mineral mist

How to feel like a nymph

*Walk through puddles with bare feet (or in flip flops)

*Let go of negative emotions–let them flow down stream

*Wear blues and green and purples–the colors of water (but if those aren’t your colors, remember that water at sunset is orange and red)

*Wash your face with micellar water

*Paint your nails with a gold or bronze nail polish

*Take long baths and showers

*Hum to yourself–sing loudly if the mood strikes

*Use a hydrating toner

*Go swimming and then lie in the sun

*Use a mineral water facial mist

*Use perfume with neroli or lavender or bergamot

*Dance with friends

*Volunteer with (or donate to) an organization doing wetland conservation or cleanup

*Go night swimming or swimming in the rain (just don’t swim in storms)

*When you wash your hands, let the water run over your wrists and forearms

*Wear loose clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement

*Eat fruit and drink lots of water

*Read poetry and ancient mythology

Keeping it FRESH!💫

Flight attendants spend most of their time in a pressurized cabin full of dry and dehydrating air. On top of drinking water on water on water, we also need to pay extra attention when it comes to our skincare routine. I stay hydrated with water, Chapstick and mineral facial mist while on the plane, but when I am grounded I love me some LUSH cosmetic products👅

I haven’t found any product thus far that I dislike, but I do have some staples that I always need to have on hand! Obviously the most popular products of their line are the face masks and bath bombs which I can’t live without, but I have recently discovered their Full of Grace face bar which has done wonders for my skin! Not only has it evened out my skin tone, but it also locks in extra moisture to keep my skin from feeling dry while on the plane and in different climates. Another new find was the lip scrubs! I love, love, love the bubblegum lip scrub because even though I never leave the house without my Chapstick, my lips still get dried out and the scrubs keep them feeling lusciously smooth and red-lip-ready for work 💋

So for all my travelers out there, or even just skincare junkies in general, go show my favorite store some love and keep it fresh!


The brand’s global artistic director gets salty with us.

“Surf Spray is perfect for getting big, beachy texture with grit,” begins Laurent Philippon, Bumble and bumble’s global artistic director. “But, it can be too dry or matte for certain types.” This set the iconic hair brand on a search for the silver bullet for their clients with damaged, dry, or brittle locks. The result: Surf Infusion, an oil- and salt-infused spray that gives everyone a shot at soft, sea-tossed waves. “Infusing that saltiness with oils has never been done like this before,” Philippon proudly points out. Below, a breakdown of how Bumble and bumble raised the bar (that it set itself 14 years ago with Surf Spray) on bottling that just-back-from-the-beach look. MELISSA LANE


The new salt-in-oil formula is a mellow mix of hydrating tropical oils, texturizing sea salts, and UV filters that guard against the drying effects of the sun.


The tropical oil blends coconut, passion fruit, mango seed, and palm oils to soften and condition hair; the sea salt and mineral blend uses Dead Sea salts and magnesium sulfate for body and texture; and the Beach Protective blend uses coconut fruit extract, algae extract, and UV inhibitors to moisturize, protect, and balance.


A softer twist on windswept waves with surf-tousled texture and sun-reflecting sheen.


Shake well. This is important: It’s a dual-phase formula, so you have to combine the oils, sea salts, and minerals.

Mist. Whether hair is damp or dry doesn’t matter, just make sure to aim for the mid-shaft and ends, where moisture is most needed. Use sparingly at the root to avoid weighing things down.

Style by squeezing or twisting. For soft waves, apply Surf Infusion then air-dry. To build more volume, apply Surf Infusion then diffuse. If needed, touch up and smooth with a brush once dry, or with a curling iron to add more wave.


When in doubt, layer!

For lift, use Surf Spray at the roots, then Surf Infusion on the lengths for texture and sheen.

To soften, tame, and prep hair for styling, apply Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer first.

For body, texture, and added hold, layer Surf Infusion over Thickening Hairspray, then diffuse.

To refresh or add more volume, apply Prêt-à-Powder once dry.

To build body and texture in the shower before styling, start with Surf Foam Wash Shampoo and Creme Rinse Conditioner.

Super dry hair? Try a more moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, such as sulfate-free Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

For finer types, combine Surf Spray with Grooming Creme. Surf Infusion alone runs the risk of weighing down fine hair.

Want to know more? Watch our video for a step-by-step on how to create beachy waves.