miney mine mine c:

Never written one of these before because I’ve never had this many followers??! First before I get into any of these names and the long winded messages to you lovely people. I just want to say I am thankful to you all, for taking the time to follow me here. Eleven is just so cute and I enjoy that you all have taken a liking to her also. c: I feel like I’m making a speech right now!! I’m having an award here. Jsyk I like to ramble, probably going to have a bit of it in here. I’m also writing this on no sleep, cue rambling, sleeping Mina. Oh yeah, I’m Mina! If none of you knew. There. Let’s get into the read more before I start chatting more. (and please take this crappy graphic, idek what it is?? it’s something i cooked up!!??)

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