no but actually look at him

he’s nothing like the man he was before, the cocky oh-i-am-so-smart detective

he’s petrified

he’s afraid and uncertain and guilty, oh how guilty… and he looks so broken because he’s not sure he’ll actually be alive again, he may go on but without john… it wouldn’t be living, it’d be just existing and he, sherlock holmes, the man who won with death, is now unsure if he’s going to make it

The Histories of Veil, Part 62

Continuing on with world building for my under-heavy-construction Tabletop RPG, working title Veil. Updates three times a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday. A listing of all previous updates can be found here, and as always, if there’s anything you’d like to know about Veil or the world building, just drop me an ask.


“Alright, then…”  Lina leaned back in her chair, taking a long sip of her coffee as she thought over her words.  The elf was right…Unlike Fero, who had been with the Free Ships for all his life, Tem and Ryon had no long-standing attachments to the devils’ armada.  They were more attached to their homes – to the independence movement of Tyroa and Minesh – and only worked with the Free Ships to stay close to the front lines, or to gain access to their resources.

So they probably wouldn’t mind what was coming next.

“…The Free Ships are getting ready to launch an attack deeper into Phora Cluster.”  Lina lowered the mug as she began speaking.  “Don’t know exactly where yet, but the obvious guess says it’ll be Shavala.  I can’t imagine that the Fleet Admiral’s number one priority won’t be taking his own homeworld back.”

“…mmmm…this comes from Henry, then?”  Ryon put his cup down to return to his pipe, exhaling another puff of smoke as Lina gave him an affirmatory nod.  The dwarf had long ago figured out the Dawn of Spring’s true purpose, and his ability to keep it a secret from Fero was another reason Lina knew she didn’t have to worry about what she told him.  “That’s trustworthy, then…and it makes sense, after all…that’s what they’ve been fighting for all this time.  And if that’s their plan, then sending Fena to hold Sorzis…”

“Henry wasn’t sure, but I’m fairly sure Fena’s full mission on Sorzis was to hold it as the Free Ships’ operating base in Phora Cluster.  It matches with everything else we know.”  Lina took another sip from her coffee.  “They park their whole flotilla on my Realm, then fly out to Shavala once they’re all ready, using Sorzis as a home away from home.”

“Which would also mean that Sorzis would be the dragons’ next target, if the invasion of Shavala doesn’t work out.”  Tem sipped his coffee slowly – he hated his drinks too hot, but Lina was making, and so the cup was just now getting cool enough for him to drink.  “That probably wouldn’t work out well for you guys.  Well, guess it’s good that you came back in time to stop them from doing it, then.”

“….heh…”  Lina smirked back at Tem.  “The opposite, actually.  I’m going to let them do it.”

Inwardly, Lina enjoyed the looks she was getting from the elf and the dwarf at that moment.  Tem practically choked on his coffee and had to try and cover his coughing so as not to wake Fero, looking up at Lina with a surprised look.  Ryon just looked confused, trying to work out her plan in his head, obviously struggling to see the logic in her idea.

She gave them a moment while she sipped her coffee again before explaining, “Even if I did everything I could to stop the Free Ships, I couldn’t hold them off forever.  Sorzis has only been free for a couple years.  I barely have a flotilla of my own to protect our Realm from dragon attacks without the Free Ships’ help…if they really wanted to take Sorzis, they’d do it.  Gil’s gonna hold them the best he can – and he’s got Korr and Benjy with him, so that’ll buy us at least a few months – but at some point, the Free Ships will be in a position to attack Shavala.”

“So you’re just gonna let them, then?”  Ryon put his empty cup down on the dash next to him and rose up from his seat.  “What are you angling for with that?  There’s certainly more you could do if you wanted to stop them from using Shavala…we can go to Minesh, I’ll talk to the Council…”

“It’s alright, Gears…”  Lina stopped him with a gesture.  “…let me finish.  This is the part we can’t let Fero know, after all.”

Ryon stared at Lina’s smiling face for a moment longer before glancing over to Tem, who was still working his way through the coffee and just gave him a shrug in response.  Tossing up his hand in resignation, the dwarf muttered, “Fine, then… I’m just gonna get another cup…ah, go on, though…m’still listening…c’mon, work, damn you…”

Lina giggled as she watched Ryon fuss with the coffee maker for a minute – it always amused her that, as good as he was with machines, the coffee maker bested him every time – deciding to wait until he had finished and returned to his seat before she continued.  In the meantime, she got up and went over to Tem’s station, rifling through his papers until she had found his map of Phora Cluster’s Realms, spreading it out as well as she could on the small table by the chairs.

Ryon returned, mug in hand, and took his seat just as Lina had gotten the map out flat.  She pointed to the map and continued, “Here, take a look…Shavala’s here.  And Phora’s…right here.  Not the closest Realm, but close enough that it’s easy for troops from Phora to get to Shavala.  Which is the biggest reason it’s been so hard for the devils to take Shavala back, yeah?”

“Right…fairly obvious.”  Ryon sipped his coffee as he looked over the map.  “So any conflict on Shavala would get a quick response from Phora.  That was the case in the Second Shavala War…what are you thinking, then?”

“Well, think about it…we’re trying to join up with Hella, right?  Which is…here.”  Lina pointed to another point on the map…Hella Star, the closest Realm to Phora.  “And the biggest problem with that is the fear that Phora would immediately try to take Phora back…with great force.  But…if they’re already engaged on another close Realm, Shavala…then they won’t be able to respond.  Not even the dragons have the resources available to fight two wars at once.”


And we’re back!

The week off was a good one - my older sister had a baby girl, my first niece.  She’s still in the adorable-little-bean phase of baby life, which we’re enjoying for the moment, until she gets to the screaming-and-crawling-around-everywhere-OH-GOD-BABYPROOF-THE-HOUSE phase.  Most of the home stuff I needed to do last week was helping my mother out with things around the house, as she spent most of the week with my sister and her new granddaughter. 

I also got to work on a backlog for Veil, so I don’t miss updates like I did a while back, and I made progress on a couple of the side projects I’ve been working on…I think I’ll have something ready this week for you guys, but it might take just a bit longer for me to be fully happy with it.

See you all Wednesday.