Imagine Castiel’s reaction when you tell him about how depressed you’ve been feeling recently. 

Cas: How come you’ve never told me about any of this?

You: I dunno, I just didn’t want to burden you with how I’ve been feeling….

Cas: y/n, you will never be a burden to me. I need you to communicate with me, though. If you’re feeling bad, tell me. I can help.

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requested by anonymous

Axl had left early this morning to assemble with the guys for a meeting with their record company, leaving you and your three year old daughter to play around the house until he came back. A few hours of hide-and-seek with barbies went on, along with a drink-less tea party with her various stuffed animals before you decided you’d better start working on lunch. 

You set up your daughter in the living room with the TV on before you headed for the kitchen–collecting ingredients from the fridge and pantry once you got there. Not a few minutes later the hum of a familiar song induced your curiosity–leading you to setting down the various spices in hand before seeing what she was up to. A chuckle left your lips from the sight of your daughter spinning in circles to ’Welcome to the Jungle’ looking as wild as her father does on stage during the infamous number. Yep, you’re definitely your dad’s child. You thought to yourself before bending down by the music player and skipping past a few lewd tracks that weren’t appropriate for her age. “This is the one you love, baby!” You cheered to your daughter who was pouting over you changing the tune, only for her expression to beam at the intro chords to Sweet Child

As you slowly walked back to the kitchen, you gazed at her over your shoulder, adoringly watching your tiny girl spinning in her white, frilly dress. You hummed the lyrics along with Axl’s voice as you began working on the meal once again with a small smile tiring your cheeks. 

Duff, Izzy, Slash, and Steven were invited back to your home to talk over a few other things–the men all chuckling over Axl’s shoulder as he unlocked the front door due to Sweet Child intelligibly playing through the nearby cracked window. “Y/N must really like this one,” Duff added sarcastically, doubling the taunting laughter from the other guys. “She should–I wrote it about her,” Axl growled in defense, shaking his head at them before he opened the door to see your daughter doing her best to sing along with the second half. A smile smeared across all of their tough faces as they watched her spinning and humming, completely unbothered in her own little world. Axl picked her up under her arms and lifted her onto his hip, swaying and singing with the part on the disc as she giggled wildly, making you curious enough to check up on her once more. 

When you rounded the corner, you were put to a halt when you saw Axl dancing with her, your eyes swelling with grateful tears for the loving family you have. The melody went on in perfect timing as Axl poked her tiny nose with the end of his before he noticed you in the walkway as you were waving at the other men looking on. 

“Hey babe,” Axl said after walking over, leaving a kiss on your cheek before he put your daughter back to her feet and let her run off. You pointed behind Axl, his eyebrows bending in confusion before he turned to see your little one had pulled on Izzy’s hand and tugged him to what was now the dance floor, somewhat slow dancing hand in hand before Izzy held a finger out for her to twirl around. You all leaned back and watched them interact until the song ended, everyone cheering and clapping for your daughter as she squealed and jumped gleefully. “I love you uncle Izzy!” She yelled over the clatter, only making you all ‘awe’ and laugh more as she clung to his pant leg and he ruffled the top of her head. “I love you too sweetheart,” Izzy responded with a smile, pinching her nose between his knuckles lightly. Axl looked back at you and smiled while wrapping an arm around your waist, giving you a welcoming kiss. 

The intro to You’re Crazy began and Slash pushed the rewind button, grinning when Sweet Child started all over and everyone questionably turned their heads at him. “What? Uncle Slash wants a dance with the princess.” You all chuckled lightheartedly as she batted her lashes and tugged him to the middle of the rug for another round. “You’re next uncle Duff okay!” She screamed while pulling Slash along as you all watched humorously. “Oh, yeah, I’m ready honey,” the bassist validated over the music through his sportive chuckle. 

Nick Clark x Reader- Mine

Requested by Anon

Set during Season One


It had been a rough seven years, forced to live on the streets since your teenage years and reducing yourself down to nothing when you started smoking. Granted, it wasn’t the hard stuff, but your smoking habit was how you met Nick Clark. And here you were, years later, still dating when most couples would’ve been married at that point. 

He wasn’t the devilish prince charming your parents would’ve wanted for you, but you loved him more because of it. He was sweet, always looking out for you when you got in with the wrong people, and had claimed multiple times he’d die for you. 

When the world ended, you found yourself at Nicks childhood home, after a rather bad quarrel about his time with Gloria, who turned into a walker. Or what other people liked to call, rotters, skin eaters, lame brains… Blah blah blah. You had been infuriated Nick had turned to her, but it was all for the drugs. That was all he cared about anymore.

Alicia gently knocked on your door, feigning a smile as you sat up in the bed. “Are you and my brother having relationship drama?” She mused. “He’s a mess, Y/N. I know Nick, and I know his heart. If he cheated on you, it wasn’t intentional. You are one of the reasons he’s still living and I can’t thank you enough for it.” 

Your heart felt like it was dying, like you had been living for thousands of years and was just beginning to die. “I love your brother, however stupid he may be, I still love him. I just don’t want to get hurt again.” 

  “He made a vow to my mom and Travis that he was done with drugs, for you. I’d say that’s a pretty solid promise.” 

Part of you wanted to go back to seven years ago, where you had been young and impressionable, and Nick was just his stupid self, with that smile you adored and those eyes that never stopped staring at you. 

Your covered feet padded along the carpet as you crept out of the bedroom and slid into Nicks, gently shutting the door behind you. It was just after ten, and he was already fast asleep spread out on his bed. A smile spread across your face as you climbed on top of him, lowering your lips to his. 

His eyes instantly shot open at the familiar body, the smell of jasmine that lingered on your skin as his hands weaved into your long y/h/c locks. “Y/N.” He breathed, gasping as he flipped you over so he was now on top of you. “I’m sorry, for everything-” 

You pressed a finger against his lips, pulling your hair into a bun which gave him full access to the bare skin that your teeshirt didn’t hide, dipping down to just beneath your collarbone. “Don’t talk.” A breathy gasp escaped your lips as his cold hand ran down your leg, his lips pressed against your jawline. “I love you.” 

  “I love you more, Juliet.” 

That next day, the military came back inside the Safe Zone for their daily run. You sat out on the lawn and watched as their armored trucks passed Madisons house, until one stopped and two men came right towards you. “I swear if you try to take me away, I can guarantee you that you won’t be having kids with any woman who’s still alive.” 

The man on the left with the name tag Carte stitched into his uniform smirked, outstretching a hand towards you. “Was that subtle flirting, Miss Y/L/N?” He questioned, lightly resting a hand on your hip. A shiver went down your spine as he traced circles on your skin, his thumb just inches away from the bottom of your crop top. “C’mon babe, there’s some abandoned houses down the street-” 

Nick chose that time to exit the house, dressed in his old man rags and snickering as you slapped the soldier across the face so hard that your hand left a print on his sunkissed skin. “You are disgusting and undeserving of that uniform.” You snarled. Before you could continue chewing out the soldier, Nick came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. 

  “Hate to break it to you man,” His voice was calm as you turned in his embrace and hid your face in his shoulder. “But this girl right here? She’s mine.” 


I hope you liked this! Please keep sending in more requests! 

My Mickey

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Requested here.

Characters: Kim Hanbin (BI, iKon), You (Reader/OC), Lee Hayi, Heeyun (YG Dancer, Your friend), other iKon members

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Length: 2,305 words

Plot:   You became very upset on how close Hanbin and Hayi are getting in the past few days to the point that he is starting to ignore you already.

A/N I modified the scenario a bit so I hope @bomsenpai would still like it!


“HANBIN!” You shouted on the quiet hallway as you see your boyfriend get out of the studio.  He turned around and his eyes grew wide when he spotted you on the corner of the hallway.

“What are you doing here?  YG and the hyungs might see you!”  He warned you but you kept your foot on the ground with your arms crossed on your chest.

“Are you really worried about them, or you are worried that Lee Hayi might see you with me?”  

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Coming to the rescue

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Request from a dear anon,thank you so much and I hope you enjoy it.

  • Imagine: Loki and reader taking care of their sick son.
  • Fandom: Thor
  • Character: Loki x Reader x son
  • Rating: None

‘Oh your heads burning up.’ You say as you removed you hand from your sons forehead.

‘Mama, I don’t feel well.’ Your son Draven said with a whisper. ‘Where’s father?’

‘It’s okay sweetie.’ You comforted him. ‘He is busy but he will be here soon.’

Matter of fact, you had not told Loki anything about Draven being sick for you knew that he would drop everything he was doing so he could be with him. You closed his room doors and walked down the hall as you heard a familiar voice.

‘I don’t care if we are heading towards war but my son is ill and I must be there!’ Loki raged towards his captain of the guards and that means he was aware of Draven.

‘I’m sorry sir.’ The guard apologized as Loki walked out into the hall and straight into you for her was not concentrating. With a thud, he crashed into you sending both of you tumbling to the ground.

‘Watch where you going you….’ He snapped before noticing it’s you. ‘(Y/N)? Oh I am so sorry my love.’

‘It is okay.’ You simple state as you both stand up.

‘What is wrong?’ He asked gently.

‘It’s Draven.’ You looked into his eyes. ‘And I know I did not inform you about him being ill for I know how you get during these situations and I am sorry but he is honestly ill and I am worried about him Loki – ’

You were cut off by his lips on yours as he placed his hands on the side on your face and looked into your eyes, ‘It is okay my dearest. I was angry but I know that you did not tell me for a reason.’

‘He is very ill, Loki.’ You whispered.

‘He is a god.’ Loki said with a proud smile as he pressed his forehead against yours. ‘And our son.’

A wide smile appeared on your face, ‘I love you Loki.’

‘Now come.’ He grabbed your hand. ‘Let us get to our son.’

You both walked down the hall as it was a shot trip. He held your hand tightly as he took a deep breath and opened the door into the young boy’s room.

‘Father? Mother?’ Draven said in shock.

‘Indeed it is us my dear boy.’ Loki said in his best proud voice he could conjure up. ‘Now what seems to be the problem my brave solider?’ He was on one side of the bed as you were on the other.

‘My head father, it is aching.’ Draven revealed.

Loki gave you a sneaky glare, ‘Do you know what this means my dear wife?’

‘What?’ You asked in curiosity.

‘I believe it is a call for the famous remedy.’ He stated.

‘Remedy? Wait what are you talking about Loki?’ You asked laughing for you were honestly confused.

‘Soup, I am talking about soup.’ He said blandly for his hype had been popped.

After a few laughs and a trip to the kitchen. The infamous soup arrived on a silver platter in front of the sick boy. He took a sip and once his taste buds had a taste, the soup was finished within seconds as he gulped the warm liquid down.

‘How do you feel?’ You ask him as you touched his forehead again.

‘Much better.’ He smiled which made you and your husband all happy inside. ‘Could you read me a book please?’

‘Indeed.’ Loki smiled as he picked up a book from the shelf, ‘How about this one?’

The young son nodded his head as you both snuggled on each side of him. Draven rested his head on your chest as Loki began to read. You were there for twenty minutes before your precious boy was asleep.

‘His temperature has dropped.’ You said. ‘You are a master at doing this, how are you so good at coming to the rescue?’

‘It’s because I have you.’ Loki looked into your beautiful eyes. ‘You are like a superhero always coming to the rescue for both he and I and I love you deeply every day because of that.’

As he spoke to you Draven mumbled, ‘I love you Mother and Father.’

‘We love you too.’ You both said simultaneously as you looked down at the one person that made both of you better people every day.

Sorry (Yunhyeong Version)

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Requested by: Actually this is a personal fic, but the character chosen was requested by Anon :)

Characters: Song Yunhyeong (iKon) x You (OC/Reader) x iKon members (mentions, cameo)

Genre: Angst

Length: 3,211 words

Plot:   Yunhyeong has always been the lovable and kind boyfriend to you.  He loves you so much and he treats you like a princess.  However, things started to feel different and you are not sure if you wanted to know what is causing it.

A/N: My heart is breaking while writing this fic srsly – also it become a bit lengthy I am sure I got carried away again so my apologies if there are any errors or anything like that


“Oppa, are you listening to me?”  You waved your hands in front of your boyfriend’s face as his mind began to wander for the nth time today.  The two of you are having an intimate time together for the longest time since he debuted, because he has been very busy with all the schedules.

“Oh, sorry, jagi, I- I think I am just tired.”  He smiled oh-so-sweetly, flashing his pearly whites, and you couldn’t help but smile back.

“Aww… you must have been really tired oppa.  I mean I was talking to you but it seems like you don’t want to listen to what I was saying.” You pouted and pretended to be hurt; hoping to make him woo you and to convince you that he was listening and all. However, to your surprise, Yunhyeong looked at you worriedly and he turned pale.

“W-what – wait, no, jagi, that’s not the case?  What made you think that?”  He questioned you and his eyebrows furrowed, making you crunch your face as you turn against him.

“Oppa, I was just playing on you, why are you so serious?”  You tap his shoulder and he let out a breath, looking relieved more than anything else.  He hugged you by your shoulders and you hugged his waist, resting your head on his chest as he slowly plays with your hair.

“I am sorry, jagi, I know that I should’ve done better to be with you and to spend more time with you.  I am really sorry.”  He kisses your head and you smiled against his chest.

“Don’t worry about that oppa, as long as you’re with me and we are together, I will be fine.” You assured him and you look up to him before giving him a peck on his lips.  He smiled at you and pushes your head against his chest again for you not to see the guilt and sadness that immediately registered on his face.

“I love you so much, oppa.”  You mumbled against his chest as you waited for his response.  To your dismay, he didn’t reply, however, when you felt his lips on your neck, kissing your sensitive spot, your annoyance suddenly disappeared and you held him, almost not wanting to let go, as you cuddled against each other on your couch for the rest of the night.

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