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criminal minds should do an episode where the unsub is killing in some kind of meme inspired way and Garcia has to come along on the case and explain all the memes and the rest of the team are all utterly lost and Rossi is in a corner taking shots of Scotch in utter despair 

Utah Gothic

-The stores are closed on Sunday. Everything is closed on Sunday. Do not leave your home. Do not answer your phone. Do not answer the door. 

-In the mountains, offerings are left at your cabin door. Bicycles and hiking boots in the summer. Snowboards and mittens in the winter. 

-The lakes are deep and silent, even when there is a drought, the lakes have no end, no matter how far the shoreline may retreat.

-Always offer a portion of your meal to the seagulls. Give them the choicest morsels. Thank them for their protection.

-The desert sands are red. The desert is still and waiting. You can hear the laughter of tourists echoing off the canyon walls. You can hear the screams of tourists echoing off the canyon walls. 

-There is a church on every corner, a funeral every weekend. If you go inside, there is a meal laid out for the mourners. Do not eat. Do not drink. Compliment the ladies on their meal, pretend to eat your Jell-O salad and funeral potatoes, then hide it under your cold slice of ham. 

-Do not ask about fry sauce. Asking will expose you as an outsider. If your meal did not come with fry sauce, it is a test. Make your own fry sauce. Prick your finger and mix the blood with a little paper cup of mayo. 

-There are no ghosts in the ghost towns. The ghosts linger in places still known by the living. In quilt shops and diners and schools.

-At night, you can hear the sad horns of trains. You do not live near the train tracks. 

-The mines are treacherous. On the ground are foot prints of miners trying to find the exit. The air is heavy and warm and you can hear the miners working, always working, harvesting precious resources from the earth. 

-The land is ancient and filled with the bones of creatures long dead but not forgotten. If you go out you can still find the fossils of trilobites and take them home with you. Set them on your windowsill and they will guard you through the night.

-The state has many national parks and monuments. They are protected.  If you must take more than photographs, go to the gift shop and buy a little bag of fool’s gold. Keep it in your pocket, always.

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Etsy shop now open!

Visit my new Etsy shop here!

I just found out I’m moving from the East Coast to the West Coast at the beginning of September and I really need extra funds! So, I opened graphic design commissions and also an Etsy shop where I’ll be selling gemstone/pagan jewelry and downloadable graphic prints!

It’s a little slim right now because I’m still making things to put up, so keep an eye out!

All of my jewelry is totally customizable from size, bead selection, colors, and materials (stretchier or stronger cord, metal bangles, rosary style, clasps, any kinds of charms, etc). If you don’t see it in the shop, I will go out and find the material for you to make what you’re looking for.

If you’d like a custom graphic design (I do logos, business cards, business materials, tumblr themes, avatars, anything at all you might need), please feel free to message me on here or on Etsy and I can send you a link to my portfolio.

Please consider sharing this post to help me spread the word and make a little extra money before my huge life change. It’d be much appreciated <3 If I sell enough from the shop, anyone who shares this post will get a free exclusive download and a free custom bracelet in the future!

Fire Agate, Lava Stone, Shell, Imperial Jasper - Strength, Courage, Stability

Adventurine & Crystal Quartz - Clarity, Tranquility, Peace

Adventurine, Citrine, Carnelian - Happiness, Creativity, Warmth

Rossow Midgets, Mlle-Chalet: The Bounding Queen, Star Specialty Co., H.C. Miner Lithography Co., c. 1897.