Self care is so important, here’s a few of my favourites:
- Having a shower
- Moisturising
- Painting my nails
- Reading a book
- Listening to music with earphones
- Brushing my hair
- Washing my face
- Have some water
- Sleep or rest
- Brush my teeth
- Be with my pets
- Go for a walk
- Eat good food
- Have a relaxing candle lit bath
- Be in nature

His Dark Materials Asks
  • Dæmon: One person you could spend eternity alone with
  • Farder Coram: Love or Immortality?
  • Panserbjørn: One thing you could not live without
  • Aleithometer: A quote that's been important to you
  • Iofur: Would you trade your humanity for power?
  • Mary: Have you ever changed your life plan drastically?
  • Lyra: Would it hurt more to leave those you love or be left by those you love?
  • Coulter: A lie that you got away with
  • Jordan College: Describe your favourite place
  • Asriel: Your pet peeve
  • Lee: Name a wish of yours
  • Parry: Family or justice?
  • Dust: One thing you hope to do this year
  • Boreal: Which is worse - greed or deceptiveness?
  • Iorek: Would you consider yourself gullible?