BREAKING: Miners missing after Mpuma mine collapses

Three miners are unaccounted for after the Lily Mine in Mpumalanga’s Nkomazi area collapsed on Friday morning.

Jacques Ainslie, a paramedic from Hi-Tech Ambulance Services, who is currently on the scene, said that they received a call at about 08:30 regarding the collapsed mine.

“One of the shafts collapsed and trapped about 52 mineworkers. At this stage 70% of the workers or 30 have been rescued. No one sustained serious injuries and they could all walk out of the shaft. They have been transported to local hospitals for treatment,” said Ainslie.

However, three men are still unaccounted for and Ainslie said that it is suspected that they may still be trapped in the room where the collapse started.

“We have not been able to find these three men but the mine rescue team are still on their way. At this stage the area is very unstable. Thus far there have been no confirmed deaths,” said Ainslie.

It is unknown what caused the mine to collapse.

When contacted for comment at their Mbombela offices, the Vantage Goldfields, operators of Lily Mine, declined to give comment on the matter, stating that a media statement would be issued at a later stage.

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It’s the summer of 1984 – Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) is on strike. At the Gay Pride March in London, a group of gay and lesbian activists decides to raise money to support the families of the striking miners. But there is a problem. The Union seems embarrassed to receive their support. But the activists are not deterred. They decide to ignore the Union and go direct to the miners. They identify a mining village in deepest Wales and set off in a mini bus to make their donation in person. And so begins the extraordinary story of two seemingly alien communities who form a surprising and ultimately triumphant partnership.

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How Johan Cruyff nearly signed for Leicester City in 1981
Jock Wallace knew that an experienced player could save his young Leicester City side from the drop so spent a month negotiating a deal with Johan Cruyff. Unfortunately for Wallace, Cruyff signed for Levante and Leicester went down
By Jeff Livingstone

by Jeff Livingstone, Tuesday 12 January 2016

January 1981. The UK, like much of Europe, is in the midst of one of the coldest winters it has witnessed for many years. Among the stories making the headlines this month: Peter Sutcliffe, a lorry driver from Bradford, is arrested and accused of murdering 20-year-old university student Jacqueline Hill.

The British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, agrees to relent on a decision to close 23 working and profitable coalmines amid the threat of industrial action by the National Union of Mineworkers. The agreement is flimsy and ambiguous though, and the issue of pit closures will come to fore again soon. In the US, Ronald Reagan is sworn in as President, the former Hollywood actor replacing Jimmy Carter.

In the industrial heartlands of England, the good people of Leicester go on with their lives. A killer targeting West Yorkshire, but feared nationwide, is in police custody. A return to the three-day week has been averted, but Leicester City are still 22nd in the First Division and facing relegation.

In his office at Leicester City’s Filbert Street, John “Jock” Martin Bokas Wallace reclines into his leather chair and considers the league table. Jock Wallace, who has enjoyed nothing but success in his managerial career to date, including two treble-winning seasons in Scotland with Rangers, is not used to failure, and he is not keen to become acquainted with it now.

A home defeat in Leicester’s last First Division match against Leeds United was tough on his team, but a 3-1 reverse in an FA Cup replay at Exeter City was an embarrassment – a stain on his reputation. What is going wrong?

Jock Wallace at Leicester City. Photograph: Colorsport/Rex/Shutterstock.

Wallace’s rigorous training methods have been in place at Leicester City for three years. Using powerful earth movers, the club indulged Wallace’s request to recreate the sand dunes of Gullane on the Ayrshire coast. Once referred to as “murder hill” by his Rangers players, the famously high dunes were a punishing focal point of their fitness regime and widely considered a contributing factor in their 1970s success.

Here at Leicester, Wallace has a pseudo-Gullane, which is manmade but effective. The players are well drilled and as fit as any in the division. It is not the fitness. It cannot be the fitness.

It is not the players’ diet either. Wallace is ahead of his time on this score. He has a young side; there are no beer-swilling, cigarette-smoking layabouts here. These are players physically equipped to deal with the increasing pace of the English top flight.

The balance is right too. This is a team that romped through the Second Division last season. A young team with an average age of 23, studded with talented players such as Jim Melrose, John O’Neill and Ian Wilson. A young team. A young team – maybe that’s the problem.

A young team needs a senior figure, a totem, a focal point. An experienced leader who can them away from the lower reaches of the First Division. Wallace can get his message across in the dressing room – if he asks these lads to jump they ask, “How high boss?” – but someone on the pitch, a guide, someone to inspire.

Jock Wallace is distracted by the telephone.

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South Africa: All but 3 rescued after collapse at gold mine

JOHANNESBURG - A building collapsed above a gold mine in South Africa on Friday, trapping dozens of people before they were rescued. After several hours, three people remained missing, a union spokesman said.

Manzini Zungu, spokesman for the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union, said the building collapse had trapped workers above ground, and dozens of miners below ground.

The incident occurred at the Makonjwaan Gold Mine in the town of Barberton in the eastern Mpumalanga province, Zungu said.

The three people who were still missing worked above ground and were trapped in the building, said Russel Meiring, spokesman for the private emergency service ER24. Paramedics estimate that 76 people were brought to surface, Meiring said. The rescued miners had no serious injuries and were taken to a local hospital for treatment, he said.

The cause of the collapse is believed to be a sinkhole, Meiring added.

This is the second accident in a South African mine in the past two weeks, Zungu said.

Patriotism is a devotion to one’s country, excluding differences caused by the dependencies of the term’s meaning upon context, geography and philosophy. In a generalized sense applicable to all countries and peoples, patriotism is a devotion to one’s country. It is a related sentiment to nationalism.

Matthew Warchus (born 24 October 1966) is a British director and dramatist. He is married to Lauren Ward, who originated the role of Miss Honey in the Stratford-upon-Avon and London productions of Matilda the Musical.

Matthew Warchus
Genre: Comedy
Price: $14.99
Rental Price: $3.99
Publish Date: September 26, 2014

Pride is inspired by an extraordinary true story. It’s the summer of 1984, Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National Union of Mineworkers is on strike, prompting a London-based group of gay and lesbian activists to raise money to support the strikers’ families. Initially rebuffed by the Union, the group identifies a tiny mining village in Wales and sets off to make their donation in person. As the strike drags on, the two groups discover that standing together makes for the strongest union of all…

© 2014 Pathe Productions Limited, British Broadcasting Corporation and The Brit

South African building collapse at gold mine traps about 87 people

A building collapsed above a gold mine in South Africa on Friday, leaving about 87 people trapped, a union spokesman said.

At least 52 people were trapped when the office building collapsed, trapping an additional 35 miners below ground, said Manzini Zungu, spokesman for the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union. Zungu said 80 other miners were rescued.

The incident occurred at the Makonjwaan Gold Mine in the eastern town of Barberton, Zungu said. The cause of the collapse is not yet known.

The rescued miners had no serious injuries and were taken to a local hospital for treatment, television news channel eNCA reported.

This is the second accident in a South African mine in the past two weeks, Zungu said.

Rescuers suspend search after second mine collapse

External image


Rescuers suspend search after second mine collapse

A second collapse of a mine shaft on Saturday has forced rescuers to suspend a search for three people who have been trapped underground for more than a week at a South African mine. Rescue teams were trying to reach mineworkers trapped inside a container that was buried beneath thousands of tons of debris after a mine collapse on Feb. 5. Two women and one man — Pretty Mabuza, Yvonne Mnisi and Solomon Nyarenda — were working inside a mobile office container, distributing headlamps and safety gear to miners, when an underground pillar caved in, creating a sinkhole that swallowed the container. There have been no signs of life from inside the container since Tuesday, said Mike Begg, manager of the Lily gold mine, owned by Australia-based Vantage Goldfields.

Teams of 40 people have been working on around the clock to uncover the container, he said. The mine manager told journalists that the eight day search has begun to take its toll on rescue workers, some of whom have begun to fall ill. “It’s slow progress,” said Begg, his shirt soiled and disheveled, with smudges on his face. Families of the trapped workers have not left the mine in the eastern Mpumalanga province, holding prayer services throughout the search, South African media reported.

LafargeHolcim's South African workers to strike over pay - union

LafargeHolcim’s South African workers to strike over pay – union

External image

About 2,000 workers at LafargeHolcim’s South African unit will on Thursday launch an open-ended strike over pay, a labour union said on Wednesday.

“The industrial strike would encompass the entire workforce and it will be a total withdrawal of labour by our members working at LafargeHolcim,” the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) said in statement.

LafargeHolcim spokeswoman Unathi…

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