mineral patterns


Folk names: Aetites, Echites, Aquileus, eagle stone, Thunder egg

Energy: receptive

Element: Water

Deity: The Great Mother

Powers: Meditation, fertility, childbirth

Magical uses:  Geodes are hollow concretions containing crystals. All quartz crystals, for example, form within geodes, which may be a quarter-mile long or small enough to fit in your palm. Other geodes don’t contain separate crystals but, when sliced, reveal intricate patterns of minerals.

Amethyst geodes are some of the most beautiful objects on Earth. When sliced or broken open, they reveal a mass of purple crystals growing in towards the center. Sunlight shining on them is dazzling. Elongated geodes, sometimes called “amethyst logs”, are often available and are well worth the three- to four-figure price asked. They recall Merlin’s cave as popularized in Mary Stewart’s excellent Arthurian novel The Crystal Cave

An amethyst geode, or any geode containing isolated crystals, can be held and used in meditation as a contemplative object.

Placed on the alter or help, geodes can be utilized to concentrate the powers of the specific type of stone contained within them. During magic, use your visualization to release these powers toward the magical goal. 

They can be placed in the bedroom and charges with energy to increase fertility and to promote conception. 

The psuedo-Albertus Magnus recommended carrying or wearing geodes to attract love and to avoid untimely birth (miscarriage).

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic)