no but actually look at him

he’s nothing like the man he was before, the cocky oh-i-am-so-smart detective

he’s petrified

he’s afraid and uncertain and guilty, oh how guilty… and he looks so broken because he’s not sure he’ll actually be alive again, he may go on but without john… it wouldn’t be living, it’d be just existing and he, sherlock holmes, the man who won with death, is now unsure if he’s going to make it


Congratulations to all the bacchas (Rajnina, Vishal, Minesh, Ravina, Babu), who has been selected by Sports Authority of Gujarat, to further study at the higher level school. Its been a great day when we all received a letter from the Govt. for the selected candidates after so many efforts and hard work from the kids. They are all exited to visit the new campus :)

Now Government will take care of all their Study Material, Medical and other Allowances…

We all wish for a great future of yours and Study hard till you reach your Goals…

We are always with you…

Best luck :)