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Jim flirting with Sherlock like, "Be my Reichenbeau. JM"

Sherlock draining the fun out of the text by trying to come up with all possible translations of this mysterious half German\half French cluster thinking it’s some kind of code or clue he needs to work out the meaning to.

Jim quietly setting his phone down, proceeding to fix a glass of whiskey, walks out on his hotel balcony overlooking the city wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, and taking a long hard look at his life while Sherlock’s notifications continue to blow up his phone somewhere in the other room.


I picked out five of my favorite products that I’ve hit major pan on to share with you guys.

+ The first is my most used Urban Decay eyeshadow in “Sin”. I purchased the single shadow a while ago when I ran out of the one in my Naked palette. It’s such a beautiful highlight / all over the lid shade, it lights up your eyes and makes you look much more awake.

+ Next is my most used blush, MAC’s “Well Dressed”. I’ve always been a sucker for baby pink but this shade has to be one of my favorites. I find that “Well Dressed” looks super natural, which I love.

+ Next is another MAC product, their Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. I love this powder because it sets make-up while giving a little extra coverage without being overly powdery.

+ The next product is the Victoria’s Secret Radiant Face Trio in “Head Turner” which has unfortunately been discontinued. Unlike most highlighters, this contains three different shades: a baby pink, light bronze, and light gold which combine to give off a beautiful warm glow.

+ Lastly is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I’ve probably gone through at least five of these because they’re inexpensive and do a great job of setting and mattifying foundation.