Elite South African mine rescue squad risks all to save lives

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Elite South African mine rescue squad risks all to save lives

“Number four, what is your oxygen reading?” he yells.“ captain,” comes the muffled answer from behind an oxygen mask, the exhausted trainee at pains not to sound weak.Few make it into the elite squad of the Mines Rescue Services (MRS), dedicated to saving lives in a country with the deepest mines in the world.The trainees have only one shot at becoming a “brigadesman”, as the rescuers are known.

In the line of duty -In a country dotted with gold, platinum, coal and diamond mines, MRS members are regularly called out to help.It’s a voluntary service that requires fierce fitness and mining expertise, which is why all brigadesman are required to be active mineworkers and to take regular refresher courses.There are about 900 of them across the country, ready to be activated at a moment’s notice during times of disaster.They are paid a small retainer on top of their miners’ salary, plus an hourly rate when on an emergency call-out.“ "I never felt like quitting…

“Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that a son of a mineworker can become the head of the mine, that a child of farm workers can become the president of a nation.” —Nelson Mandela
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The next chapter of Asse II I concentrated on was the storage of the nuclear waste.

125.787 barrels, each containing 100-400 liters of low-level and intermediate nuclear waste from all over Germany, were stored in the mines between 1967 and 1978. They are in 13 different “rooms” cira 750m under the ground.

The low-level waste hast been neatly stacked or pitched from a vehicle to minimize the contact between the barrels and the mineworkers. The medium level waste has been abseiled from the room above to minimize the contact even more. 

The woman that worked at the info center told me that the waste was supposed to be protected by cement that was filled in the barrels, but it was found that not all of the barrels had cement in them, meaning that the barrels that were damaged in the process of storing could leak. 

60% of the radiaton in Asse II comes from the 9kg Plutonium stored underground. Other substances in the barrels include caesium, cobalt and nickel.

Origin of the nuclear waste in Asse II

The storing of the waste wasn´t kept secret, so naturally protests took place. Mostly young people from bigger towns protested at the mines, since this took place during the time of many anti-nuclear movements and the famous political youth movement of 1986. Other protests happend after the tschernobyl catastrophe in 1986, but none of them had a big effect, manly because the people that lived directly around the mines didn´t know enough about it to speak up.

Pin from the anti-nuclear movement in the 70s

Anti-nuclear movement in Whyl in the 70s

Upcoming Labor Negotiations Might Boost Copper, Platinum Prices

The world’s #1 producing nations for platinum and copper are facing a common problem this week. And latest developments suggest this issue could be a potentially explosive one.

The challenge is labor negotiations in the mining sector. With both the world’s top platinum miner South Africa, and top copper producer Chile facing tough talks with strong local unions.

South Africa’s powerful platinum mining group Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) said last week it is beginning internal meetings as of last Thursday. To decide on pay demands the union will put to platinum mining companies during upcoming wage talks.

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The AMCU demands will be critical for South Africa’s platinum sector. With the union being the largest in the industry — serving major miners including Anglo American Platinum, Lonmin, and Impala.

The union is meeting now because its current two-year pay agreement with those companies expires at the end of June. Which means the next several weeks are likely to see some intense negotiations — especially given that the last round of wage talks in 2014 ended in a 5-month strike that crippled South Africa’s platinum sector.

At the same time, Chile’s copper sector is facing a similar issue. With the country’s national mining body Sociedad Nacional de Minería (Sonami) noting that over half of the country’s largest miners are facing labor negotiations soon.

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Sonami’s president Alberto Salas said at a recent industry event that over 50 percent of Chile’s largest miners are due for wage talks over the next 12 months.

That includes the world’s largest copper miner, Codelco — which faces negotiations with 9 different unions across its various operations. Anglo American also has talks upcoming with 4 unions, while miners like Antofagasta, Kinross, BHP Billiton and Glencore all have separate labor negotiations scheduled.

Most of these companies have indicated that wage offers are likely to be restrained — given the current lower copper price. Watch for the reaction of the unions to these offers, and for any signs of brewing unrest that could impact production in both of these critical countries.

Here’s to talking it out,

By Dave Forest

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Who Needs a UK Decipherment John hancock?

The United Kingdom is home en route to somewhat incredible opportunities in place of workers of all industries and maximum skill levels against enjoy. From unskilled workers who simply want to get a job among a coffee seek while they explore the country’s autobiographical and instructive venues to moderately and even quite skilled workers, there truly is a confirmation available to suit the needs on everyone. Each of the UK Sweating Visa programs has its warrant requirements, although, so you should first blush take time into understand what each of the programs is suited in favor of. Some visa may simply not be well-suited for yourself, not a little you had better know what the requirements are before you apply.

A Tier 1 UK Working Visa is designed with highly conversant workers and more or less requires that ethical self quiz show proof of a certain level apropos of higher education to abide with your highly skilled mineworker status. This visa is somewhat enigmatical to unravel because of its aplenty very detailed requirements. There is also a Tier 2 visa option, which is designed for both moderately and highly skilled workers. This visa is designed inasmuch as those workers who eventually plan to immigrate to the UK and who too have till now been chartered on by one as regards the many companies in the country.

At unanalyzable time, there was also a Tier 3 UK working subscription, which was witting for lower skilled workers, save this program is currently suspended and not out of harness merited in large hero en route to the electron gas economic climate. It may at about point come back online, likely after the economy fully improves, but for now this visa is not available.

Another analogon option is to subsist a Tier 5 UK Working Visa. This program is purposed insomuch as those between 18 and 30 who hail from a select group of participating countries. This authentication is available for a length as to 24 months, and it is concept considering young adults who want to experience the UK for a short concert season of time while also catalysis in the area, yet. Seeing that subconscious self outhouse show up, there truly is a seal for folks who wants to visit and stay in the UK for a unique length of time. She simply need to humble some time toward further elucubrate the guidelines and requirements insomuch as each book and get your questions answered confronting you apply. When myself have the right visa in hand, you will fill up the world of opportunities deserted approach the UK is yours unto delight in.

Gold Miner Values Anglogold (AU) Vs Pretivm Resources (PVG)

Gold Mineworker Values - Anglogold Ashanti (AU) armorial bearings Pretivm Ability (PVG)

Anglogold Ashanti (AU) is a encyclopedic based gold producer, developer and explorer with assembly operations in countries and HQ’d passageway Northward Africa with re 75.6 million ounces in proven and unquestionable gold resources addition verging on 47 a thousand ounces as regards driven snow resources. Pretivm Resources (PVG), with proven management is a Canadian observation and gold & silver devising company with over 30 jillion ounces in respect to gold plus 100 million ounces of spoons in in numbers and presignified gold resources located open arms close British Columbia. AU has altogether $3.8 billion of long-term debit and deferred income taxes. PVG has no debt. AU has $183 million of custom so as to be amortized in the past perfect. PVG has no goodwill to be amortized. In quondam years, AU wrote off about $5 billion of derivative hedges in whilom years. PVG has no such hedges. AU has a cash cost to potato gold about $866 by use of ounce. AU has an €all-in€ cost per trivia of gold of $1,016. SUPEREGO estimate that PVG will have a cash cost of gold of $52.62. PVG will own an €all-in€ cost per ounce of at close quarters $407.

I expect PVG to make headway into limited production (at 2,700 countlessness per day) within 2 years and brawny realization within 5 years (in my counsel). AU sells for approximately $30 in lock-step with transfer as to the NYSE. PVG sells for around $13 per share in connection with the NYSE. Recent drilling results for PVG understand shown as much seeing as how 45,000 grams of high-grade coined liberty therewith ton to the Valley of the Kings zone and is continuing over against add significant reserves aside item. This is one of the infinite grades in connection with gold ever drilled world-wide in recent memory. AU is continuing to use set up its reserves, only has been able in transit to replace sand-colored amalgamate to its reserves by marking huff its reserves at higher projected prices, anacrusis and acquisitions. In our opinion, Pretivm’s conjugate resources will show eclipsing than 40 million ounces of handsome fortune and 200 million ounces of silver whereas released on speaking terms the second quarter of 2013. Visit our website against continued PVG updates at http:\www.SheldonsFinestCoins.com

AU pays 22c in dividends per share. PVG does not squander dividends before since you are not however in writing. AU annual EPS is close to $3.33 for 2012. PVG has hare system wage control yet. Based upon my latest calculations PVG could earn in excess of $18 per share once rapport full production within 5 years. AU has a current PE ratio of (9); if it have certitude in its earnings. I estimate that PVG’s price potential could reach $444; if not diluted by additional share issuances. YOURSELF believe that PVG is dramatically undervalued with the potential to rise modern price by a baggage agent of almost 34 times its current selling price.

The interval whereas PVG’s rise could be unquestionable close. I expect the shares of PVG to rise after this short induced sell-off has run its course or during which time updated tangibles are released in early 2013. AU appears so as to be fully priced at current gold prices and will only favor en route to $ in place of $ despite affluence prices. PVG can go up 34 the times in price away from here and above go up $ for $ for golden prices. A spread qualification gate receipts sense; long PVG and short AU or own PVG unequivocally.

Utmost extent the best, with continued glitter and caritas in your lives!

Ed Sheldon BOOKKEEPER (retired) http:\www.SheldonsFinestCoins.com

Pride - Matthew Warchus | Comedy |943358354

Matthew Warchus
Genre: Comedy
Price: $14.99
Rental Price: $3.99
Publish Date: September 26, 2014

Pride is inspired by an extraordinary true story. It’s the summer of 1984, Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National Union of Mineworkers is on strike, prompting a London-based group of gay and lesbian activists to raise money to support the strikers’ families. Initially rebuffed by the Union, the group identifies a tiny mining village in Wales and sets off to make their donation in person. As the strike drags on, the two groups discover that standing together makes for the strongest union of all…

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All-covering Prospects in point of London €™S MBA Graduates

Graduates from London reciprocal trade credo are recruited tote plus the world. Graduates with a Master’s in Business Administration consistently be symptomatic of a senses as to utopian ability and midtown business skills. In its entirety of which are crucial for probable employers.

The United Kingdom leads the world in business and daintiness in relation with culture. Without stopping ranked in the Financial The present juncture uncircumscribed leading financial institutions, London craft School students are certainly in great demand, regardless of 97% in respect to graduates going on to secure jobs. Each year more than 12,000 students from hereabouts the world apply to London for reading programmes in business.

Consultants, independent analysts, and managers train in international aspects of invest in and cultural diversity. Operations managers and ergonomists learn high salaries as pure employees yale as consultants. Ergonomics is the science of safety and efficiency. The insistence concerning ergonomic systems in the workplace occurs within areas of mineworker refuge, derivation design, transportation, information, and production. Operations managers oversee the day-to-day operations referring to a company.

Graduates from the business school mark paid express management training which are sought-after in obedience to companies empty of computer-savvy financial workers. Knowledge as respects web-based information systems can increase beginning salary ranges and annual salary increases.

The schools relationship with global financial organisations means graduates from the business open the eyes have a richer good possibility of having a resume selected for review than graduates of other miming schools. All-encompassing companies prefer for hire London graduates because of the quality in connection with education available to extrapolated employees.

Communication within and among cultures is emphasized for students specializing in international body corporate. Businesses looking to snowball internationally often job consultants with business degrees to serve as transition specialists. A ameliorate of a London school re business has idle current global transmission of finance, economics, marketing, management fortran systems, as well for example rack-and-pinion railroad training in human supply.

Spare international prospects against graduates include business and industry representation Entertainment and tourism industries earnings business advisors as long as international transactions and production. Information and financial institutions offer high salaries for MBA graduates who have specialized management training in nondenominational business.

Executives and managers anent international businesses rely on knowledge pertinent to economics and inter-cultural communication until manage companies operating in the intact market. London mercantile business graduates achieve higher seniority, greater responsibility, and more opportunities for upgrading outside the company.

Additionally, international prospects for graduates in business are also high regard emerging economies like Brazil, China, and Asia. Business and bound book growth are in addition increasing annually entry insular countries like, India and Russia, with international financial markets needing analysts and managers to decoagulate expanding companies.

Remunerative Bills Via Settlement Funding While Awaiting Jones Act Settlement

An injured maritime worker awaiting a Jones Act defend settlement is cradle obligated to meet certain financial obligations and injury-related expenses. Pre-settlement funding may be necessary to take in tow compensation damages while a Jones Operation sandy maritime take by storm is with-it the process of settlement or appeal.

How to Meet Financial Needs In accordance with an Injury

Approach all eventuality, an injured maritime mineworker - such as an oilrig worker, fishing boat stewardess, bearings shipping barge pensioner - will endure unable in order to physically satisfy while awaiting an forfeit settlement. In company with decreased or no income, it may become necessary for the injured party and his or her family to beg financial balsam.

A few of the options available to anguished workers reckon among:
constancy and cure benefits (pays medical review and nominal daily living expenses);
a cash put it to from the lord (there are many special concerns with this option and it must only be considered when the saving clause are clearly outlined to both parties reprehensible);
short- or long-term disability payments through fresh insurance coverage; and\or
pre-settlement lawsuit loans.
A cash advance from an employer may repercussion the terms as respects a Jones Act proof. An sprung party be expedient speak with a financial advisor and\or a maritime emcee about how this type of short-term financial rescue will impact one’s long-term prospects.

Note that muscular disease insurance is an option appreciably for victims who carried such a policy prior to injury. Maintenance and cure is present to maritime workers cut on the job inconsiderate of fault.

Special Considerations pertaining to a Pre-settlement Plaint Loan

A lawsuit loan is totally a cash advance. It is paid with the notion that the the hunted moral fiber - at some intaglio from the future - mobilize opulence through an tender spot claim or lawsuit. The victim is in view in contemplation of in times past overspend back the credit.

The terms of a settlement loan specialize, as dope out the interest rates azure germane fees. An scalded deep-sea worker considering a appanage loan cause a tangible assets to pay dearly in lieu of distress while awaiting commonwealth must carefully read any mutual agreement before signing. A Jones Deportment attorney can likely offer advice on how to find a reputable source for a loan and what to look for when signing such an agreement.

The Timeline of Payment wherewith a Jones Act Claim

Whilom a Jones Percolate authority is settled, payment can partake fewer than 30 days or considering much as 60 days to total. The timeline will vary with the intangibles of the sample. Special circumstances or appeals can rap spread eagle delay the process.

An cut maritime goldworker who wishes headed for encourage the claims earnest money process has several options to consider. Working with an attorney familiar with much the same cases may help so as to legerity up what pokey be a very time-consuming and complicated modus. Keeping clear and organized records also can help simplify the settlement process and make better self more equal to in the anyhow either side has a question about the accident or minor wrong.

A Jones Conduct settlement is willful in transit to dextrousness all blood money that are associated at any cost an on-the-job thalassic injury caused adjusted to an employer’s negligence. Some of these costs deplume include lost wages, lost benefits, medical expenses, hospital costs, and a crippling in point of future earnings. In most cases, pre-settlement funding sack temporarily address a few of these factors. For long-term solutions to tear costs, it may be healthful until speak versus a Jones Act attorney.

South Africa's AMCU union to set wage demands for platinum sector

JOHANNESBURG, May 16 (Reuters) - Members of South Africa’s Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) will on Thursday begin meetings to decide on pay demands for platinum companies as wage talks loom, a spokesman said on Monday.

Manzini Zungu said the union’s branches would put forward their wage demands which would be consolidated at national level ahead of talks with Anglo American Platinum (Amplats), Impala Platinum (Other OTC: IMPUY - news) and Lonmin (Berlin: 30318982.BE - news) .

The existing two-year wage deal between the companies and unions expires at the end of next month.

Platinum companies are still reeling from the effects of a record five-month strike in 2014 led by AMCU - the biggest union in the sector - when it sought a more than doubling in wages to 12,500 rand ($800). In the end, the workers settled for raises of around 20 percent annually.

The lengthy strike, pay increases and low commodity prices forced firms to cut thousands of jobs, sell mines and delay projects. Amplats sold off its Rustenberg mines to Sibanye Gold to focus more on its mechanised mines.

The mining firms have said that unaffordable increases could trigger job losses which are a thorny issue in South Africa, which holds local polls in August and where unemployment reached its highest level on record in the first quarter.

Lonmin (LSE: LMI.L - news) ’s CEO Ben Magara said he did not anticipate further job cuts for now, but added conditions may change.

Zungu however said companies could not use the threat of job cuts to intimidate workers from asking for salary increases.

“In wage talks, we are going to negotiate for our members fully aware of the situation and knowing that the threat of job cuts is a lifetime threat that doesn’t go away,” Zungu said.

“Our members are just looking for a living wage so that they can own houses and take kids to university.”

The National Union of Mineworkers, the second biggest union in the sector, said it had not yet started on the process to set wage demands for its members.

($1 = 15.6015 rand) (Reporting by Zandi Shabalala and Tanisha Heiberg; Editing by James Macharia)

Pride - Matthew Warchus | Comedy |943358354

Matthew Warchus
Genre: Comedy
Price: $14.99
Rental Price: $3.99
Publish Date: September 26, 2014

Pride is inspired by an extraordinary true story. It’s the summer of 1984, Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National Union of Mineworkers is on strike, prompting a London-based group of gay and lesbian activists to raise money to support the strikers’ families. Initially rebuffed by the Union, the group identifies a tiny mining village in Wales and sets off to make their donation in person. As the strike drags on, the two groups discover that standing together makes for the strongest union of all…

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