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  • Tyler Joseph

This is a line and this line is mine
You will kindly find my feet and my spine are perfectly aligned
you will also find that on either side there is a plus and minus sign
Right now I’m on this line, minus this now I’m online

This is a line and this line is mine
You will kindly find my feet and my spine are on the plus side
Now I’d like to assign and also define what one may find on this side of the line
I will not pretend that there are no consequences of saying something offensive online
No matter what my ignorant friend says
Because words are all I have and I know it’s sad
We hide behind the mask of the latest social networking fad
So there’s respect in my status whether through Mark Zuckerberg or Tom
And I’ll treat you the same in person and yeah I’ll accept your friend request, Mom

This is a line and this line is mine
You will kindly find my feet and my spine, are on the minus sign
Now, I’d like to assign and also define what one might find on this side of the line
Now I might seem unassuming, but if you only knew what I was doing
Brewing, spewing spitting venom when I’m at that screen I ruin reputations
I will splatter, typing faster I get madder, all the insults I will gather
You’re so lucky it’s only Saturday
You have one day. Oh yes, Sunday, for my words to die away
And on that one day I must say, you’re gonna wish you had a different name
But then it’s Monday, and at school, I’ll remind them all of what I said
Then it’s Tuesday. Then it’s Wednesday. Then we’ll all find out, you’re dead.

This is a line and this line is mine
And now that I’ve assigned what one might find on either side,
you will kindly find that my feet and my spine are on the plus sign
And I’m not moving
Where are you?

friendly reminder that I’m comfortable with MINOR godmodding if:

  1. it’s genuinely in the interests of advancing plot (e.g. ‘Pass the screwdriver?’ and you can assume my muse passes the screwdriver over, or even just that your muse ended up with the screwdriver one way or another, without having to stop the reply altogether for my interjection)
  2. it’s NOT my muse’s dialogue, inner or outer
  3. it’s REASONABLE for my muse (e.g. if they’ve already made it quite clear the screwdriver is a sentimentally precious family heirloom or something, then the screwdriver might not reasonably change hands)
  4. the reply isn’t solely about my muse’s actions, thoughts or feelings, but rather is about your muse, with reference to mine
  5. you are willing to accept criticism & critique and change the reply if I can’t reasonably see my muse doing that

roleplaying, for me, is about exploring characters and worlds through story. Interaction with both the muse and the world, then, is vital, and I do not mind sacrificing a small thing from one to significantly advance the other. It’s always a good idea to talk to me if you’re uncertain and it will be easier once we know each other better, but I just wanted to put this out there so you lot know what I’m comfortable with. There’s a lot of ‘no godmodding whatsoever!!’ going around in this community and obviously, with big things, it’s a no-go – but I’m still more interested in the story.

“Burn” from Hamilton Lyrics

I saved every letter you wrote me
From the moment I read them
I knew you were mine
You said you were mine
I thought you were mine

Do you know what Angelica said
When we saw your first letter arrive?
She said

“Be careful with that one, love
He will do what it takes to survive.”

You and your words flooded my senses
Your sentences left me defenseless
You built me palaces out of paragraphs
You built cathedrals

I’m re-reading the letters you wrote me
I’m searching and scanning for answers
In every line
For some kind of sign
And when you were mine
The world seemed to


You published the letters she wrote you
You told the whole world how you brought
This girl into our bed
In clearing your name, you have ruined our lives
Do you know what Angelica said
When she read what you’d done?
She said
“You have married an Icarus
He has flown too close to the sun.”

You and your words, obsessed with your legacy…
Your sentences border on senseless
And you are paranoid in every paragraph
How they perceive you

You, you, you…

I’m erasing myself from the narrative
Let future historians wonder how Eliza
Reacted when you broke her heart

You have torn it all apart
I am watching it

Watching it burn
The world has no right to my heart
The world has no place in our bed
They don’t get to know what I said
I’m burning the memories
Burning the letters that might have redeemed you
You forfeit all rights to my heart
You forfeit the place in our bed
You sleep in your office instead
With only the memories
Of when you were mine
I hope that you burn

Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda

a couple times mulder and scully said i love you without saying i love you
  • mulder, you’re the only one i trust
  • scully, you’re the only one i trust
  • i don’t accept that
  • the truth will save you scully, i think it’ll save both of us
  • i wouldn’t change a day
  • you saved me 
  • you made me a whole person
  • you kept me honest
  • scully.. marry me
  • oh brother
  • you were my constant, my touchstone
  • and you are mine
  • you’re my one in five billion
  • and the person who was just a friend is suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with 
  • i’m not going to risk losing you
  • a madness shared by two
  • one wrong turn, and we wouldn’t be sitting here together. well, that says a lot. that says a lot, a lot, a lot.
  • the world didn’t end
  • no, it didn’t 
  • well, i’m fairly happy. that’s something.
  • the answer is yes
  • never give up on a miracle 
  • maybe theres hope
  • and then we’ll get out of here, just you and me
  • don’t give up
  • i believe that you will find the answers to the biggest mysteries, and i will be there when you do
Stupid, Beautiful Smile

A Bucky x Reader / fluff

A/N: I hope you guys like this. It’s really fluffy and cute and ugh. That stupid, dumb, beautiful smile that Bucky has inspired this. Let me know what you think. I LOVE hearing from you! xo

Based on request by @kazumilein: Can I request here? ^^’ If so I would like to request an Imagine with Bucky x Reader~ They’re having a pillow fight and end up in joking/teasing each other and kissing. Is this possible to request? I love your writings ♡ (sorry your tag wouldn’t work, honey. hope you like it!)

Word Count: 1,161

- language.
- mention of smut.
- pillow violence.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine

You looked up from your laptop, as a sudden knock on your bedroom door commanded your attention. Snapping it shut, you pushed your reading glasses up the bridge of your nose and wrapped your robe around you.

“Come in!” you yelled, starting to straighten up the clutter on your desk. Looking up, you found Bucky Barnes in your doorway; a mischievous, yet disgustingly handsome smile splayed across his cheeks. Ever since you’d came to live in Stark Tower, Bucky had been hanging around you a lot, making your life miserable. Although, that’s the front you put on. Every time he was even in your close vicinity, your heart felt like it was going to explode out of your chest. Being sarcastic was your defense mechanism.

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Burn (from Laurens’ viewpoint)

I saved every letter you wrote me

From the moment I read them

I knew you were mine

You said you were mine

I thought you were mine

Do you know how delighted I was

When I saw your first letter arrive?

I thought

“I’ll love this man forevermore”

Your affections brought me to life

You and your words flooded my senses

Your sentences left me defenseless

You built me palaces out of paragraphs

You built cathedrals

From that moment when I first saw your face

I knew I’d be helpless before you

And, God, I was

But I cannot deny

That when you said you’d be mine

The world seemed to



And every day our feelings grew

I’d pay any price, I though

Just to gaze at your face

I’d endure all the shame, I would give you my life

Do you know what my father would say

If he heard what we’d done

He’d say

“You must pray to God to save you

Now gather your belongings and run.”

Yes, I realize I never can be with you

But the weight of these feelings that I possess,

Can’t be abandoned despite how hard I try

I’m sorry I loved you

You, you, you…

I’m erasing myself from the narrative

Please know it’s the only cure for this disease we’ve

Contracted that plagues both our hearts

I’ll give up the part

Of my soul that you burned

But my love, it still burns

I gave you a piece of my heart

I saved you a place in my bed

Now those feelings are gone and they’re dead

I’ll burn all the memories

Burn all the letters that might have condemned you

You’ll forfeit all rights to my heart

You’ll forfeit the place in our bed

Get a wife and love her instead

Just leave me the memories

Of when you were mine

Or else I might burn

Everything I Hate
  • Everything I Hate
  • Forced Order
  • Eternal War

Fueled by disgust
Nothing’s settled til you’re turned into dust
Light you alive
You fucking lied to me time after time
Deception sticks with me
Now there’s nothing to hide
I feel your throat embrace my grasp
It’s the only thing I have to call mine
You knew exactly what the fuck was up
I’ve never felt such disgust in my life
Nothing but disgust
We’ll cut you down because we must
You knew exactly what the fuck was up
You lost my trust.

Diary (Draco)

Requested- Could you write a Draco imagine where the reader and him and ultimate bffs like Ron and Harry or something and she finds like a diary or something with really cute fluff like SO MUCH FLUFF!!!! Idk ur the writer but like the reader finds something of his that shows his feelings

- - -

You sat in the boy’s dorm just like usual. The other Slytherin boys were all used to it, as you and Draco were best friends in Hogwarts.

“Hey y/l/n, waiting for Malfoy?” A dark haired boy with pretty amber eyes greeted you with a smile, you recognized him as one of the Prefects.

“Yeah,” you smiled back, “where is he?”

“No idea. He’d be back soon I suppose,” said the boy. He left the dorm after a few seconds.

You got annoyed by how slow Draco was, so you started looking around Draco’s place. His belongings were placed neatly around the room as you remembered, but this time there was something else on his bedside table. His notebook? You thought and picked up the leather covered book. You flipped through the notes quickly, then realised that it was a diary. You chuckled at the thought of him writing and started reading.

1st September

Back to school, I guess. At least I’d get to see y/n and make fun of Potter. Father’s got me this diary thing, I’m not sure what he wants me to do. 

You flipped some more pages, and stopped when you saw your name again.

4th October

Today has been one of the best. Y/n and I had so much fun at the Black Lake. I was surprised that she wasn’t pissed when I “accidentally” pushed her into the Lake. She smiled at me in a way that made me unable to look away. Merlin, she is so beautiful. Anyway, I think I’m sick. I got pushed into the Lake by her as well.

Your eyes widened completely as you read through it. You were surprised and stunned in disbelief by the words he wrote. Turning to another page, you eagerly read it once more.

24th January

Ok. I admit. I like her. But how on earth can I tell her? I don’t want to ruin our friendship… I’ll probably

As you heard footsteps coming, you shut the diary close and hid it behind your back. The door was opened in a second.

“Y/n! I went looking for you!” Draco walked in and grinned. You grinned back nervously, hoping that he wouldn’t notice your awkward behaviour. But unfortunately he did. “You’re behaving oddly.”

“I’m not!” You raised your eyebrows, “I’m perfectly normal.”

“What’s that behind your back?” He asked curiously, then he realised what you were holding. “Is that my- Hey give it back!” He threw himself onto you and tried to grab his diary, resulting you falling on to his bed with him on top of you. Draco got his diary back, but you two were now blushing crazily.

“Um- D-Draco…”

“Oh I-I’m sorry.” He got off you quickly and apologized. “Did you read it?”

“Only a little. I’m so sorry.” You looked down to your hands and blushed even more, although it seemed impossible. “You like me?”

“…Yeah, do you?” He asked, looking outside the window. You followed the direction of his gaze and saw the giant squid in the Lake.

You smiled and walked towards the boy, “I do, actually.”

He immediately looked back at your eyes as his whole face brightened up. “Are you serious!” You nodded and grinned, eyes also locking with his. He grinned back and hugged you. You were taken aback by his sudden move, but you hugged him back with your hands around his back. “Can I kiss you?” Without waiting for your answer, which was obviously a yes, he leaned in a planted a kiss on your lips with his hands on your hips. You smiled to the kiss and kissed him back.

“Jeez, we should have done this on 24th of January, when you finally admitted that you like me.”

“Y/n!” He laughed out loud. “Don’t you dare say another word about that stupid diary!”

You stuck your tongue out and laughed, too. “I bet Narcissa would want to know about what happened in May!”

“Don’t- you- dare-”

“You’ll never stop me!”

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Requested by tardis-is-mine

You awoke to a sticky note on the pillow next to you. Confused you picked it up and read it.

“To find the next clue: whether milk or dark, filled with caramel, nougat, or cream, I am a part of every Valentine dream!”

You frowned and threw your covers off. You understood that this was a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt, but who would do this for you and where should you look for chocolate.

You dressed quickly in a red sweater and jeans and then left your room to go on your hunt for chocolate.

Exiting your room, you decided to head to the main kitchen on your floor. When you got to the kitchen you went around checking the cabinets before ending in front of the fridge. Opening the fridge, you found the box of chocolates in the shape of a heart with another sticky note.

You chuckled when you read the note. It read, “I shoot my arrow with a bow to make your heart grow.”

The next clue must be with Clint, you popped a chocolate in your mouth and nearly moaned. The caramel filling and milk chocolate coating melting in your mouth.

You made your way up to Clint’s floor only to find him waiting at his door, holding a Cupid’s bow and an arrow with a heart for the tip and a note on that as well.

“I can’t believe I agreed to do this,” Clint muttered, shoving the fake bow and arrow in your hands after you had finished laughing.

“Do you know who did this?” you asked.

“Yeah and I’m not telling you,” he replied with a smirk.

You sighed, but you didn’t expect anything less from this scavenger hunt. You left Clint to lament over the embarrassment of the cupid’s bow while you read the note. “You’ll find the next clue with someone red and black, deadly, but sweet.”

It was time to go find Natasha.

You found Natasha in the training room a few floors down. She was practicing when you entered.

“Note is in the locker room,” Natasha said, pointing the locker room.

“Thanks Nat. You didn’t get props?” you asked.

“I threatened bodily harm if I got props.”

You snorted and left her to do her training.

You found the note with a small black widow toy next to it and you chuckled.

“Red white and blue, he’ll guide you.“

On Steve’s floor you found him with a sweet grin on his face and a note on his shield. He was adamant about not revealing anything about this mystery person’s identity. You left his floor still unsure of who could possibly be orchestrating this.

“Follow your heart(s),” was all that Steve’s note said.

You frowned and thought about what that could possibly mean. The other clues had been relatively easy, but now you weren’t sure where to go, you decided to make your way back to your room and hope that there would be more information there.

On your floor you found a small trail of candy hearts leading out from the elevator. You smiled and followed them carefully picking each one up. The common ones were, “Be mine” “Angel” “My star” and you couldn’t wipe the sweet smile off your face.

They lead out to your balcony where you saw a note stuck to the sliding glass door.

“I hold something red and perfect, it smells pretty too, and comes before those violets being blue.”

Looking out onto the balcony you saw the shape of someone leaning on the railing, you couldn’t tell who it was, but it looked like a guy.

You slid the door open carefully, the notes and chocolates held tightly in your hands. The person stiffened when they heard the noise and turned out.

“Bucky?” you asked in amazement.

“Hi (Y/N),” he replied, twirling a single rose in his hands.

Your face broke out into a smile and Bucky smiled nervously back.

“Happy Valentine’s Day (Y/N). I didn’t know how else to tell you, but I-“

You cut him off when you launched at yourself at him and hugged him.

“Bucky this is so sweet,” you praised him. The notes and chocolates forgotten on the balcony.

Bucky pulled back searching your eyes seemingly trying to figure out what you meant by that.

“What I mean is that I care about you too and I’m glad you had the guts to tell me. And in such a cute way,” you said, wanting to quash any confusion Bucky had about your reaction.

Bucky brightened and pressed a sweet kiss to your forehead.

“Then would you like to go on a date with me tonight?”

“I would love too.”

hayes grier imagine

gif not mine
you were home alone because your parents are away on a business trip. 
you decided to watch a movie so you got your compute and went on Netflix and picked one. after half an hour you heard the front door open and a faint ‘y/n’ being said. you knew it was hayes because he was your bestfriend and the only one who had the key to your house.
“what’s wrong?” you said while looking at him. he had puffy eyes and couldn’t stop sobbing. you out your laptop on your coffee table and gestured to your lap so  hayes would come on you. 

he came on you |gif|. “what’s wrong?” you whispered in his ear softly. “she broke up with me.” referring to his ex kim. you always warned him about her. she was your best friend when you were both little. 

“can i tell you something y/n?” he asked now after some minutes of sobbing. “of course anything” “i’m kinda scared” he said looking up at you. “i love you” he said under his breath. “what?” you said, you couldn’t believe what you heard. “i said i love you.” he said again before kissing you slowly and full of love. “i love you too” you said and kissed him again. 
hope ya like it hayes girls. there will be a hayes smut tomorrow so stay tuned!
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  • Smile
  • The Vamps
  • Meet the Vamps

Smile - Lyrics
↳ 15/18

Kick out the fuss
You know you get in my dear
Smile for me girl
Don’t you shed a tear
Give me it all back
Cut me a bit of slack
Tell me you’re never gonna leave me at all
I’m on the other side with the greener grass
Why girl?

So won’t you smile for me
Now i’m taking your picture
Make it last a lifetime
For it played in my eyes
Smile for me
I’ll give it all back
In my oldest time
I’ll make you mine
You got me so hung up
You got me so love sprung

I’ll be back around before you know it all (hey! hey! hey!)
So wait for me and i’ll wait for you to call
Give me it all back
Cut me a bit of slack
Tell me you’re never gonna leave me at all
I’m on the other side with the greener grass
Why girl?

So won’t you smile for me
Now i’m taking your picture
Make it last a lifetime
For it played in my eyes
Smile for me
I’ll give it all back
In my oldest time
I’ll make you mine
You got me so hung up
You got me so love struck 

Smile for me girl
Smile for me girl
Smile for me, 
So won’t you smile for me girl
Smile for me girl
And i’ll take your picture (smile for me girl)
Cause I’m coming with you (smile for me)
Smile, smile, smile

Smile for me girl
Smile for me girl
Smile for me girl
Smile for me girl

Smile for me,
Now i’m taking your picture
Make it last a lifetime
For it played in my eyes
Smile for me
I’ll give it all back
In my oldest time
I’ll make you mine
You got me so hung up
You got me so love struck 


Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N), Sam Winchester (mentioned) Castiel (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean/reader

Warnings: A little MOC angst (not much), SMUT! Oral (male receiving), teasing, lots of teasing, bondage (very light just cuffs guys), unprotected sex (wrap it up boys and girls!) NSFW GIFS UNDER THE CUT!!

Word count: 2500ish

A/N: This is my entry for @ilostmyshoe-79 SPN SUTRA CHALLENGE. It didn’t really turn out the way I wanted it too but I hope you like it :) 

The playlist is: Ramble On, Sex is on Fire, Use Somebody, You shook me all night long


You and Dean needed some time together. Things between you had changed. The mark was gone but the gap between you remained. Dean felt remorse for every harsh word and every rough touch he had directed at you over the last year. You didn’t blame him but he still pulled away. Like he was still afraid he was going to hurt you somehow. Like he was afraid to let go of his composure. Afraid to let go of his control. Afraid that the mark still had a hold on him in some way even though the mark was gone.

You weren’t. You never feared him. Not even at his darkest. He was still Dean. You still trusted him and there was nothing he could ever have done for that to change but he needed to trust himself again. It wasn’t like the two of you didn’t touch or have sex. You did. Off course you did. But it was still like he was walking on egg shells. He was holding back.

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Not So Vanilla

PAIRING: reader x Tony Stark


WARNINGS: sex, light bondage, oral (m & F receiving) swearing, slight daddy!dom (the tinniest bit) unprotected sex (use condoms duh) 

Request from Anon- I love you’re tony smut please make another one where there friends with benefits but like fifty shades of grey

SO I’ve never read nor have I scene Fifty Shades of Grey so I’m not sure how accurate this is, but I went along the lines of bondage/ Tony being dom. So hopefully this was ok?

Tagging: @capsbuchanan MILA SO MUCH SIN IS HAPPENING OH GOD! 


Originally posted by duckbuttt

You never thought you’d be one to partake in a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with anybody. But you had just gotten out of a long and rather difficult relationship. And if you were honest you missed sex, you missed being intimate with another person without the added stress of maintaining a functioning adult relationship. So when Tony Stark suggested the idea of casual sex you almost laughed in his face at the absurdness of it all. In the end it was Natasha and Wanda that brought you around to the idea.

“I mean why not?” she questioned; you were sat at some small quant bar in New York. You needed a break from the compound and Natasha was quick to suggest a girl’s night out.

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