so can i be an undertale too??? this is mineus. their horns conduct electricity and when theyre really nervous they tend to…explode a little bit. but dont worry they’re fine. they used to live in hotland but moved to snowdin after a while. they are the neighbor that brings you poundcake with skittles on it for christmas and knits everyone ugly sweaters

((continued from here))


* Y-you mean it?? wow..ththank you ! 

[* Mineus tiptoes inside nervously. They seem happy as they offer you the cake.]

* I hope you like it …

“Of course I’m sure!  It would be rude of me to take the cake and shut the door in your face, and even ruder for me to refuse.”  The tall ladybug smiles and leads the way to a desk, carefully clearing off some space for the cake.

“If you’ll wait here just a moment, I’ll go and grab some plates and utensils from my kitchen upstairs.  I’ll be right back.”

Sepia smiles and goes through a door off to one side of the room, heading up the narrow stairway to get the needed items.

mineustune asked:

"W-what happened ?? ?" -- mineus ((falls down hi i just love ur pap a lot too))

~Send me “What happened?!” to find out what state your muse found mine in.


The skeleton was whimpering and shaking in fear…that thing wanted to kill him! That thing…

The skeleton held his chest, gripping it gently.
“T-There’s…something after me! We need to get out of here now!”

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hhe y, thhose people hav e been saying rreally mea n things aa-and um. .. thhey're wrong annd i-i think you're coo l and um.. here is a cake i ma d e i hope you likke it pleas e keep beinng cool a-and stuff !! --mineus ((im screaming aaAAA PAP ITS OK ;n; ))

He sniffled and looked up at the other, the orange tears still streamed down his face but he appeared to appreciate the gift.
“I-I…thank you friend…I feel a little better actually…”



* The small human followed the creature as they walked their way to Snowdin. Smiling for the help they are getting they offer a half bisicle to them.

* They tell them their name is Frisk.

* o-oh? Thank you….f-for sharing I mean that’s. very nice of you… Frisk, huh? That is a nice name..

* M-mine is…..Mineus.. it’s nice to meet you, a-and I’m glad i could help out. if you um…need anything else, you can ask!! I have….cake..at my house if you. wanted..

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🎁 It is a present--a present of cake. The monster hopes you like it. --Mineus

Interact with my muse!

🎁: Give them a present.

❝Thanks, though I’m glad y’ didn’t make too
much, you’d have had me in TIERS.❞

Since he had nothing to give in return, a good pun would have to do, it was the least he could do to show his appreciation.

❝What’s this for anyway? Usually cake is for
some kind'a special occasion.❞


Mineus wrapped their scarf a little tighter around their neck. Actually, today was a bit warmer than it usually was. Exactly how, since they lived underground, Mineus could never figure out. How did it even snow? They shook their head dismissively. It didn’t matter. 

They were out for a walk around Snowdin, as they did when they were bored. Of course, the town was very small, so the walk took next to no time. No one else was even outside to talk to, which was boring. Min sighed and sat roughly down in the snow, drawing a little SOUL in it and then a cute one-eyed smiley face. Aw. How adorable.

Movement caught the corner of their eye as they looked up, and they turned to see that one human(?) child(??) they had met several, several days ago. The scary one with the melty black eyes. Mineus had been meaning to seek them out and ask if they were okay, but wasn’t able to find them, and frankly, was sort of scared to. Well, now there was no excuse. Min stood up and took a few hesitant steps in their direction.


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*A small human wonders their way towards the monster. They hesitated for a moment before gently tapping their shoulder. * They tell them that their lost and was wondering if they knew where should they go.

Mineus jumped in surprise and turned around quickly. This was–the human the skeletons talked about a lot…? Right? They didn’t look dangerous..

* O-oh….you’ve lost your way..? I-I can take you back to Snowdin.. F-follow me….