Finn: I love you Sam. I wish i could make it all go away. I wish i could make you better. I hate that there’s nothing i can do. I hate how scared you must be.

Sam: That part’s over now. Everyday’s just another last time. You’ll be sad when i’ve gone, you’ll get on with things. It’s just that, it’s hard, it’s hard to believe that it’s all gonna go on without me. Is that selfish or what?

Finn: You’re not selfish. I think you’re incredible. I can’t imagine you not being here, i can’t. And i’ll never forget you Sam, never in all my life.

Denzil: The worst thing is me. I’m evil. I kind of want her to stay sick so Tom, Mr Clarkson won’t go. When he’s here, Mum’s like.. calmer. Everything is. Just like a normal family. And now when Sam dies, we’ll lose him and all. ‘cos he’s got no reason to stay. And i don’t know what Mum’s gonna do when it all kicks off, or us. And, i know that sounds selfish. I should just be upset about Sam.


Waterloo Road - End of an Era  - The Hall

This is a school. It may seem like just flaking paint and crumbling cement but believe me, it’s value goes way beyond that. Here you are given the freedom to investigate things you don’t understand. You’re encouraged to argue with things you disagree with. You can tell a teacher to their face you think they’re wrong. Ask Brett Aspinall, he does it every day.