mines road


Oh the lonely road I’m on nobody here could know
There’s none that knows my sorrows or bears my heavy load
There’s none that understands my pain or who I am
It’s a lonely road I’m on, it’s a lonely road I’m on

Oh the lonely road you’re on, was it to Calvary?
Bearing the weight of all the world for the ones who made you bleed?
You think you’re misunderstood? Who lonelier than me?
Who died for those that struck him, who bled to make them free?

I am the God-man, this road was mine
Your pain was in my life sanctified
Lived what you are living so that you might be alive
I am the God-man, this road was mine

You think I don’t understand the heart that I have made?
That soul that rests within my hands that with my blood was claimed
I know every trial, I know every ache
For those who would despise me I have suffered every pain


“Whatever may happen in the future, we’ll protect y o u and you’ll protect u s.” -Kim Namjoon

Bangtan will always fight for our right to live and love as we wish, just as we will always fight for Bangtan’s right to live and love in the industry that they are thriving in.

Congratulations on your first daesang, boys.

You’ve made it.