minerva comic

If you’re feeling disenfranchised by the fact that Marvel Comics is turning all of your beloved superheroes into Nazis, try the Wonder Woman Rebirth comics!

This comic has everything! A diverse cast of characters,

Commander Etta Candy, who is now a black lesbian-or-bi woman,

actual relationships between wlw characters,

Steve Trevor, the most pure example of non-toxic masculinity,

so many complex women,

and of course, actual Wonder Woman, 

a bisexual Amazon princess who fights the forces of evil with truth and love, and also has never turned into a Nazi.



a hair extension potion made by Anna! He’ll probably lose his hair in a couple of days ahahaha

idea by @draceempressa and was drawn by me :D


I was supposed to get this done by the time round 2 ended, but this took so much longer than I thought XD I like making these comics when the hero I support loses; it’s fun. Dedicated to my waifu and my best friend for passing on to round 2 but both sadly got beaten (one brutally murdered) by the royal wyvern riders.

Congratulations to both Team Camilla and Team Minerva for winning! \(^o^)/ Now time to join Minerva’s team and try to get some ranks for feathers.


Cordelia is traumatized