Close (minewt, with Carl/Patrick) The Maze Runner/The Walking Dead

(Based off of nick Jonas ‘Close’)

Minho remembers when everything fell apart, he was at school during band. He was in the back with percussion, playing the beat up snare drum. Newt was over with the clarinets, the two kept sending flirty looks back and forth. In the middle of warming up, a walker busted through the iron door. Everyone screamed and ran, Minho ran to him and ran his drum stick through its head. The iron doors were supposed to keep out walkers, but apparently they weren’t strong enough. He didn’t know why they just stopped school already, he was tired of it.

After what happened in the band room, the students were sent home, all of them with guns at hand. Minho took Newt home and protected him while they searched for weapons and supplies. The two love birds kissed and might have left hickeys while boarding up the windows. Newt dragged out some heavy furniture and a mattress for them to sleep on. While the blonde got blankets and pillows, Minho met two other boys. The two boys were maybe a year or two younger than them, one was wearing a cowboy hat with blue eyes, the other with glasses and taller than the other. Minho let them stay the night, he learned that the boy with blue eyes, Carl, dad is a police officer where they live. They also learned that the boy with glasses, Patrick,was gay, and was with Carl.

Newt cooked fixed some soup since he was tired and didn’t feel like making a feast. Minho wished that he could have a night alone with his sexy blond boyfriend, but he felt bad for Carl and Patrick. Either way, it would have been a bad idea to have some steamy alone time while the town was overrun with walkers. The two even planned a day for it, between band practice and track, he was busy. Newt had already got supper done and set out bowls.

“Guys, it’s ready,” Newt called. His beautiful accent always calmed Minho. Carl and Patrick rushed up, they looked like they haven’t eaten in a while.

“Looks good baby”, Minho said while kissing newts cheek.

They all sat down and began eating, sharing stories about what they went through will walkers. Carl’s mom was pregnant and died while delivering, later one he met Patrick when survivors came in shelter at a prison.

“They only reason why we met is because of hormones”
Carl said while laughing, his southern accent was pretty.

“I think boners are a reason why I have friends” Patrick said. Minho almost choked from laughter. Minho explained how him and Newt met, when they were 9 years old and neighbors. He wished he could talk to Carl and Patrick more, but somebody was coming to get them, some dude named Daryl. The last minutes the spend talking about sex.

“Carl’s face kills me everytime, it’s like the first time a dicks been in him!” Patrick laughed. Everyone laughed, even Carl. So Carl was a bottom, like Newt. By the time 'Daryl’ got there, Minho was brushing Newts hair as they cuddled. Daryl was kind enough to give them directions to the prison that was there shelter, he even gave them his phone number in case anything happens.

After Carl and Patrick left, was Minhos time to seduce Newt.

“Newt Baby?”

“What you shuckface?” Newt replied sleepily.

“It’s been awhile since we had some alone time… And now we have the perfect opportunity” Minho whispered while slipping his hand into Newts boxer-briefs, fingering brushing over Newts tight hole.

“Oh yes we do” Newt moaned as Minho yanked his hand out and pulled of their clothes. Minho got lube out of his pocket and pulled newt in for a gentle kiss, leading them along his neck and making a hickey next to the one from not long ago.

“Oh skip the kisses, I need you Min, right now” Newt groaned.

Minho didn’t waste time to coat his fingers while lube and plunge a finger inside, Newt gasped. Newts smooth walls clenching around Minhos finger was making them both hard. Minho slipped in another finger and pushed up, making newt moan as they hit his sweet spot. Newt was thrusting back against the fingers and was moaning like a slut. Minho grinned and added another finger just to make sure Newt was stretched out enough.

After Newt was stretched out enough, Minho pulled the thick, fluffy duvet over them and coated his thick cock in lube. Newt whined,“Minho, can we go slow?” The blonde blushed. Minho made sure Newt was covered with the covers too.

“Of course baby, anything for you” Minho whispered. He placed the tip of his erection at Newts pink hole and pushed in slowly. Newt was in pure bliss.

“Move” Newt whispered. Minho thruster at a slow pace like how Newt wanted it, hitting Newts sweet spot over and over again. Minho pulled Newt closer and kissed him like he was going to dissapear. Minhos cock inside Newt felt so good, and it got better when Minho reached down and jerked Newt off. It wasn’t long until they both climaxed. Both fell asleep easy that night.

That morning, Minho called Daryl and said that they will be coming to the prison. Daryl said to stay where they were and he was going to get them.

At the prison they say Carl and Patrick, making out in the corner. A pastor, and the rest of the 'family’. After about a month Minho proposed to Newt, and they were married.

For the fabulous @mintnewt
Nothing I love more than minewt and the walking dead

Imagine the gladers upon hearing that Newt isn’t immune and everyone’s freaking out over it and you can tell that Minho’s coming up with a million ways to get Newt out of this, figure out an alternative, find a cure, something

And all Newt is doing is just staring at Minho, memorizing his face like it’s the last time he’s gonna see it.