“I’ve always been living in between of something. You call it present. And it is. But that just ‘cause it’s here, in the middle, that things happen. Today you see stuff in a place you won’t see tomorrow again. Never in the same way. Anyway. There is always a will in viewing things. And sometime, if you are lucky enough, they turn into emotions. And they come again and again as a new today. Just as another sunny day. In your hand a camera that can also be an iPhone. Or nothing at all. You need an excuse, just. To know you’re still alive, day after day, as long as you want to… To recall it as well. Or something like that.”

Nicolò Minerbi, teacher at LUZ Academy, from San Francisco.

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ILLUSTRATION / Nicolò Minerbi

ll bosco degli urogalli di mario rigoni stern. letto a lake tahoe, california. scritto sull’altopiano di asiago, veneto.

How to illustrate a book? There are many ways to do it, but everybody just always choose one. The same one.

Illustration is to show what’s in the book. Never what’s around it.

But why don’t let the writers know where their books are read?

But why don’t let anybody know how readers look like?

But why don’t show anybody where do actually books live?