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Famous Monsters.

Black Knight, The Ghost of Captain Cutler, The Phantom, Miner Forty-Niner,  Ghost Clown, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Mummy of Anka, Space Kook, Redbeard’s Ghost, Phantom Shadows.

Villains of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (1969)

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Fav drugstore brand?


Milani, Makeup Revolution, The Ordinary (drugstore prices), CeraVe, DermaE, Sonia Kashuk, Pacifica, Essence, Shea Moisture. 

CeraVe, DermaE (loads of products with (AHA’s/BHA’s), and The Ordinary all make great affordable skin care that I trust will be decent to great products. 

Makeup Revolution is sort of killing it with all their cheek products lately. So many highlight and blush formulas and shades to choose from, even matte blushes which is sort of rare at the drugstore. Same with Essence! Essence has loads of affordable highlight shades, matte bronzers and blushes. I love their Brow Me Up, it’s a great dupe for Glossier’s Boy Brow.

Sonia Kashuk sort of makes think of the NARS of the drugstore. Maybe its the packing. Their products usually don’t let me down. 

Pacifica is a great option for my vegan, all natural beauty lovers. They sell Pacifica at Target, Ulta and some drugstores. Even places like Whole Foods. I trust their products will look really soft and pretty on my skin and won’t feel overly cheap or cause reactions. Lots of their products are infused with things like coconut oil, rose water, antioxidants, etc. Plus their packaging is really cute. Oh my god and their blood tuscan orange perfume (only $22!) was my summer scent all through out my first few years of college. 

I also wish more drugstore brands made single eyeshadows like the Shea Moisture Mineral Eye Shadows. For those looking for warm, reddish/purple eyeshadows try using their mineral blushes, they come in awesome red and plum shades! Shea Moisture also has loads of complexion product shades for those with deeper skin tones!!

Minerals and Their Magic:

Energy and spirits flow through the Mother Earth.  Some of those spirits make their homes in certain minerals.  All minerals channel and direct energy of one type or another.  By knowing what minerals channel and direct energies that are beneficial to you.  You can use minerals to assist you in all aspects of your life.

Minerals are traditionally any type of metal, rock or gemstone.  They can also be glass, pottery, plastic, or anything made of dirt, sand, or oil.  This includes process metal as well.  They can all contain a mineral spirit.

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Golds and bronzy colors are my favs when it comes to makeup. Basically if there is a gold or a bronze, I will buy it lol. These are some of my favorite eyeshadow/pigments/skinfinish.

favorite eyeshadows that u will like 2


  • satin taupe
  • woodwinked
  • retrospeck 
  • cranberry 
  • star violet 
  • sketch 
  • goldmine 
  • expensive pink
  • twinks
  • naked lunch 
  • sumptous olive 
  • vanilla
  • free to be
  • hepcat  
  • shroom
  • amber lights
  • humid
  • carbon

urban decay

  • last call 
  • jagged
  • mildew
  • tainted 
  • half truth 
  • busted
  • mushroom
  • midnight rodeo 
  • m.i.a.
  • junkshow 
  • morphine 
  • mercury 


  • lorac pro 1&2 
  • urban decay naked 2 
  • urban decay naked basics 
  • tarte neutral eyes 
  • smashbox photo op eyeshadow trio 
  • sephora collection moonshadow baked palette 
  • nars duos 
  • lorac starry eyed trios 
  • mac mineralize eye shadow duos & quads 



Some Loot from MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection!

I haven’t been so excited about a MAC collection for awhile. 

Not everything here comes from the collection; there were a few items included as gratis in the gift bag at the event (including Be Nice Mineralize Gloss which is such a pretty creamy coral peach in the tube, but sinks into every line there is on the surface of your lips).

The products I got are recommended pieces from the collection for sure.

Mineralize Skin Finish in Stereo Rose: (Swatches above compare it with 3 other pink-toned MSFs.) This legendary shimmery peach highlighter once commanded 3-digits on eBay. Check it out if you get a chance! It’s a gorgeous “blush-topper”, where you just add a warm sheen on top of your cheekbones.

Mineralize Blush in Petal Power: This is a rose-gold like Nars Orgasm, but a lot more fine-grained and with a warmer, redder undertone. Absolutely beautiful. DEFINITELY check this out.

Mineralize Eyeshadow in Great Beyond: There are a lot of beautiful 4-shade Mineralize shadows. But because I have similar shades to all the other warmer and more neutral tones, and this grey-purple toned shadow had shades I don’t own. The rest are beautiful, so decide based on what you need most in your collection. 

Snapdragon Lustre Lipstick: This shade is quite hyped at the moment, and why wouldn’t it be? It looks like the most gorgeous lavender pink in the tube. On the lips however, I would say it’s kinda “iffy” and not that flattering except for a few skintones (mostly very pale, cool/pink-based skins)

Dreaming Dahlia Lustre Lipstick: Ahhhh, now this creamy coral semi-sheer baby is the highlight out of all the lipsticks for me. There was another beautiful purple but I have lots of purples I already like more, so this was it. There’s a subtle shimmer but that’s not very obvious.

Star Quality Cremesheen Gloss: Beautiful beautiful salmon coral gloss. It does provide enough color to be worn on its own without liner or lipstick as a base, which isn’t always true of many of the MAC Lipglasses and Cremesheen glasses.

Lily-white Pigment: Bright ivory-gold. There are some gorgeous shades in the collection including a duochrome blue-pink, a violet (re-promote), a lime-green and this, the ivory gold. It’s not the same as Vanilla pigment. It’s not a translucent white with a gold shift. It’s exactly as it appears, and it’s much brighter and more dramatic than Vanilla on the skin.