This week marks the 30th anniversary of the Miners strike. (photo restoration by me)

My grandad (the man on the left) started to work on bank (unloading etc.) when he was just 15 in 1956, heading down into the pits when he was 17. 
He eventually worked his way through, from offloading the coal to going putting with his pit pony, who was called pilot (the pony pictured above). The conditions were harsh damp and dangerous, like shot blasting for the coal. 

He left the pits in 1961 after 5 years in the pits before going into the forces for 7 years (royal artillery). 

By the time the miner strike started in 1984, he was at Tyneside printers. His father was also an ex pit man and both were disgraced. The entire village was in uproar and every one rallied to support the miners, working miners and ex miners alike. My grandad, Alan Moffitt, says "It was disgusting how miners were treat, especially considering the price of coal imports now."
He and his father, David Joffre Moffitt (1918 - 1994) both rallied to support the miners, particularly being based in the north east of England. 

Both of these men went to show how there was indeed power in the union for working and retired men alike. 

I was playing More Friends of Mineral Town earlier, still in Year 1 since I started a new game, and, for the first time ever in my game, a freaking wild dog showed up. That bark gave me a heart attack and I actually screamed. My sister thought I was crazy when I told her the reason. Meanwhile, I’m just glad I put my chicken away in time!

Galena gemsona for you nerds!

This is just me, but, like, gem’d up. Galena is this super dense, silvery blue mineral that crystalizes cubically. Her gem is in the back of her head and she has a giant friggin’ mace club. 

All day I think about it, then at night I say it.
Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing?
I have no idea.
My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that,
and I intend to end up there. ~ Rumi ✨www.shopheartcave.etsy.com

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