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yorkshire.fossils This is another look at one of our favourite ammonites, prior to the outer matrix being polished, for those who haven’t seen it. These ‘Cannon ball’ nodules (rocks) are thought to be exclusive to the Yorkshire Coast, found nowhere else in the world. They rarely contain fossils, but when they do, they typically contain an Eleganticeras sp. ammonite. This fossil here is featured as found. Some of the outer chambers were broken open when we cracked open this rock, which allowed a rich smell of bituminous oil to be released.

Stones for Witchcraft~

Sure, everybody says you should start out with quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine but what about for witchcraft and magic specifically. What stone carries the witchy soul? I will be listing some stones perfect for use in magick to aid and strengthen you.

You probably guessed the first one ;D

1. Labradorite

The Inuit people believe that Labradorite fell from the Aurora Borealis. Another legend claims that a warrior struck the stone with his spear creating the Northern Lights as a result.

This is a stone of magick, it is a stone for shamans, diviners, healers and people seeking knowledge or looking for guidance. Perfect for honing in your strength and power as a witch. Labradorite helps awaken physic abilities, strengthen intuition and create awareness. If you wear labradorite, it will help your innate magickal abilities rise to the surface.

This stone is the most protective stone you can get. It shields the aura and strengthens the energy within. It guards against negativity. Due to this, it is a difficult stone to use in black or negative magicks. Some say it is impossible. Because of it’s protective and shielding quality it is perfect to use when exploring alternate levels of consciousness and doing visionary explorations. This stone will keep you safe from all harm.

Labradorite is good for seeing past illusion and into the truth.

2. Dendritic Agate AKA Merlinite

Do not mistake with Mystic Merlinite. This is not the same.

This is another stone of pure magic! It is a stone of duality, of light and dark, black and white. It is the stone of good luck and the dark night of the soul.

It is said to be able to help the user recall memories of alchemists and even the great Merlin of Arthurian times (thus its name).

This stone attracts good luck and magick into the life of one who carries it. This stone is good for shadow work, allowing you to travel and see the deep dark parts of yourself. Merlinite, is a very shamanistic stone, aiding you to commune with the natural world and elementals and work with its energies.

It stimulates deep intuition and a psychic knowing. It helps to bring you in contact with teachers in other realms.

A stone of harmony it helps aid the birth of creativity. This stone is not only for the light aspects as it will allow you to see the reality of your own inner darkness.

Use this to bring balance to light and dark, masculine and feminine. Use it to balance any kind of duality.

3. Moqui Marbles AKA Boji Stones AKA Shaman Stone

“Moqui” is the Hopi word for the dead. They say that the dead come around sunset to play with these stones.

This stone is believed to carry two genders, like animals and people. The flatter more oval ones are said to be male while the rounder ones are female. They are often used as pairs. They bring balance to the masculine and feminine energies inside all of us.

Use for inner transformational work. Use them for protection during journeying and out of body travel. These stones prevent negative entities from attaching to you.

These stones are perfect for overcoming fears of any kind, especially death.

They elevate your intuition and help you come in contact and communicate with spirit guides and totems.

Moqui Marbles also help you to become aware of parts of yourself that may be hidden including tendencies or habits that come from past lives.

4. Nuummite

Nuummite is know as the sorcerer’s stone as it is a stone of sorcery and magick. It draws and combines the fiery energies of the earth with the energies of a raging storm.

Nuummite is the oldest stone on earth; it is approximately over 3 billion years old and has volcanic origins.

This stone is good for personal magick, increasing synchronicities and luck, clairvoyance and intuition. Nuummite allows for deep journeying into your psyche allowing you to see your true, authentic self- the good and the bad, the whole of you. This stone will bring you gifts of inner power and self mastery.

A great stone for grounding and highly protective, it shields the auric field and fiercely fends off against negativity, manipulation, and environmental pollutants.

Nuummite heavily draws from wild earth energies.

Be careful. This stone has intense energy and may be too much for some to work with. Nuummite is a strong magick stone and should be taken seriously and treated respectfully. Use with good intent as harmful intent rebounds on the user.

5. Hag Stones

These stones you can find around lakes, rivers, and creeks. They are natural stones with a naturally-forming hole (or holes) straight through.

Hag stones are believed to ward against evil, negativity, curses, illness and nightmares.

The holes inside the stones are used to look through and are said to help you see other worlds, spirits, and even fairies.

Hag stones can be used to enhance the magick abilities of anyone who uses it or keeps one on them. If you cannot afford any stone at this time, look for hag stones outside. They are powerful and have been held as sacred to many ancient Pagan religions for thousands of years.


yorkshire.fossils Here’s one of our golden stones known as “cannon balls”. These rocks are naturally coated with a pyrite (fools gold) layer and so can be polished! It contains an Eleganticeras ammonite and is 185 million years old from Sandsend UK. Yorkshire is the only place in the world that these cannon balls can be found! The bottom half is yet to be polished, though we quite like it how it is.

Some Crystal Misconceptions

Diamonds Aren’t Rare

  • actually true, they aren’t
  • BUT
  • gem-quality diamonds are rare. There are three main factors that contribute to rarity
  • SIZE - big diamonds are way more rare than little tiny ones
  • COLOR - colorless diamonds are more rare than brown diamonds, and fancy-colored diamonds are more rare than colorless diamonds
  • CLARITY - diamonds that aren’t full of crap are more rare than diamonds with lots of crap
  • I could go on for a long time about this so send me an ask if you want a full post

Fake Citrine/Burnt Amethyst

  • no
  • yellow/orange quartz = citrine, whether it’s natural or treated
  • it isn’t fake
  • citrine is often heated amethyst whether it comes from nature or a lab anyway
  • there are some citrines that were never amethyst, but many were

Copal Is Fake Amber

  • copal is young amber
  • amber is OLD, guys
  • 1,000,000+ years old
  • they will both float in saturated saltwater.
  • amber is more resistant to chemicals because it’s gone through polymerization over time
  • don’t drop your amber/copal in solvents because chances are it’s copal

Don’t Clean Crystals With Soap

  • soap is good
  • most common crystals can be cleaned with soap
  • use gentle soap though, none of that orange gritty stuff that everyone’s dad had at one point
  • rinse off the soap when you’re done
  • check if your crystal is water soluble before cleaning though
  • and be careful with unusual and delicate specimens

Heating And Irradiation Are Bad

  • heating and irradiation enhance the color of your crystals
  • almost every sapphire and ruby in the lower to mid-range market has been heated
  • most other stones too
  • it doesn’t hurt the stone. I promise
  • it just makes them prettier
  • the earth does it to her crystals too

Treated Stones Are Fake

  • nope
  • treated stones are usually still whatever they were before they were treated
  • unless it’s a variety call based on color or something but y’know
  • heated topaz = topaz
  • aura quartzes are extra pretty because of their treatment
  • it’s cool if you don’t want to use treated stones but many people like them
  • treated stones are beautiful and not fake
  • but make sure the treatment is DISCLOSED unless it’s routine (and therefore assumed)

Blood Diamonds

  • it was a problem
  • but not much anymore!!!!
  • there’s a fun international thing called the Kimberley Process (2003)
  • diamonds can’t be exported from their origin country without a clear paper trail back to the mine
  • diamonds are probably the most ethical gemstone purchase you can make today actually
  • (a more in-depth discussion here)
  • there’s no equivalent process for colored stones
  • blood emeralds, anyone??

Garnet Is Corundum

  • just THREE
  • ruby (red), padparadscha (orange-pink), and sapphire (every other color)
  • these have subvarieties (star ruby, yellow sapphire, etc etc etc)
  • emerald and garnet are not corundum
  • (garnet is a mineral group!!!! it’s not even a species, much less a variety)
  • not everything is corundum

I’ll add on to this in the future! Let me know if you have questions, I’m happy to expand on anything in this post or any other crystal info that you aren’t sure about :)


A really nice piece of Rainbow Fluorite I got at the gem show that rolled by a few weeks ago.
Fluorite is a great stone to use for protection or to heighten one’s spirituality. It absorbs negative energy and can be a good tool for cleansing.