you slept for so long
that the world forgot you
and championed your story
as their own instead.

your fears became fearless
in the rose-coloured hands of history;
you were as polished and gleaming
as the shield they once gave you
to protect their liberty.

would they worship you now,
if they knew the things
you took to your frozen grave?

all the lives you took in your bloody crusade
that became but a number
trailing in your righteous wake?

will they tell the world
how you were a vengeful god,
sent to take the toll
for the crimes they had yet to pay for?

how easy they forget
that war is not a thing of beauty
when you look like an adonis
carved from the mountains
instead of flesh and blood.
[fic; 1/9] when i'm looking up at you

title:  when i’m looking up at you
rating: teen+
main characters: steve rogers, bucky barnes, natasha romanoff, tony stark, sam wilson
ships: stucky, background pepperony, background samnat
triggers:  PTSD, suicidal thoughts, dependency issues, identity issues, brainwashing, murder

And so Captain America may be the one who leads the raid on the compound and bravely battles the Red Skull to a desperate end, but Bucky Barnes is the one who flies the plane into the Arctic ocean, finally longing for the cold.

Or alternately: Someone who is not named Steve Rogers stands in the middle of Times Square and screams.

A/N:  This is, at its core, an AU where Steve Rogers falls from the train and Bucky Barnes takes his place as Captain America. Deals extensively with Bucky’s POV as he struggles to reconcile himself as a person separate of the man he knew as Steve Rogers. Reads through the end of CATFA through CATWS.

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sumwilson  asked:

ridiculous + sambucky 😏😏

for context this is gonna be a scene for my sambucky fic where it’s a fake relationship au lmao. rest under readmore cause it’s longer … 

- - -

“Can’t believe you guys never introduced Sam and I earlier. I mean, how much time have I been wasting without this?” Bucky swings his legs up and promptly drops them onto Sam’s lap.

“A footstool?” Natasha asks snidely.

“Made of boyfriend material,” Bucky announces grandly.

“That’s an awful pun,” Sam remarks, but he seems unbothered. “And I don’t appreciate being objectified.”

“Sorry sweet cheeks,” Bucky says, intentionally dropping his voice again. “What can I do to make it up to you?”

“I can be bought with nachos and back rubs,” Sam says thoughtfully. “I’m a romantic, old-fashioned kind of guy.”

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wandasmximoff  asked:

snow + stevebucky

Frost had crept along the metal of the shield in the middle of the night, crystallizing in small patches along the red outer ring. Steve rotated it, watching the weak sunlight of early morning glint off the surfaces. His new unit had just completed their first mission, but there was still a strange tension in the air, as though they were still bracing for a profound impact.

“Looks like snow soon.” Bucky’s gruff voice broke Steve’s train of thought.

“Yeah.” Steve brushed at the frost with his gloved hand, wiping the cold away. He could see Bucky reflected in the soft shine of the shield, blurry and blue, possibly smiling.

“Guess you won’t need me to bunk with you anymore,” Bucky joked, crouching down next to Steve to admire the shield. “Pneumonia is gonna be the least of your problems, honestly.”

Steve snorted slightly, turning to face Bucky. “If anyone is catching a cold now it’s gonna be you. Where’d you even get that coat?”

“Stark picked it out for me. Says it brings out my eyes.” Bucky fluttered his lashes dramatically. Steve laughed at that, and shortly after Bucky wandered away to bother someone else.

And maybe it was a fleeting artistic urge, or maybe just a strange thought spurred on by Bucky’s antics, but privately Steve thought how beautiful those long lashes would look like frosted with snow.

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frostgiants  asked:

cuddling + finnrey :)

“You’re hogging the blankets.”

“Am not.”

“You are!”

Finn ignored her and bundled himself more thoroughly where he was sprawled across Rey’s lap, scrolling down the tablet on Earth History that he was reading. Rey lightly smacked him on the shoulder, trying to get his attention.

“Nnnngh,” Finn said, still not moving.

“My legs are falling asleep,” she told him.

Finn sat up and lolled over so he was pressed against her side instead, adjusting his hold on the tablet. The blankets moved with him, shifting so that the opposite end slipped off of Rey’s shoulder. Sniffing, Rey gripped her corner of the blanket and yanked the whole thing out so that Finn had to fumble to keep hold of his device.

“Hey!” Finn protested loudly, watching as Rey shook out the blanket in front of her, letting all the warm air escape.

“Shush.” Rey fanned the blanket out in front of them and let it fall back around them before proceeding to tuck the edges in. Then she snuggled up against his side, peering over at his tablet. “Now, show me what you were reading.”

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six million dollar baby

title: six million dollar baby
rating: teen+
ships: stucky, clintasha, pepperony

Paused before the vast shelves full of baby products, Steve steals a nervous glance over his shoulder. He can already see the headlines: BABY AMERICA? CAPTAIN ROGERS’ SECRET LOVE CHILD EXPOSED.

“You look like you need a hand, Rogers.”

Steve jumps about a mile into the air and knocks three packs of baby diapers off the shelf as he whirls to stare at Natasha.

“Great,” he says unthinkingly, “Captain America and the Black Widow’s secret love child.”

(In which Bucky becomes Bambi, Steve has tunnel vision, and Clint exercises his First Amendment Right to make bad puns.)

A/N: basically a de-aged!bucky fic as an excuse to write ridiculous amounts of humor and fluff

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Finn: I love you Sam. I wish i could make it all go away. I wish i could make you better. I hate that there’s nothing i can do. I hate how scared you must be.

Sam: That part’s over now. Everyday’s just another last time. You’ll be sad when i’ve gone, you’ll get on with things. It’s just that, it’s hard, it’s hard to believe that it’s all gonna go on without me. Is that selfish or what?

Finn: You’re not selfish. I think you’re incredible. I can’t imagine you not being here, i can’t. And i’ll never forget you Sam, never in all my life.

Denzil: The worst thing is me. I’m evil. I kind of want her to stay sick so Tom, Mr Clarkson won’t go. When he’s here, Mum’s like.. calmer. Everything is. Just like a normal family. And now when Sam dies, we’ll lose him and all. ‘cos he’s got no reason to stay. And i don’t know what Mum’s gonna do when it all kicks off, or us. And, i know that sounds selfish. I should just be upset about Sam.


Waterloo Road - End of an Era  - The Hall

This is a school. It may seem like just flaking paint and crumbling cement but believe me, it’s value goes way beyond that. Here you are given the freedom to investigate things you don’t understand. You’re encouraged to argue with things you disagree with. You can tell a teacher to their face you think they’re wrong. Ask Brett Aspinall, he does it every day.