mines kinda dumb

  • Ferre: *breaks into science museum at night for fun*
  • Courf: u beautiful rule breaking moth
Frog GC #8
  • Nursey: [Big Black Cowboy renamed the conversation "Jesus was black"]
  • Dex: I'd say hes probably more middle eastern than black, since he was from around the Palestine Israel area.
  • Nursey: tbh i have no idea why ur single dexy ur such a catch
  • Dex: Shut the fuck up. You're just as single as I am.
  • Dex: Uh, not yet. I don't have anyone I want to ask.
  • Nursey: yo me neither
  • Dex: No one? You're sure?
  • Nursey: uh huh
  • Dex: What about that Jill girl?
  • Nursey: i think shes a lesbian
  • Dex: How would you know? You said she hasn't dated anyone since you've known her.
  • Nursey: hes only dated girls in the past. even if he wasnt i dont think hes into me
  • Nursey: i mean she
  • Dex: Nursey is Jill a guy?
  • Nursey: uh
  • Nursey: jill's actually a bill
  • Nursey: i didnt know how to tell you
  • Nursey: about it
  • Dex: Dude, did you think I wouldn't be cool with it?
  • Nursey: NO i just uh i dunno didnt know how to approach the subject??
  • Dex: I need you to know that you can trust me with anything okay, Nurse? I fucking love your ass, man.
  • Nursey: hahaha okay yeah. i love you too man.
  • Nursey: im pan
  • Chowder: i leave for like a minute and you guys get gay as heck
  • Dex: Chowder, freshman year you offered to blow Bitty like five times.
  • Chowder: i dont remember that.
  • Nursey: 👀
  • Nursey: u wanna be my date to the winter screw dex
  • Dex: Okay, sure.
  • Chowder: jesus was it really that easy what the fuck
  • Nursey: as friends
  • Dex: Yeah, as friends

I made icons

with bonuses from when i accidentally paused the video


AU: Allison has a thing for Stiles from day one. They become friends soon but that’s all he sees in her. One day, Scott asks Stiles to find out if Allison would be up for a date one day, leaving Stiles rather confused about actually feeling somewhat jealous. Allison starts going out with Scott and it becomes harder for Stiles to act like everything’s normal until he finds out that Allison actually liked him the entire time.

I’ve been thinking, and it’s so funny how white people will always be like “oh whoever is the best actor for the role” whenever a white person is cast to play a POC but whenever a POC is cast to play a traditionally white character all of the sudden racial accuracy is the number one concern.