A Real Prince Charming.

warnings: self-doubt.

pairings: prinxiety-romantic could also be read as platonic. and paltonic moxiety.

word count: 1,587

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Virgil was never bothered by the black and white world he lived in. Many found their soulmates around the age of ten through thirteen. Seeing as Virgil was nearing his 25th birthday, far longer than normal to have met his other half, he had accepted that he just wasn’t meant to have a soulmate.

  Many pitied him, offering sympathies and condolences when the subject came up. Everyone thought that Virgil’s uncaring attitude towards solemates was just a facade, and that he was dying on the inside from being alone. Virgil always had rejected this, insisting he was fine.


  Roman was a hopeless romantic from the day he was born. By age five he began to daydream about how or when he would meet his soulmate. He wanted something different than the others. He didn’t want the cliche story of meeting in class one day. But then, as everyone else found their partners and he didn’t, he began to regret that wish.

  On his fifteenth birthday he told his mother he gave up, he was fine with the monochrome life he lived. Even though he told everyone he was fine, he began to grow insecure at the thought that he didn’t have another half. His senior year, he joined drama and threw himself into it with a passion. If he couldn’t express his love to another, ten he could at least portray his feelings on stage.


  “Patton, please! I don’t want to go.” Virgil complained loudly from his bed. Virgil had had a nice night planned. Pizza rolls for dinner, then hours of Netflix in his warm bed. He had been deciding between rewatching Parks and Rec or The Office when the older man showed up on his door step waving two tickets to the local theater production of Cinderella and demanded he go.

  “No” Virgil had said before turning and walking back to his room and crawling into bed.

  “Get up you’re going! You have to get out more if you ever want to find your special somebody.“ Patton was Virgil’s best friend since childhood, and the only one who hadn’t given up on finding Virgil’s soulmate yet.

  “You’re going to this play, Verge.” Patton said, his dad voice at full power.

  Virgil sighed knowing he couldn’t fight Patton. He would give in the second he gave him the puppy dog eyes. Sighing loudly again, more for effect than any actual protest, he stood from the bed and walked to the closet to change into something more suitable for being around other people. Patton clapped his hands in excitement, barely giving time for Virgil to get his shoes on before dragging the younger of the two out of the house.


  Roman’s insecurities always made him a tad nervous before he performed, but tonight was so much worse. He was so nervous he was almost sick. His friend Logan took notice almost instantly.

  “Ro, you look like Snow White are you sure you’re fine?” he asked. Roman nodded.

  “I’m fine, it’s just nerves.” he lied. Logan looked suspicious, but nodded. It was too close to show time to argue now. He made his way over to the sound booth, leaving Roman alone to prepare for the opening scene.


  Patton had insisted that they get there early to have a good seat. They arrived nearly half an hour early and the crowd in the lobby only added to Virgil’s distaste for the situation. Patton chose a seat close enough to the front that he could see, but his anxious friend wouldn’t be in the center of any cast member’s focus.

  They sat at the end of the row so that nobody would be directly next to Virgil and if he needed he could leave without a fuss. They had only been sitting in their seats for five minutes and virgil was already uncomfortable. He felt as if he had a large rock sitting on his lungs, and he could barely breathe.

  He thought about telling his friend they needed to leave, but before he could speak the lights dimmed and the play began. Despite his best efforts to focus, Virgil felt his attention slip from the show. Around the ballroom scene a nagging feeling began urging Virgil pay more attention to the stage. It was hard to tell from the stage but the Prince looked pretty good. Virgil continued his silent admiration of the royal figure on stage until their eyes met for just a split second.

  Virgil’s world exploded. Suddenly he could see the color of the red sash crossing the prince’s chest. Whipping his head to the side, he could clearly see the blue of Cinderella’s dress. Turning to Patton revealed that his friend’s hair was a darker brown than he had suspected.

  The rock that had been on his chest grew, breathing became even harder, panic setting in. Thoughts flooded his mind, ‘He’s on stage, how will he know it was me?’ flashed in his head followed by ‘But what if he didn’t see anything?’ The rock was crushing him now, he had to leave. Standing, Virgil ran from the theater and out the building.


  Roman still felt that sick feeling in his stomach when his cue came. He was supposed to say a few lines then look towards the audience, but the urge to look before his cue was nagging in the back of his mind. When it was finally time to look, he scanned the crowd. A habit he had formed long ago in hopes he would see his soulmate. It never worked but he always did it.

  Roman held back a gasp as he made brief eye contact with a member of the audience, and suddenly everything changed. He quickly averted his eyes from the crowd, trying hard to finish the scene but he had forgotten everything except the startlingly bright brown eyes of his apparent soulmate. He stuttered out what he thought was his line before quickly looking back at the crowd, only to see the person had left their seat and was running towards the exit.

  All at once Roman’s doubts over so many years hit him hard. ‘They left because they didn’t want you! Why would they want you?’ The moment he was off stage he ran to Logan.

“Take my place!” he said, ripping of his mic, leaving his confused friend behind.


  Patton raced out of the building after his friend, worry clouding his eyes.

  “KIDDO! WAIT UP!” he yelled.

  When virgil finally stopped running, he leaned on a building, sunk to the ground, and buried his face in his knees. Patton came to a stop beside him slightly out of breath.

  “What,” he gasped out. “What happened?”

  Virgil couldn’t think of a way to tell his friend what was wrong. Everything was happening too fast and he blurted out the only thing he could think of.

 “Pat, your shirt’s blue”

  A gasp left the older man’s mouth. He quickly sat, pulling Virgil into a hug.

  “You saw your soulmate.” Patton whispered. There was a moment of silence before Patton’s words sank in. Nearly crushing Virgil, a now very excited Patton suddenly yelled, “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!”

  The sudden loud noise caused Virgil to jump, and his friend quickly lowered his voice

  “Sorry kiddo.” patton whispered.

  “But we have to get you back to meet them!” Patton exclaimed, his vpice quickly rising as the excitement built again.

  “Patton…” the broken sound of Virgil’s voice caused the worry to return.

  “What if he didn’t see the colors? What if he’s my soulmate but I’m not his?” he asked, looking to his friend.

  “Pat, i’ve seen black and white my whole life! I convinced myself that I wasn’t made for anybody and now that I can see colors I can’t pretend anymore. Patton I don’t know what to do! I’m scared…” Virgil’s anxiety fueled rant trailed off as tears began down his face.

  Patton had no answer, he just held his friend and gave him time to calm down.


  Roman had left the theater building still in his costume, not even caring about the multitude of weird looks he got. He walked down the street, mind running a million miles an hour.

  ‘Why did they run when they saw me?’ he wondered only for the negative voice from before to reply with ‘why wouldn’t they run when they saw you?’

  He was so consumed with his thoughts, he didn’t notice the two figures sitting against the wall until he tripped over their out-stretched feet. He was barely able to catch himself from a rather less than princely faceplant, before a voice not unlike that of a concerned father called out “Oh my, are you okay?”.

  “Yeah, i’m fine!” Roman replied, sitting up and brushing off his costume. It was another few moments before Roman looked up to see a very familiar face.

  “It’s you!” he gasped, nearly throwing himself at his very startled soulmate. He felt his other half rest his hands on his waist to hold him steady. In a different situation, Roman might have felt awkward practically sitting on a stranger’s lap, but he couldn’t look into those eyes and feel anything other than pure joy.

  “Hello, I’m Roman. And i’ve been waiting for you my whole life.” he said quietly, looking absolutely awestruck.

  “Im Virgil.“ His shy, cute, wonderful, soulmate responded, looking up at him with a small smile.

  "Well then Virgil, thank you for bringing color to my world.”

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Awakening - Part 1 *eventual Peter x Stark!Reader*

Awakening-Prologue Requests Open~~~ 

Masterlist *Always updating with new ch*

Stumbling through a forest is not what I consider fun. Having a companion that can teleport, but refuses to take me because it may worsen my headache is also not very fun. “Have you seen a road or anything?” I questioned my small friend. She may be many feet ahead of me, but I knew she heard me crystal clear

“No, but I hear movement up ahead” she answered and stopped moving. Most likely waiting for me I thought and tried to speed up my walk. 

“Like cars?” I hoped as I reached her. I looked down at my new friend. “We should cut you hair so its out of your eyes” I told her, noticing her push her long ebony hair out of her view. 

“When we get out of here, we can” She smiles up at me softly, “I guess technically we’re family” she told me, then continued her shifting forward.

“Because you brought me back from the dead?” I joked while following her, “Or because we’re both in a shitty situation?” I had to jog to keep up with her again.

“Can I say yes to both?” She giggled and this time I only felt slightly unnerved by it. I finally heard the rushing of cars and never felt so happy in my life. 

“We’ll need to flag someone down.” I tell her, catching up again, “Should we call the cops? Could we trust them?” I question as we get to the edge of the road.

“If they try anything, I could kill them” She muttered, looking down the street.

“How about no murder?” I asked of her, trying to wrap my head around her idea. “ Let’s stick with knocking out people.” I noticed a car speeding down the street. “Why….”

“I got it” She spoke and stepped out onto the road.

“What are you doing!?” I yelled and reached for her.

The car swerved around the girl and stopped. The window rolled down and a teenager looked out. “Are you psycho?” He yelled out and the little girl just looked at him

“We need your car or your phone. You pick.” I told him walking over and opening his door. 

“You’re c-crazy” He stuttered and got out of the car. I gestured at my small friend to get into the passenger and she ran over to it. I climbed into the seat and restarted the car.

“Yes, sir, I am.” I answered him and smirked,

“Also, where are we?” I asked him.

“The o-outskirts of Ne-New York”  He answered, definitely freaking out that a child and teen are stealing his car. “How am I supposed get home?” He asked.

“You have a phone, yeah?” I asked and then sped off.

Toward my future and my past. 

A/N Hello all! I just wanted to say thanks for all the love on the prologue! You can be tagged for the parts just message me! Also, tumblr deleted one of my messages and someone asked me to tag them and I forgot their username so just re-message me. Also Requests for one-shots are open! Thanks loves!! 

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First Lines Meme

I was tagged forever ago by @scullylikesscience. Thanks!

Rules: List the first five lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether. WIPs count). See if there are any patterns. Then, tag your favorite authors.

LOLOLOL 20 stories?! Try like 5. I’ll post those. These are all Jon x Sansa.

Costume Party AU*

“What…are you wearing?”

Sansa straightened up from where she was adjusting her boots.  “My costume,” she replied nonchalantly.  “Do you like it?”

Jon swallowed and tried not to stare at her exposed stomach and legs.  “Is there…uh, more to it?”

Zombie Apocalypse AU - (I will continue this someday, I swear.)

He’s in my sights now, Jon Snow thought as he hoisted the rifle up toward his shoulder.  The buck was the first he had seen a long while, and he knew everyone back at the farm would be grateful for some venison.  Trying to be as quiet as possible, Jon pushed the bolt forward, wincing when the slight click echoed through the woods.  The buck perked up at the noise, but slowly went back to grazing when no other sound had followed.  It’s now or never, Jon thought as he placed his finger on the trigger.

Found a Letter in an Old Notebook AU

Sansa knocked frantically on the apartment door.  For the third time since she got in her car she wondered if she should have called before she showed up.  But this is Jon, she thought to herself. He’s always been there for you.  She raised her hand to knock once more when she heard a muffled shout of, “Be there in a moment!” come through the walls.

Promposal Mishap AU*

Four days after her fiasco of a breakup with Joffrey, Sansa realized something: she no longer had a date to senior prom.  And despite all the reassurances given to her by her mother and friends that this was not the end of the world, Sansa couldn’t help but think of all the fantasies she had: her gliding down the staircase like a fairy tale princess, her date beaming up at her and telling her how beautiful she looked, the shy exchanging of corsages, her parents taking an abundance of pictures, and all the endless dancing.  She was still in a somber mood for the Stark family’s movie night later that week, and even though it was her night to choose the movie (The Princess Bride), she couldn’t seem to enjoy it.  It wasn’t until Jon, her brother Robb’s best friend since preschool and honorary Stark family member, silently handed her a small bowl of lemon flavored Starburst (her favorite) that she genuinely smiled for the first time that week.  Sansa happily began snacking on the lemony treat while he picked at the leftover flavors from his own bowl, neither noticing the sly looks exchanged between her other siblings Arya and Bran.

Ghost is Underutilized in the Show Prompt Fill - (R.I.P. Ty)

Sansa woke up to the feeling of something cold and damp pressed to her cheek.  When she opened her eyes she could barely discern a pair of red eyes staring back at her in the dark.  “Ghost?” she whispered.  She felt another cold, damp nudge on her cheek, from what she assumed was the direwolf’s nose.  “Is Jon mad at you, too?”

“First!” - Olympics AU*


They reached for the water bottle at the same time.  Sansa was able to snatch it before Jon’s fingers were able to close around its neck.

“First,” she said after she took a generous sip. Jon sighed and reached for another bottle.

Showverse First Kiss*

When Sansa heard the news, she found Jon in father’s (no, it’s Jon’s now) solar, staring intently at a map laid across his desk.

“So you’re leaving then?” she asked.

Jon looked up from his map and a look of guilt crossed his face, though Sansa could have sworn she saw a flash of tenderness in his eyes just before.  “I have no other choice,” he answered her, resigned.  “The Targaryen queen has dragons.  We’ll need them to defeat the dead.”

Hey, hey, it ended up being more than five fics! I really need titles for these, though. And I need to complete those other prompt fills in my ask box (be prepared).

*personal faves of mine

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10 Ships Taggy Thing

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In no particular order :

1. Sherlock Holmes / John Watson (Johnlock) 

2. Moriarty / Sherlock (Sheriarty)

3. Ninth Doctor / Rose Tyler

4. Tenth Doctor / Rose Tyler

5. Gabriel / Sam Winchester (Sabriel)

6. Castiel / Dean Winchester (Destiel)

7. Crowley / Castiel (Crowstiel)

8. Ian Ghallager / Mickey Milkovitch 

9. Madalena / Gareth (Galavant)

10. Hawkeye / Black Widow (Clintasha)

So many ships, so little time… None of the gifs/edit are mine

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10 More Books to Fill The Void Your Favorite TV Show Left Behind

We heard your calls for more help after our last book recommendations for TV shows post, so back by popular demand is part II! Fill the void of your favorite missing show with these summer reads! 

Outlander ––> A Book of Spirits and Thieves

Fates collide when young women cross the planes of the reality into worlds of swords, horses, and epic adventure. 

Jane the Virgin ––> Immaculate

Modern day stories about young women who get pregnant…even though they’re virgins.

Veronica Mars ––> Trouble is a Friend Of Mine

Tag along with clever teen investigators who keep you laughing along the way. 

Game of Thrones ––> An Ember in the Ashes

Adrenaline never ceases in worlds where defiance is punished by death and young people must become soldiers and spies, turncoats and killers, to find power, freedom, and what they want most. 

Sherlock ––> The Name of the Star

Head back to London with charismatic main characters to solve creepy murders.

Pretty Little Liars ––> The Merciless

Both prove that teen girls are no joke when it comes to horrifying scenarios. 

Supernatural ––> Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

How do you deal when something not quite human shows up in a small town?

Parenthood ––> Saint Anything

Discovering love, adversity, and identity comes full circle when you realize the rock of your world is family.

Glee ––> Hold Me Closer

Having the insider view of a high school musical means getting the perfect trifecta of drama, romance, and endless show tunes. 

New Girl ––> Firecracker

David Iverson actually writes for New Girl, which explains why it’s straight. Up. Hilarious.

Image sources: TVweek KingOfTheFlatScreen Roxychan Stuffpoint Spoilersguide Hypable Popspotting ProjectCasting tvpromos


Drabble Request #4: Jensen Ackles @iwantthedean (I made myself giggle quite a bit with this one, but it was so fun to write. I hope you like it, sweetheart! The title could be better, but it’s applicable).

“Come on, Jay. It’s not that bad. We’ve only got three more people to buy for.” You persuaded as you led him through the mall. Christmas shopping was always so much fun for you, but Jensen didn’t love it the way you did. It was a little funny to see him struggle with so many bags from time to time, and even though he complained a bit, he always made sure you were having fun.

“I know.” He sort-of-whined. “Three more people. How many more stores, then?”

“I’m not sure, but I’ll try to make it quick, okay?” You replied, lacing your arm through his and snuggling against his shoulder. You could feel his grumpy façade fade as he rubbed his scruffy cheek against your forehead. You closed your eyes for a brief moment when he placed a kiss to your hairline and lead you into the store you pointed to.

You gave Jensen the leeway in choosing a present for Jared, opting for two; one gag gift and one serious, while you would choose for Gen. Jensen stopped you at the entrance of the department store and mentioned he wanted a cup of coffee.

“Sure, honey. There’s a shop right around that corner.” You said, pointing to your right. “Take your time.”

He left a chaste kiss on your lips before practically sprinting away, bags draped on both arms. You giggled to yourself before being accosted by so many different perfumes as you entered under a barrage of Christmas lights and fake snow.

You had debated relentlessly what to get Gen. You two were close… very close, so you wanted to make sure that her gift would make her smile. You thought briefly about taking a page from Jensen’s playbook and purchasing something that could be a funny present, maybe lingerie? Of course, you’d buy her a second gift, this one you’d give to her in secret.

You perused through the La perla sets and came across a coral and black set that would look fantastic on her. You had resolved to buy her the set when a black, lace set came into your vision out of the corner of your eye.

“Hey, babe.” Jensen smiled, much more content now that he had coffee and a cart to put all of the bags in. He stopped about two steps shy of being right next to you and glanced around, as if he was caught somewhere he shouldn’t be. “Uhhh… what exactly are you doing over here?” he said with a mischievous raise of his eyebrow.

“Picking out some stuff for Gen. Something to give her before we exchange gifts with everyone, one girlfriend to another. Who knows, maybe it’s more a present for Jared.” You said with a wink.

Jensen finally came close to you, careful to not let his eyes linger too closely on any of the fabric, leaning slightly on the edge of one of the display tables.

“Look at you. Sinner.” He joked, his lips pursed to reveal his adorable dimples. 

You shrugged momentarily before smirking in his direction, “Well, you know… I could buy a set for myself, as well…”

You looked at him seductively, only to find his full lips slightly parted and a somewhat shocked expression on his face, openly staring at you. His grip on his coffee cup tightened and his tongue ran across his lower lip. “Oh, sweetheart…” He let out a breath and practically gulped before continuing, “I’d be alright with that.”

“Yeah?” you grinned.

“Oh, yeah.”

He wouldn’t even let you attempt to buy for the last person on your list. After you made your purchase, he ushered you quickly to your shared SUV, breaking the speed limit to hurry you home. The remaining gifts were left in the car as he gently tugged you up the steps to your house. He lovingly grasped your wrist tightly in one of his strong hands… and in the other, only one lone pearl colored shopping bag. 

A/n: My first drabble requests are coming out today :) I hope you all enjoy them! they’ll all be tagged under “spn drabble requests” *gifs not mine

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The First Time (Castiel)

A/N: I’m sorry for the lack of posting in the last few days…life can be crazy huh?
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Tagging: @spnfanficpond and @brooklyn-writes-flangst

Pairings: Castiel x Reader

Request: Fluffy wedding AU requested by @brooklyn-writes-flangst​

Warnings: SMUT, virgin reader, insecurities, mild mentions of negative body image, first time sex, unprotected sex (Wear condoms kids!), swearing?

Word Count: 2652

All the nervousness I had squashed down throughout the night returned as soon as the car pulled into the hotel; my hands shaking slightly as I smoothed out the invisible wrinkles on my dress. I was so focused on calming down my racing heart that When Cas laid his hand on my shoulder I jumped in my seat, a small involuntary squeak slipping through my lips; he chuckled.
“Am I making you that nervous?” He questioned.
Chewing on the inside of my cheek I chanced a look at his face, seeing those wide blue eyes I had fallen in love with, his perfectly plump lips quirked into a smirk; just seeing him there next to me helped me relax a little.
“No…well maybe a little” I replied, “I just…yo…you know I -”
“Hey, hey it’s okay y/n” he soothed, running his thumb gently over my bottom lip, “we don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with”
“It’s not that Cas” I sighed, “I want to really”
“We’ll take things slow…let’s maybe just make it inside first okay?”

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You Should’ve Stayed

AN: Every time i hear the song “Heathens” I have a visual of a fight scene in my head so this is what i came up with.

Based on the song “Heathens” by 21 Pilots.

Reader, Bucky, mention of other Avengers

Set in the MCU. Reader has powers of her own - but Bucky doesn’t know it.

WC: 477

Warnings: Swearing (duh), fighting, a pissed off Nat

Images aren’t mine

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Originally posted by floetcist

“Get down!” Bucky yelled as he flipped the table over and used it as a shield to block you.

You sat there, leaning against it and rolled your eyes. About half a dozen Hydra agents had swarmed the restaurant you were in and you knew Bucky was going to try to take them down on his own and try to protect you.

He sat next to you and quickly assembled his weapon, checking to see if it was loaded. Almost as if he was talking to himself he muttered, “Why’d you come, you knew you should’ve stayed.”

Again, you rolled your eyes, “Buck -” but he jumped up before you could finish, shooting down a few of the braver assailants as they tried to approach the table.

You pulled out your phone and started to text Natasha. Hey, something’s going down and I’m gonna have to show my true colours…sorry? You hit send then quickly texted her the heart emoji hoping she wouldn’t be too mad at you.

You looked up at Bucky and noticed he was having a hard time keeping Hydra at bay. You counted quickly and realized he was low on ammo. Before you could act, he jumped over the table and started to go hand to hand with an agent.

You stood up and shouted at him, “Plug your ears!”

He was confused and opened his mouth to question you when you looked at him. You knew your eyes had changed and he would be shocked into listening to you, “Plug your fucking ears, dammit!” and you opened your mouth.

As you sang the familiar tune, the agents instantly stopped what they were doing and stared at you. You checked to see if Bucky had listened to you and thankfully, he had. He still looked confused but he now looked angry at you. Oh well, you thought to yourself. You’d deal with him later.

Hydra put their weapons down and started walking towards you. As the first one approached you, you put your hand on his cheek and quickly, pushed his head back, snapping his neck.

You could hear Bucky gasp and you felt water start to pool around your feet: the pipes had burst and water was shooting out of all the faucets; the building was starting to flood.

Quickly you took out the rest of the assailants. When you were done, you looked around to survey the damage. You stopped singing and felt your eyes change back to normal, but the water was still pouring in from every which way.

You walked over to Bucky and motioned for him to unplug his ears.

With widened eyes, he looked at you. “What. The. Fuck?! What the fuck was that?!”

You smiled and shrugged, “We should go,” you replied, making your way outside where you knew Nat would be waiting for you.

She was pissed.

Wonderland Part 3 (Dean)

A/N: Part 3 of my new series, hope you enjoy! Feedback is appreciated! I really want to know what you guys think
Ps. As always Gifs are not mine

Tagging: @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean And always @fandom-onetwothreeshots

Pairings: Punk! Dean x Reader (Eventual)

Warnings: Swearing, a little angst (I think that’s it)

Word Count: 1384

Summary: Dean’s a quiet boy at school you’ve barely ever spoken to but what happens when you accidentally grab his textbook instead of yours? 

Read Part 1 And Part 2

I sat in English lit the next day, my pen tapping against my notebook impatiently, my eyes stinging slightly as I focused too hard on the page in front of me. He was sitting just behind me, to the left; but I was not going to look, despite how distracting his red plaid button up was today, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, exposing the black ink covering his arms. I wasn’t sure exactly why he was suddenly affecting me, but it had gotten to the point where I was struggling to get him out of my head; looking around every day at lunch to try and see him.

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Ten Years Gone (John)

A/N: This is my fic for the Zodiac Prompt Challenge. I was super excited about this challenge and I couldn’t wait to post this, hopefully you all enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it !! And I really hope this is okay…
Gifs not mine

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John Forever Tags: @supernaturalymarvel

Pairings: John Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Swearing maybe? I don’t think there’s any others

Word Count: 2565

Prompt: Best Friends Who Reconnect Ten Years Later

He was older, scruffier. His beard was now more salt and pepper then it ever used to be, the dark locks on his head streaked through lightly with grey; it didn’t age him though, not like it aged a lot of other men. Maybe it was the way he held himself, sure and confident; his shoulders straight as he sat at the bar. My eyes scanned over his face from the other side of the room, noting the darkening bags under his molten brown eyes, exhaustion etched permanently into his skin as the years of hunting caught up to him; continuing down over the bridge of his nose - slightly crooked, no doubt from being broken. My eyes finally resting on his lips, pressed against the whiskey tumbler as he drank down the alcohol, following the movement of his adam’s apple bobbing in his throat.
He was different but so much the same.

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Wonderland Part 7 (Dean)

A/N: Okay again I’m sorry it’s out late, my brain wasn’t cooperating properly
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Pairings: Punk! Dean x Reader

Warnings: I don’t think this part has any…

Word Count: 1434

Summary: Dean’s a quiet boy at school you’ve barely ever spoken to but what happens when you accidentally grab his textbook instead of yours? 

Read: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Later that night found me snuggled up in a blanket on the couch, some old movie playing quietly on the tv; I wasn’t really watching it though, it was just background noise as I focused on my lap top screen. I’d decided to take a break working on my essay, opening up facebook to scroll through and find anything new; I’d been regretting that choice for the last five minutes, a weight pressing on my chest. Anna had uploaded a new photo an hour ago, One of her sitting on the hood of Michael’s ute, his arm slung around her shoulders and a smile on their faces; however it wasn’t so much them that had my stomach churning, it was the other two people in the photo. Gabe was standing next to Michael, the most relaxed look on his face that I had ever seen, his hands placed along the shoulders of the girl sitting next to Anna; even though I didn’t regret the decision of ending things between us, the fact that he had obviously moved on that quickly stung.

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