Don’t think these have made it to tumblr yet so I’m posting a photo dump of our Danganronpa Zero cosplays! This photo shoot was amazing and I’m super ready to see Matsuda & Ryouko in the new DR3 anime 😤👌

Ryouko Otonashi - @the-sea-will-set-you-free
Yasuke Matsuda - @crystalhardted
Photos by @mineralblu

My new favorite photo by Mineralblu Photography, who never fails to capture my best angles. It started raining as soon as I finished getting into costume, so we made do with the parking garage. It was kind of fun to find new scenery at a con I’ve been going to for years, and the photos turned out better than I could have hoped for. Thanks again, Long!

All of my costumes from 2015! I made 10 different cosplays this year, which is more than I’ve done in any year so far. Next year I plan to be even more productive, and with school out of the way I’ll be making some major life changes in the coming months. Can’t wait.

Top row, L to R:

Asuka, Neon Genesis Evangelion; Asuna, Sword Art Online; Kirino, Oreimo; Sydney Losstarot, Vagrant Story (modeled by @projared); Bulma Briefs, DBZ

Second row, L to R:

Hana, Asagao Academy; Marvel Girl; Bulma Briefs, DBZ; Samus Aran, Metroid; Asami Sato, Avatar: Legend of Korra

Sydney photographed by @pancakeremix

Bulma photographed by M3 Cosplay photography

Samus photographed by @mineralblu

Love this solo shot of my Aerith costume by @mineralblu

I made this costume in about two weeks before PAX South, but I’ve actually been collecting materials since last summer when @shinkastudios and I first planned our FFVII group. We’re definitely going to re-wear these soon, and hopefully add some new party members!

Wig by @malindachan

Here’s what I’m wearing to Katsucon this weekend. I’ve always wanted to go to Katsu and the excitement is finally real! I can’t wait to see all the amazing costumes and hopefully run into a few cosplayers I’ve been following for years now.

@projared is doing a meetup at 8 pm Saturday and I will be there too if you want to find me! Otherwise my weekend will consist of exploring and people-watching.

Photographers (left to right): Ngo Photography, @mineralblu, @chadcosplay, ProJared