laughed in his face at the absurdness of it all. In the end it was Natasha and Wanda that brought you around to the idea.

“I mean why not?” she questioned; you were sat at some small quant bar in New York. You needed a break from the compound and Natasha was quick to suggest a girl’s night out.

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I’ll Be Back

Title: I’ll Be Back

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 616

Warnings: Smut

Request by the lovely @phan-band-fandoms with this amazing inspiration!   Enjoy!!

**picture is NOT mine

You pressed the gas into the floor as you sped out into the desert to meet Dean. Anytime he was in town the two of you would meet at the same spot out on the old abandoned highway where you had met drag racing years back.

As you pulled up you saw Baby with her headlights on staring you down. You threw your car in park and walked out into the headlights as Dean climbed out.

“Looks like troubles back in town,” you smirked.

“I thought you liked trouble,” Dean said giving you his signature wink.

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Right Beside You- Bucky x Reader One Shot

A/N: I hope you like this! I know it’s angsty at first, but it gets super cute towards the end I promise! Let me know what you think! Please follow me for more if you enjoyed this!

Tag List is being remade. Please let me know if you want to be added to it for future writings of mine

You lay there restless as your mind raced with possibilities of what he was doing. Who was he with, and what were they up to? You continued this pattern night after night since Bucky left. He left without warning, like he had simply evaporated into thin air. The space next to you was empty, much too empty. It had been the third month of you both being broken up when he began to bring around new girls. You acted as though you didn’t notice how their hands were intertwined, and how his eyes were lit up again, brighter than any star in the closest of galaxies. You immersed yourself further into work, researching history of Hydra and where their bases were known to be. Steve had promoted you, and you were directing missions in no time. When Bucky would come into the room for briefings, your heart would flutter faster than a hummingbird’s wings. You would look down, and regain the cold composure that you had built up, along with the persona of a heartless human. You were ruthless as you began to detach yourself from your job, simply becoming a murder machine.

It was 4 o’clock in the morning when you received the phone call that set your world into spirals of chaos. “We need you to come to the hospital, immediately” the voice on the phone informed you. “He has had a major heart attack, and we need a family member to be present.” You quickly dressed yourself, stumbling into your furniture as you clumsily pulled boots on. You must have woken someone with your noise as you heard someone rapping on the door. “Fuck,” you muttered to yourself, feeling a tear glide down your cheek. You put on a small light as you bounded towards the door. You opened it to reveal an aggravated Bucky. You froze in your footsteps as you saw the anger seething off of him. “Do you really have to be so fucking loud at this time of night? We get it, that you don’t sleep since you’re such a frigid bitch, but some of us need to!”

You let your mouth open slightly, and felt what you had been holding back for the past few months come to surface. You had never cried in front of the team, not even Bucky when you both were together. Now, the tears slid down effortlessly. Bucky’s demeanor changed entirely as worry cascaded across his features. You grabbed your purse and keys, and pushed him to the side as you strode towards the Tower’s elevator. “(Y/N), what happened?” Bucky called as he attempted to keep up with your steps. “What does it matter, Buck? You would assume something else anyway” you answered indignantly. Bucky ran a hand through his hair as he reviewed the past events of the morning. “I’m sorry. I really am….” You shook and heaved as the onslaught of tears continued. Bucky placed an arm around your shoulders, and you didn’t resist anymore. You let him pull you into a hug as you sank to your knees. “Buck, why.” “I was afraid of getting too close to you. But I already did. And now, I’m a pathetic joke. Steve continually reminds me of my mistake.” You swore you thought he was holding back his own emotions. “You lost me, anyway….” You said softly.

The elevator approached the garage floor, and you moved towards your vehicle with haste. “Let me drive” Bucky pleaded, noticing how exhausted and distraught you were. You tossed him the keys as you slid into the passenger’s seat. Bucky slid in next to you and started the engine. “I didn’t do anything with those girls” he admitted. “I asked them to come over to make you jealous, and they gladly did. But every single time they would hang with me, it felt nothing like the way I felt with you. Nothing feels right without you.” Bucky’s confessions came rapidly and didn’t stop. “I love you. You and only you.” Your heart clenched as he said those words. You wanted to repeat them, to tell him how much he meant to you, but fear struck you. He could leave again, leave you with nothing. “You’ll leave. You always do.” Bucky parked the car in the hospital garage, and opened the door for you. Before you could walk into the hospital, Bucky put his hands on both of your shoulders. “I’m not going anywhere anymore. If you’ll have me, I want to show you how much you mean to me. I do love you. And I’ll spend my entire life proving it to you if you will let me.” You couldn’t help but smile slightly as you leaned in to kiss him. Your lips were tender and soft against his, and he cradled your face.

Hand in hand, you went into the hospital. Bucky was all of the support that you required. The doctors came out to talk to you about your father’s situation, and what he would need to do in order to stay healthy. You were able to go into the room and see him. He was elated, as well as drowsy. You stayed until it was time for more tests, which was about one in the afternoon. You and Bucky decided to get back to the tower so you could get some sleep before going back to visit.

Bucky carried your sleeping body into the tower, being careful to be quiet so you wouldn’t wake. The team smiled as they saw that the two of you had reconciled. Steve helped Bucky by opening the door to your room, and opened the bed so that Bucky could slide you in. “I’m glad you got your shit together, man” Steve said with a chuckle. Bucky grinned as he rolled his eyes, and slid in next to you. “Get sleep, my dear” he whispered softly as he placed a kiss into your hair. He held you close to him as he fell into one of the deepest sleeps he had experienced in months.

Gone (Cedric & Weasley Twins)

Requested- Could you write a Cedric imagine that takes place right before the final task of the tournament and then when Harry comes back with his body? Could the reader be his girlfriend but also best friends with the Weasley twins and they comfort her afterwards?? Thank you in advance 💕

- - -

You were walking side by side with your boyfriend, Cedric Diggory, in the empty hallway. Today was the day of the third and final task of the Triwizard Tournament, as he was one of the Hogwarts champions. The other was Harry Potter, a boy in his fourth year. You two met quite early in the morning as you requested.

“Cedric, I’m worried,” you started. “It’s the final task, which will be even more difficult than the previous two.”

“I’ll be alright. Don’t worry.” He held your hand and cupped your face with the spare hand, stroking your cheek.

“Are you sure?” You lowered your eye lids, “Oh I shouldn’t be talking to you about this, I’m discouraging you!” But still, you had a bad feeling that something would happen to him.

“No, no, you’re just worried.” Cedric said as you looked back at his pretty eyes. “I’ll be fine, y/n.”

“Then you better be,” you flung yourself onto his torso and hugged him hard. He kissed your hair and laid his chin on top of your head. He broke away to examine you. Closing his eyes, he leaned in and kissed you on the lips. The kiss was nothing like the other you shared. It was passionate, yet it sent chills to your back. It was addictive and made you clutch the back of his neck even tighter. You felt Cedric’s grip on your hips getting stronger, too.

You had to broke away from the kiss to gasp for air. He, too, was panting. But without a second thought, you grabbed his collar and kissed him one more time. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, y/n.”


It was moments before the final task, you wished Cedric good luck and gave him one last kiss before he left. You sat down at the audience seat with your best friends, Fred and George Weasley.

“Hey y/n, your boyfriend is waving at you!” George nudged you right onto your ribs.

“Ouch, George!” Nudging him right back, you searched for the sight of Cedric and waved back.

“He told me that you’re terrible in bed, by the way.” Fred grinned at you in a devious way.

“We haven’t even-”

You were interrupted by an announcement. “May the task begin!” Cedric entered the maze, right after Harry. Shortly, they both disappeared from your sight. Everyone on the stand was cheering as you glanced around. 

“Stop moving, the both of you, before I hex you!” You sneered at the two red haired boys beside you jokingly.

“Okay, okay!”

“Whatever you say, y/n!”

After about almost two hours, Fleur Delacour and Viktor Krum were back, both failing to reach the Triwizard Cup.

“What’s taking so long?” You said in deep worry an hour afterwards.

“No idea,” Fred furrowed his eyebrows as George patted your shoulder to comfort you.

Soon, the Hogwarts champions appeared out of no where with the Cup, and the whole place was buried in roars of excitement. You stood up to get a clearer look, but people kept blocking you, so you walked towards the front row with the twins following you.

But you regretted your move instantly when you saw what was in front of you.

Harry was shouting with tears and anger across his face, Professor Dumbledore beside him. The audience quieted down as they realised what happened.

Cedric was laying motionless with his eyes open, and there wasn’t any sense of life in them.

You felt your legs go weak and fell onto the grass as you screamed, tears streaming down your face. George and Fred were holding you back by your both sides, trying to talk to you. But you did’t hear anything coming from them as you just wanted to go to Cedric’s side. Soon enough, you broke through and ran to him. 

“Cedric! Cedric! No!” Your throat was burning as though someone poured lava right through it. 

“Y/n- I- I couldn’t have saved him, it’s- it’s all my fault!” You heard Harry trying to explain. You knew it wasn’t the boy’s fault, so you shook your head several times as you were too weak to say anything. Your vision was blurred by your tears, and Harry spoke again, “he- he wanted me to bring him back, for- for his parents, and you.” 

You looked up at Harry and forced a smile to him. “Thank you,” the voice was barely hearable, but Harry nodded. You saw Mr. Diggory beside you, also in tears, you said your final “goodbye” and “I love you” to Cedric before the twins dragged you away.

They took you back into your dorm and allowed you to sit down on your bed. George wiped your tears away, and he and Fred hugged you in turns. You appreciated the fact that they did’t ask you stupid questions like “are you okay?” or “how are you feeling?” and et cetera. 

“We’re here with you, y/n.”

“We’ll leave if you want us to.”

“Don’t. Please stay.” You said hoarsely with your body still shaking.

“‘Course,” they said together.

You had no idea how things will all be different from now on, with him gone, but you knew that he wouldn’t want you to get upset over him. You remembered Cedric as all did, a boy you loved and always will, who was good, and kind, and brave.

Written in honour of Cedric Diggory xx *wands in the air*

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Alrighty, so my friend @bimtrashes​ wrote a parody of Burn from John Laurens’ POV

I decided to record said parody. 

PLEASE NOTE: I am not Pippa Soo. I cannot sing very well. This is the only time I have to do this, so please forgive me if my voice cracks or if the timing is off a little(both of which I know happen). 

The lyrics are not mine. The art is not mine(idk whose it is. A friend sent it to me. If it is yours, let me know, I’ll tag you)



I saved every letter you wrote me
From the moment I read them
I knew you were mine
You said we’d be fine
I thought you were mine

Do you know what my father said?
He caught me setting letters aside
And said
“Be careful with that one, son,
He’s making you more than just smile.”

You and your words flooded my senses
Your sentences left me defenseless
Ruining palaces with your paragraphs
Wrecking cathedrals

I’m re-reading the letters you wrote me
Captivated by the appeasement
From every line
Saw every sign
That showed you were mine

The world seemed to

They’ll light up the letters I wrote you
They’ll erase the fact that I longed for you inside my bed
In clearing my name, and part of my life

Do you know what my father said
When he read what we’d done?
He said
“You’ve fallen for another man,
I won’t bear to call you my son.”

You and your words pleading impatiently
My sentences rendered too reckless
They’ve grown paranoid of the first paragraph
“To convince you…”

You, you, you…

They will erase me from our narrative
Soon, future historians search for our affections and where it all starts
They’re tearing us apart

And I’m watching it
Watching it burn

The world has no right to my heart
The world has no place in my head
They won’t know what I could have said
He’s burning the memories
Burning the letters that might have set me free

They’ll forfeit the rights of my heart
They’ll forfeit your place in my head
I’ll lay alone on my bed
With all of those memories
Of when you were mine

I hope it won’t burn.

Stupid, Beautiful Smile

A Bucky x Reader / fluff

A/N: I hope you guys like this. It’s really fluffy and cute and ugh. That stupid, dumb, beautiful smile that Bucky has inspired this. Let me know what you think. I LOVE hearing from you! xo

Based on request by @kazumilein: Can I request here? ^^’ If so I would like to request an Imagine with Bucky x Reader~ They’re having a pillow fight and end up in joking/teasing each other and kissing. Is this possible to request? I love your writings ♡ (sorry your tag wouldn’t work, honey. hope you like it!)

Word Count: 1,161

- language.
- mention of smut.
- pillow violence.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine

You looked up from your laptop, as a sudden knock on your bedroom door commanded your attention. Snapping it shut, you pushed your reading glasses up the bridge of your nose and wrapped your robe around you.

“Come in!” you yelled, starting to straighten up the clutter on your desk. Looking up, you found Bucky Barnes in your doorway; a mischievous, yet disgustingly handsome smile splayed across his cheeks. Ever since you’d came to live in Stark Tower, Bucky had been hanging around you a lot, making your life miserable. Although, that’s the front you put on. Every time he was even in your close vicinity, your heart felt like it was going to explode out of your chest. Being sarcastic was your defense mechanism.

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Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1005

Warnings: Some language

Author’s Note: This is for @avasmommy224 ‘s challenge. My prompt was resolutions with the gif below. The story takes place during season 3. As always, feedback is much appreciated! If you want to be added to or removed from the tag list, let me know!

**gif not mine

You knew Dean was going to hell in a few months. You and Sam were trying your best to keep that from happening, but it wasn’t looking so good. Neither one of you could trade places with him, and if you tried to get out of the deal, Sam would die. So your hands were pretty much tied.

You could tell he was worried about it; he didn’t think you’d find a way to get him out of it. He already wanted to have a normal Christmas, which he never really worried about. It was strange, though, seeing him so terrified of something.

During the week after Christmas, as you were headed to another hunt, you accidentally mentioned something about a New Year’s resolution. You wanted to get healthier (food-wise) so you said, “You know, for my resolution, I’m gonna start eating healthier.” Dean sighed and rolled his eyes a bit as soon as you said it. At first you thought he just didn’t like resolutions, thinking they were stupid and cheesy, but then you realized why he actually didn’t want to hear about it. “Oh, shit, Dean, I’m sorry, I didn’t–”

“It’s okay. I’m fine,” he said, cutting you off. The classic Winchester line, “I’m fine.” It was how you knew the exact opposite was true. You noticed he was tense, and you knew he was hurting. He was scared. And he sure wasn’t going to open up to you, even though you were his girlfriend.

The truth was, you missed your Dean. You missed him when he was willing to joke around a bit and make you laugh. Now he was focused on the fire and brimstone future of his.

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You plead my cause
You right my wrongs
You break my chains
You overcome
You gave Your life
To give me mine
You say that I am free
How can it be
How can it be

Though I fall, You can make me new
From this death I will rise with You
Oh the grace reaching out for me
How can it be
How can it be


Summary: You meet the love of your life on a bus. Based on “Hello” by Adele.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Reader POV; click below for Bucky’s POV)

Warnings: angstttt


A/N: Listen here if you want to hate yourself. Also, for Bucky’s point of view, read here.

Tags: @bovaria @bionic-buckyb @you-and-bucky @romanovoff @just-a-multifangirl @kmwiinchester @marvel-ash

*gifs not mine

Originally posted by plutonianpiizza

You never even said hello. But you knew, from the moment the steel blue eyes found yours and he smiled, he was the one. The wrinkles at the corners of his eyes set your heart asunder, and his wide smile felt like a dream. You swore, from the moment he slid into the seat opposite yours on the 10:15, you’d never love another man as much as him.

It’s raining when he boards, a hood pulled up over his head. You were watching the drizzle run down the windows, feeling especially somber as the moonlight tried to peer through the overhead clouds.

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